Stahlman Trial – What Actually Happened

Stahlman FOUND INNOCENT ON ALL CHARGES. In a case that was based on a illusory DA’s tale full of official government corruption, the final results are in; The Jury found Mr. Stahlman innocent of all charges provided. This if further proof it never should have gone to the Grand Jury in the first place, which provides more evidence that there is a deeply embedded pattern and practice, ranging across numerous years, by the “district attorney’s” office, that they engage in fraud upon the Grand Jury by the using our Grand Jury system to upgrade charges when they knew, or should have known the evidence does NOT support. This will lead to another lawsuit against the County, the District Attorney’s Office, the City of Salamanca and the individual officers involved which never should have happened if they did their jobs fairly and honestly. We the taxpayers will flip the bill for it AGAIN… This latest travesty of justice also led to the kidnapping of observer in the public gallery during this trial, and the kidnapping was based on the criminal conduct of another Cattaraugus County “ADA”, one William Preston Marshall, who himself is the cause of a FOUR MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT AGAINST THE COUNTY It led to the loss of more of our rights by rouge elements of the Cattaraugus County government and the short fight to get them restored…

Once you completely reading this story we urge you, as well as everybody you tell to file a complaint with the New, New York State Public Corruption Task Force, which is a collaboration with the FBI and the state Attorney Generals Office at 518-431-7200. However we also urge that you that you contact the US Attorney General in New York City. His phone number is; (212) 637-2200. Don’t bother with the New York State Police or the New York State Public Integrity Bureau, they are worthless.

In a stunning defeat for the District Attorney of Cattaraugus County, one Attorney Lori Reiman, who’s office is filled with corruption, criminal conduct and lies, that could easily be portrayed in a law and order episode, as a “legal lynching” of a family. Brad Stahlman was found completely innocent of all the charges against him. It was very apparent that the DA’s Office as well as the Salamanca PD violated the very laws they are sworn to uphold. The railroading of this family by an out of control Cattaraugus County District Attorney Office and the Salamanca Police Department.

The full weight of the corrupt government machine came down upon their targeted victims, In this case it was the Stahlamn Family, as well as others who were willing to stand up for the Constitutional Rights of We the People. It is very clear that it is illegal to exercise your rights in New York, and this became very apparent in the Stahlman case. An agenda by the Salamanca Police Department and the Cattaraugus County District Attorneys Office was put in place that included racist overtones that targeted a Seneca family, the Stahlman family to be exact, specifically the father and son, who were almost railroaded into jail if it was not for the heroic efforts of their fearless law team, which included Attorney Steven Wright and the alternative news media ( to accurately portray the events and how they unfolded.

It is clear that the local MSM establishment media has no interest in investigating what they are being told and only parrot the official story.

This tragedy started in the waning days of 2013, December 28th, 2013 to be exact, when Brad Stahlman and his son Bryce were driving home and they came upon a family member who was being assaulted. Brad had been targeted by local ‘law’ since the mid 1990’s when he was involved in tax protests where he and his group were surrounded by Salamanca PD and assaulted. He was thrown to the ground and being handcuffed by the Salamanca PD cops. He was not resisting at this point until the cops started to beat him with clubs. Brad understands the constitution and comes from a military family. He was a Marine and a boxer and did not like the fact that his rights were being violently violated by the very people sworn to uphold them. The ironic part about this is our constitution in both principle and form is based on the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois confederation, of which the Seneca’s were part of. Needless to say, four cops ended up in the hospital. Brad was charged with assault and it ended up in a federal lawsuit against the City of Salamanca PD. Witnesses that saw what happened and were willing to testify on behalf of Brad included a Judge and his wife, but because of financial limitations Brad and the other protesters had to drop the suit and the charges were also dropped. Back to the latest round. To get the back ground of events that led up to the trial read Part 1.

The beginning of the trial clearly established that both Bryce’s mother and Car Driver K had been drinking. Evidence in the form of electronic communication showed that the car driver was going to a party around 1:00 PM that day, before he ended up picking up Bryce’s mother later that evening. There is a bar video of them sitting together and leaving just before the bar closes. The car driver takes her home and while parked in the driveway of Bryce’s mothers home, they spend about an hour talking and drinking in the car, the driver starts getting a little too aggressive with Bryce’s mom. She exits the vehicle and walks around the back of it to get to the steps leading up to her house. The driveway is narrow and steep with steep sides and she has to walk close to the driver’s side of the car in order to get to the stairs. At this point the driver rolls down the window and/or opens his car door to block the escape path of Bryce’s mother and/or grabs her though the open window. There is a struggle and it is at this point that Bryce and Brad happen to be driving by and see something going on and that she is in trouble. The driver panics, throws his car in reverse and hits Bryce’s mother throwing her to the ground, breaking her arm in three places. The driver continues down the steep driveway and runs right into Bryce’s new truck. It appears as if the driver’s car gets stuck to Bryce’s truck and as the driver throws it into forward he drags Bryce’s truck across the street center line until his car breaks free and fly’s back up the driveway. At this point Brad and Bryce both appear to exit the truck and Brad runs to the aid of his ex-wife and Bryce starts to confront the driver of the car by yelling at him and hitting the windows of the car. The Driver backs up again and strikes Brad while he is carrying his ex-wife to safety, but luckily the car stops. Brad manages to move his wife to safety and tends to her while Bryce is still confronting the car driver appears to still be attempting to flee. This is where it starts to get murky as to what happened to Bryce and the driver, however his car had hit Bryce’s truck a couple of times and it was clear there was some front end damage to the truck yet the Salamanca PD never took any pictures of the front end of the truck. It appears that Bryce finally put a stop to the car drivers rampage, how this actually occurred still remains murky and we left that for the jury to decide. Bryce calls 911 and the EMT’s arrive and the driver ends up in the hospital in ICU at ECMC. Part 2 covers a good portion of this part of the trial.

stahlman-innocent-1SIDENOTE: We urge you, as well as everybody you tell to file a complaint with the New, New York State Public Corruption Task Force, which is a collaboration with the FBI and the state Attorney Generals Office at 518-431-7200. However we also urge that you that you contact the US Attorney General in New York City, one Preet Bharara, who has been instrumental in weeding out corruption in this once great state. His phone number is; (212) 637-2200. Don’t bother with the New York State Police or the New York State Public Integrity Bureau, they are worthless.

About a year and a half would go by before the grand jury was convened and the Stahlman’s were charged. That should have never happened. You don’t wait a year and a half to investigate and or charge someone. Witnesses forget, evidence is lost or comes up missing, etc…. So it appears that Rieman takes the issue to the grand Jury over a year later. She comes back with three charges that BOTH Brad and Bryce are charged with; Assault in the first degree (up to 25 years); Second degree assault (up to 7 years); first degree reckless endangerment (up to 7 years). ALL FELONIES. The worse one being assault in the first which requires a depraved indifference element to in order to find someone guilty of that specific charge. Depraved indifference means a defendant’s conduct must be ‘so wanton, so deficient in a moral sense of concern, so lacking in regard for the life or lives of others, and so blameworthy as to warrant the same criminal liability as that which the law imposes upon a person who intentionally causes a crime’. This would include walking away from someone you just allegedly beat up and leaving them to die, this specific example was brought up in the trial. Both Brad and Bryce rendered aid, Brad to his ex-wife and the car driver and Bryce by calling 911 and he and Brad walking the driver to the ambulance when it arrived. Does that sound like depraved indifference to you folks? This charge should have never even been presented to the Grand Jury. What kind of lies was the grand jury presented with in order for them to hand down such a charge?

The evidence presented at trial clearly show that Brad was acting as a Good Samaritan throughout the whole incident for all of the parties. How in God’s name did Reiman come back with charges against him boggles the mind. It is very clear that she, and/or the DA witnesses lied in the Grand Jury proceeding in order to charge Brad. There was nothing presented by the People, i.e. the Cattaragus Count District Attorney’s Office, at the trial that even hinted that Brad had anything to do with the car drivers injuries.

There should be a law on the books that if the charges were handed down by a Grand Jury, when the charges are first read to a Defendant in court, or a District Attorney informs a potential defendant that they are the target of a Grand Jury investigation, the court and/or the District Attorney is required to inform the individual that they have the right to appear before the grand Jury and/or file a pre-filled CPL 190.50(5)(a) motion so they can get in front of the Grand Jury and present their side of the story. A law like this would stop illegal conduct by corrupt government officials in their tracks and save we the taxpayers a lot of money.

However, Rieman claimed in the Olean Times Herald on January 26th, 2016 that both Brad and Bryce “… repeatedly punched and kicked (the alleged victim)”. The Olean Times Herald would also use the term “savagely assaulting…” when referring to what Brad and Bryce allegedly did. Here the Time admits it is racist. You don’t use the term “savage” or any derivation thereof, when referring to Native Americans in any form whatsoever. It highly upsets them, they consider it a form of, and evidence of, racism against them personally. Good way to anger the whole Seneca nation. Nice move Project Mocking Bird Olean Times Herald.

The Times Herald would go on and parrot the prosecutions claim that the Stahlman’s made up the whole incident to beat up the car driver because he had gone on a date with Bryce’s mother and to use the car wreck as the initiating factor. Brad and his ex-wife had been divorced for over ten years. She had dated a couple of other men, one for six years after the divorce, and it was clearly established at trial that both Brad and Bryce got along with them fine, one even taking interests in Bryce’s sports activities. Brad at the time was involved in a long term relationship with his future but now current wife. Further it was clearly established that both Brad and Bryce did not know the car driver at all until the day of the incident and they had no reason whatsoever to have any form of malice aforethought against him. For the DA to even suggest that they had a jealously/hatred issue further goes to show just how demented the District Attorney and her minons are.

The evidence presented at the trial clearly show the car hit the truck. While the airbags were not deployed, the first strike to the truck appeared to be in the wheel well area of the truck and the wheel itself may have greatly lessened the impact. There is a clear tire imprint on the rear bumper of the car that appears in one of the pictures and the trial clearly established that the car did repeatedly strike the truck. Further the design of the drive way as it meets the road shows that could have been a slowing factor also. What little pictures the Salamanca PD took that evening clearly show there two vehicles did strike each other and later photos by the Salamanca PD show the front bumper of Bryce’s truck on the front porch of his mothers house also indicate something occurred to the front of Bryces truck.  However, the Salamanca PD never took any pictures of the front of Bryce’s truck that evening (or did they come up missing?). There were only two pictures of Bryce’s truck, one was the side and the other rear of his truck. The Sheriff’s department was called in on two occasions, and two Deputies testified. The first Deputy was called it to take pictures, and the pictures were taken of the driver’s car only. However the sheriffs photo and crime scene expert was called in days after the event occurred and only managed to get pictures of the car after it had been sitting in the ‘secured’ area of the towing company left out in the elements of rain and snow with the drivers side door opened. It must also be noted that it had only been towed after sitting in the driveway of Bryce mothers house for a couple of days totally unsecured. The Sheriff’s accident reconstruction expert was also called into to provide his opinion on what occurred. Further he testified that it he was only called in to give his opinion TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE TRIAL and he could only rely on the pictures/evidence that District Attorney’s office provided them with in order to give his opinion. That is really professional of the District Attorney’s office and/or Salamanca PD, isn’t it?

The defense clearly established though the photos that the car was a “mobile liquor store”. They showed numerous one ounce liquor bottle all over the front seat. As a matter of fact the defense had one of the officers who testified count the amount of liquor bottles shown in the pictures. He counted SEVENTEEN of them, yet what was mysteriously missing from the photo’s was the pictures of the opened and empty bottles and cans. Bryce and Brad both maintain that pictures are missing and we believe them.

The prosecution would also try to claim and/or imply that Bryce’s mother was not cooperating with the prosecution which was the cause of the delay in charging Brad and Bryce. Based on the testimony by her and evidence provided by the prosecution themselves, who could blame her. She, right from the beginning requested from the Salamanca PD the automobile insurance information of Car Driver K who caused her injuries so she could pay her medical bills and therapy. She called, e-mailed and even hired an attorney to get the information but they refused to provide her with it. She eventually reached a point in time that if she did not receive therapy she would had had permanent damage that could never heal. The Salamanca PD still refused her pleas. It was only after she ran into the lead investigator Bush of the case at her mother’s house, and we use the term “lead investigator” loosely, that she finally received the insurance information. However she was required to fill out a sworn deposition based on the instructions of Salamanca PD investigator Bush in order to receive it. This is the same Ronda Bush who was sued in federal court in 2009 for lying to the Grand jury that caused two innocent teenage boys to go to jail.

How Cattaraugus County District Attorney ever came up with these charges via Grand Jury testimony/evidence defies belief. While one can come to the conclusion that maybe there was enough REAL evidence to at least present to the grand jury something concerning Bryce, there was nothing at all for Brad. Therefore it appears as if we have a bunch of perjurers/criminals in our mist in the administrative branch of our Cattaraugus County and local Salamanca governments. Bush’s testimony was already in question due to a prior grand Jury investigation which her sworn statements were proven untrue, yet the grand Jury handed down charges in which Brad and his son Bryce were both facing one B level felony charge and two D level felony charges, The B carrying up to a 25 year sentence, and the D’s carrying up to 7 for each.


Mr. Rabbit handing over the Magic Blood Sample that could not be found for 2-1/2 years. No animals were harm while making this photograph.

Throughout this whole trial the Stahlman’s maintained their innocence. They refused any type of plea bargains. The prosecution called fourteen witnesses to the stand and the defense only called one. We would have to say that the prosecution’s witnesses did a better job of supporting the defenses position then they did their own. Mr. Wright on cross examination exposed the level of corruption, incompetence and outright criminal activity that had occurred in this matter. The most outrageous act of the trial was when the prosecution entered into evidence the 2-1/2 year old missing blood sample of the car driver. One Salamanca Police Officer stated he had placed the three samples in the evidence refrigerator (Brad’s, Bryce’s and Car Driver K) and it was that point that the investigation was taken over by Bush. Yet only two samples made it to the State Police lab, and of course it was Brad’s and Bryce’s, which came back ZERO BAC. Yet Car Driver K’s blood sample would mysteriously disappear for two and a half years and then magically reappear on Thursday, January 29th, 2016 at trial, well after the statutes of limitations for DWI had run.

The most IMPORTANT aspect of trail was the fact that Car Driver K WAS NOT CHARGED WITH ANYTHING. No properly damage, no personal injury, no DWI, vehicular assault, etc… NOTHING, he gets a free pass and Brad and Bryce Stahlman are made to suffer for coming to the aid of a family member, stopping a rampaging car driver then rendering assistance to him? Lori Rieman and her minions need to be removed from office ASAP and some of them need to be locked up for crime against humanity.

When Car Driver K’s blood sample appeared in court the attorney moved for a mistrial because it was Brady material that was required to be turned over at the beginning. The County judge refused the motion. The attorney would go on to motion the court for added lower charges. This is when defense or prosecution believe that the prosecution has failed to meet the standards of the original charges. The attorney asked for a Assault in the 3rd degree for his client Bryce and it was denied, however upon conclusion of the prosecution and defense the County Judge Ploetz did add the lower charges, including Assault in the 3rd, as well as justification to the jury instructions, which is what he Jury found Bryce guilty of, which was the lowest charge possible.

In another prosecution strategy that defies belief, the Peoples Assistant District Attorney Amber Kerling attempted to utilize a prosecutorial trap, sometimes called a perjury trap in which they employ confusion and unethical tactics in an attempt to make it appear as if the defenses witnesses are committing perjury. It happened in this case when Bryce was on the stand, and during cross ADA Kerling brought up in the trial by asking Bryce when he discovered that “Salamanca PD Officer” Bush had committed perjury in 2009. Bryce stated he had discovered on the internet and Kerling then demanded he provide the Jury with the time he had discovered it. All he could remember was sometimes in 2015 he had discovered it. Frustrated, Kerling claimed he had discovered it in November of 2015 when allegedly published it and pointing to an individual in the audience claimed it was the individual who published it. It backfired, Bryce did not remember when it discovered the information on Bush. Further, the Olean Times Herald came out with an article about in 2010, so did the Jamestown newspaper and topix had an extensive forum about it in 2010 also. That trap failed miserably. It appeared that the criminal minions of Rieman were also targeting this same individual in the gallery (where the public sits). This was later confirmed when he was kidnapped during the trial utilizing a MHL 9.43 order, based on the request of the criminally minded “ADA” William Preston Marshall. (who is the cause of the 4 million dollar lawsuit against the county) This victim of Rieman was then taken to ECMC for ‘observation’. When this specific event was occurring the targeted individual was told by Marshall that he would be spending anywhere from THIRTY to NINETY DAYS locked up under ‘observation’. He was out in 16 HOURS, looks like ECMC didn’t buy into the criminal conduct of Marshall either and they did not want to have anything to do with it. Looks like another lawsuit against the county folks. This same victim of Rieman/Marshall was also the one who stopped the loss of another one of our rights at the county building. When the trial first started out the public was allowed to bring their cellphones into court but they had to turn them off. Then on February 2nd they were not allowed to bring them into the courtroom, then the next day the public was not allowed to bring them into the building. That’s when he step in a filed a complaint about the loss of a right. The ban was lifted within an hour. Part three covers this issue.

In this trial the full weight of local and county government corruption came down on the Stahlman Family hard as well as other citizens, and they withstood it, bravo for them. They should and need to be compensated and the ones who did this to them should be fired and thrown in jail so it does not happen again to other innocent other victims.

To all of you detractors, you weren’t there, you did not see the evidence, listen to the witnesses or anything. You have no right to even comment that they should have been found guilty unless you attended. We will most likely see the “official version” from the DA’s office in the local mocking bird media outlets, which we did not see any of them there during the whole trial.

stahlman-innocent-1We urge you, as well as everybody you tell to file a complaint with the New, New York State Public Corruption Task Force, which is a collaboration with the FBI and the state Attorney Generals Office at 518-431-7200. However we also urge that you that you contact the US Attorney General in New York City, one Preet Bharara, who has been instrumental in weeding out corruption in this once great state. His phone number is; (212) 637-2200. Don’t bother with the New York State Police or the New York State Public Integrity Bureau, they are worthless.

We would like to thank the members of the jury for their service in ensuring the Stahlman’s received a fair trial, which was our main concern. We would also like to thank the honest and polite court personal who were present at the time, which does not include Deputies Dry or Defoe. Our goal was to ensure they received a fair trial and we believe for the most part they received it. Stay tune for a detailed article on the Trial…

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