William Preston Marshall

finster-baby-6Is this Cattaraugus County New York’s biggest liability?

His name is William Preston Marshall, AKA Baby Face Finster, Preston Marshall, William Marshall, Bill Marshall, etc… He keeps changing his online ‘social’ name in order to hide the criminal activity he is carrying out so the bad Karma/Liability he has created for himself and the county does not follow him.

finster-baby-5He appears to be ex-military and is employed by Cattaraugus County as an Assistant District Attorney. The problem with this ex-military entity who works for the local government is he forgot the most important part of his oath of office, i.e. all enemies foreign and domestic, the “domestic” part that is…

While his boss can be considered for failure to properly train him, a picture can speak a thousands words that all the training in the world may not have made a difference… but that is the fault of the county and his ‘boss’ for not being able to identify the issue.

finster-baby-4More articles ready and more to come….

Read here about a little of what he has done to one family in this county. How many more victims are there? In this four million dollar federal lawsuit against Cattaraugus County it was Preston’s conduct, that was ruled illegal by a county judge that led to the lawsuit. Included in the lawsuit it accused the county of ” …negligent  in  the  hiring  of  the  aforesaid  agents,  servants  and/or  employees in that they knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known, that said agents, servants and /or employees  of  Defendant COUNTY OF CATTARAUGUS did not possess the  temperament and psychological makeup to properly carry  out their duties as responsible government officials” (paragraph 96 Case 1:14-cv-01096-RJA) It is very clear that it is Preston that is in need of a mental evaluation

This article will prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that neither the District Attorney’s Office, nor the legislators of Cattaraugus County have done ANYTHING to alleviate the liability that the baby-face-finster-taxpayersDistrict Attorney’s office is creating and supporting through the failure to properly train and discipline its employees. This will lead to further substantial liability for the taxpayers because it establishes AGAIN, beyond any reasonable doubt, their is a embedded pattern and practice of exceptionally serious misconduct that exist across many years in the county and nothing is being done about it. Read this article now, about William Preston Marshall, Criminal Extraordinaire

The latest conduct by Finster Baby is another one for the history books….

Marshall even thinks you have a mental problem and need a 730.30 metal exam if you defend yourself. This is how twisted he is. He is the one that needs a metal exam and his actions prove it.

He would even get his wife (she is a lawyer to) to terrorize a retired state employee when the man was protesting the fact that Lori Rieman was not doing her job. What most people don’t know is William Preston Marshall did have an Oath on File until October of 2017 making all of his prosecutions up that point moot. Click here to review the prima facie evidence.

In the latest round of building up taxpayer liability Baby Face Finster had a court observer/ citizen kidnapped and taken to ECMC mental ward where they promptly released him realizing that he was of harm to no one, including himself.  The citizen observer was watching a court proceeding in which a local Seneca family was targeted by the corrupt District Attorney Lori Rieman. The Father was found completely innocent and his son, an Honors student and varsity athlete… an All American kid… was found innocent of the original charges filed against him. Instead the court knowing that it was a set up and the evidence in the case did not add up to the original charges, had to… click here to read the whole article on the Seneca tragedy.

UPDATE: seems like “Willy” is attempting to hide his criminal past. He has started to use a new name, i.e. Bill Marshall. Lets go over all of the derivatives that “Willy” has used, or may attempt to use to cover his criminal tracks in order to insure his criminal past does follow him; William Preston Marshall, Preston Marshall, Will Marshall, Pres Marshall, Bill Marshall, Billy Marshall, Willy Marshall. Did we miss any Finster?

Corrupt “ADA” William Preston Marshall Resorts to Kidnapping. William Preston Marshall, AKA Baby Faced Finster, lied and misled not only the judge, but law enforcement that was there that evening and tricked them into kidnapping the Pro-Se litigant and sent him up to the Jack Nicholson Suite up at ECMC against his lawyers objections, claiming that he would be held there for anywhere from 30 to 90 days, however that was not to be, the professionals and courteous staff at ECMC saw right through the lies of Finster and released him within 16 hours.


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