Seneca Native Set-Up and Brutally Attacked by Friends of Man who Almost Killed Seneca’s Man’s Mother.

Those of you that have been following the Stahlman tragedy, one in which a Seneca father and son were set-up on bogus charges by the completely corrupt Cattaraugus County “District Attorney” Lori Rieman and her criminal companion “ADA” Amber Kerling, which led to the complete exoneration of Brad Stahlman, Bryce Stahlmans father and Bryce being found guilty of a lower added charge. However the jury did not go along with the scam the DA was pulling and after Bryce’s lawyer demanded that the charges be lowered and/or dismissed completely Judge Ronald Ploetz agreed to a lowest possible charge Bryce could be charged with, a misdemeanor, which the jury agreed to. Another issue is also in play here citizens of Cattaraugus County, health care professionals estimate it is going to cost the county taxpayers around $100,000 dollars for this, that’s not including the jail costs based on the brutal attack. The next step was a pre-sentencing, which recommended no jail time, only probation, which was well within the sentencing guidelines. However this is Cattaraugus County and that’s when “DA” Rieman stepped in,.. lori-rieman-truly-insane-picand Rieman demanded that Bryce serve the full one year jail sentence allowable by law and the Judge agreed. He always bows to the thing, no matter what. A judge has the lawful right to say no to either side and impose a sentence based on the sentencing guideline, i.e. law.

If it was not for the actions of both Bryce and Brad, his  mother (and Brad’s ex-wife) could have ended up dead at the hands of a drunken maniac. The man turned his motor vehicle into a lethal weapon while drunk and hit Bryce’s mother fracturing her right arm and elbow in three places and throwing her down the driveway. He also ran into Bryce’s new truck in the process.

The most appalling event occurred at the end of the trial. At the conclusion of the trial almost all the employees of the District Attorneys office were all sitting on the alleged ‘victims’ side and they all expressed disbelief on how Brad was found innocent and Bryce was found guilty of the lowest charge possible. You could almost hear them wailing… They hugged the mother of Kiser and express disbelief of what just occurred. Never mind the fact that Kiser was not charged with anything at all, that must be repeated, NOTHING AT ALL, and his Blood Alcohol test never made it to the state police forensic lab for BAC testing. However the hospital did test it and it showed it was well above the legal limit, but it still mysteriously disappeared for over two and a half years only to magically reappear at the trial, well after the statutes of limitations had run out. How convenient and for some reason only Brads and Bryce’s made it to the lab and they came back ZERO. At the conclusion of the trial at no time did any of them offer any sympathy for Bryce’s mother at all who was almost killed. Truly appalling.   

While the pre-sentencing investigation was going down, Bryce and his girlfriend were lured to a remote recreational area by a woman and her male friends who befriended Bryce’s girlfriend. They all met for a cookout. Unbeknownst to Bryce or his girlfriend at the time, these two male suspects were the friends of Samuel Kiser. A fight soon ensued instigated by them and Bryce was knocked down where upon he was stomped upon by the two males. He ends up in the hospital with a completely shattered ankle, which metal plates and copper wire are required to hold the broken tibia and fibula together and he is now bed ridden. He also will need two more plates in the future. This effectively destroyed his dreams of signing up for the Marine Corps just like his father Brad did, and his father before him. It also ended any professional sports career he was also considering. 

Do you think “DA” Rieman would charge these two individuals? Nope not a thing, no charges, nothing, just like Kiser. She did nothing. This is just further proof of the bigoted and racist nature that exist in the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s office which was very apparent at the Stahlman Trial. Another interesting aspect of this is Rieman has taken parking tickets to the Grand Jury but won’t do anything in brutal attack matter. That’s right, you heard it here first folks, The Cattaraugus County District Attorney will take simple parking tickets to a Grand Jury but will not even consider a brutal attack on a local citizen who was lured to a remote location for the attack.

In Cattaraugus County New York if you are charged with a parking ticket it could end up in front of a Grand Jury but if you destroy a persons life in a premeditated attack you have nothing to worry about.

So Bryce, still bed ridden reported to jail where he is still at presently as of 4/28/2016 and guess who is paying for all the bills folks, it’s YOU AND I, that’s who. Further the doctors tending to Bryce are up in arms, even the jail is not happy with it. The Doctors have stated he should be given probation so he can be cared for in a better settings and have a better recovery. They also have estimated that it will cost the county taxpayers close to $100,000.00 for his recovery.

I wonder what the legislators are doing? I’m sure they will be happy paying out more money due to the criminal acts committed by Rieman and her cohorts. Get involved and do something people…

Right now (4/28/2016) Bryce Stahlman is laying bed ridden in the Cattaraugus County Jail even when doctors are demanding he should not be there because of the criminal and racist conduct of District Attorney Lori Reiman and her criminal cabal for something that any red blooded American boy would have done when he just saw his mother and father almost killed by a drunken mad man using his car as a lethal weapon. 



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