Rieman’s Cohort Baby Face Finster Attempts to Play the Stalin Card Again on Pro Se

In the never ending saga of the corruption in Cattaraugus County, New York, one of the henchman of the Criminal Lori Rieman, who goes by the name of William Preston Marshall, AKA Baby Face Finster attempted to play the old Stalin card again, just like another one of Rieman’s cohorts attempted to play in December 2014, which led to the voluntary recusal of two judges in that court. (the Pro-se never asked for their recusal) If you don’t remember, William Preston Marshall is the individual who’s actions were deemed illegal by a superior court judge which led to the $4 million dollar lawsuit against the county. Once you finish reviewing this article you will see that the Cattaraugus County “District Attorney’s” office is nothing more then a Racketeering and Organized Corruption Ring that preys upon people for the enrichment of organization. You can’t make this stuff up folks, Rod Sterling would be jealous based on what is going on in Cattaraugus County new York…

baby-face-finster-preston-poster-boy-1…in the county of make believe and lies, where law, order and reason are on permanent vacation, when all else fails, the criminal syndicate will digress to their old habits of playing the Stalin card when they fail to get what they want, just like spoiled brats. In yet another act of desperation by Rieman’s criminal gang, William Preston Marshall, AKA Baby Face Finster, attempted to employ yet another 703.30 motion on the Pro Se litigant. The first time this was attempted in court it failed, and now it failed again. But who knows, this is after all Cattaraugus County New York where the “District Attorney” will make up laws out of thin air and claim they exist under penalties of perjury and also claim it is illegal to remain silent. So who needs a mental evaluation? This is what criminals, acting under the color of authority do to a persons who are vigorously defending their constitutional and civil rights in Cattaraugus County New York. The loss of one citizens rights is the loss of all citizens rights.

marshalls-stalin-cardSee, in Cattaraugus County New York, when one is vigorously exercising their constitutional and civil rights, the District Attorneys office will attempt to get you thrown in a mental institution because, well, you must be crazy for exercising your constitutional and civil rights, after all, it’s Cattaraugus County where the rule of law, logic and reason are on permanent vacation.

Throwing, or attempting to throw someone in mental institutions is nothing new, it was used extensively in the Stalinist Russian as a means of stifling rights, i.e. free thought. 

Lori Rieman and her employees use this technique against people who are representing themselves because Rieman and her cohorts believe it is illegal to do so. The 730.30 motion will put you in front of a state sponsored/paid psychiatrist, i.e. someone who is getting paid by the state. Now how do you think they will “rule”? They get to ‘watch’ you for a specific amount of time and determine if you are fit to defend yourself.

It worked so good in Russia, well… at least for a while …

finster-baby-5According to the Commentary in the Russian Federation Law on Psychiatric Care; persons who were subjected to repressions in the form of commitment for compulsory treatment to psychiatric medical institutions were rehabilitated in accordance with the established procedure receive compensation.

After the fall of Soviet Russia, the new Russian Federation acknowledged that psychiatry was used for political purposes to silence opposition, i.e. the truthwalkers. The Federation took responsibility for the victims of “political psychiatry, ” the ones decades earlier they tried to destroy. Dmitrieva 2002; Pshizov 2006

In other words, Russia finally admitted it was forced brain washing and completely illegal…

As Vladimir Bukovsky and Semyon Gluzman wrote in their joint work “A Manual on Psychiatry for Dissenters… the Soviet use of psychiatry as a punitive means is based upon the deliberate interpretation of dissent… as a psychiatric problem.” Bloch & Reddaway 1977, p. 425. I guess in Cattaraugus County New York when you are vigorously standing up for your Constitutional and Civil Rights it is considered dissent.

aleksandr-solzhenitsynThis is just like like they did in the days of Stalinist Russia, who locked up the likes of some of their greatest thinkers of the day, like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who dared to questioned the state…

What state ‘doctors’ do to ‘enemies of the state’ is ‘cocktail’, i.e. combine, at least three powerful and dangerous psychotropic drugs and inject them into their victim(s) in an attempt to melt their brain. It is a kind of ‘chemical lobotomy‘. Completely Illegal in international law as well as state and federal law, but they do it anyways and get away with it.

WHY? Because most New Yorkers don’t know about it, and those that do are to afraid to do anything about it. This is what ‘ADA’ Kelly Balcom attempted to do to a Pro-Se individual who was only exercising his Constitutional and Civil Rights back in December of 2014 and William Preston Marshall just attempted. This is what happens in Cattaraugus County New York if you dare stand up for your rights and the rights of all New Yorker’s.

Balcom wants a 730.30 motion granted for Pro-Se standing up for his constitutional and civil rights. Only in Cat County!The law is perfectly clear, It is presumed that people are sane “As there exists a presumption of sanity, “`[s]anity being the normal and usual condition of mankind’” (People v Silver, 33 N.Y.2d 475, 481, citing Brotherton v People, 75 N.Y. 159, 162; see also, People v Lancaster, 69 N.Y.2d 20, 30, cert denied 480 U.S. 922).

The problem is, who gets to define “condition”?

In all court cases that we have uncovered, a CPL 730.30 proceeding is based upon an individual committing a violent act against another individual(s) and their own attorney tries to get them labeled as crazy see PEOPLE v. GELIKKAYA, 84 N.Y.2d 456.

baby-face-finster-taxpayersHowever the law does not apply in Cattaraugus County New York according to the District Attorney’s Office, the “ADA’s” (another term we use loosely), in this county will claim that you are combative when you are exercising your rights, then one William Preston Marshall, AKA Baby Face Finster, will attempt to get the court to side with him. Finster Baby tried and failed,

“William” Preston Marshall will claim that you are “combative” when you vigorously exercise your constitutional and civil rights, then he will claim that you need a 730.30 motion for doing so.

We must repeat the main issue again, If you don’t remember, its is Marshall’s actions that were deemed illegal by a ‘superior’ court judge which led to the 4 million dollar lawsuit against Cattaraugus County and personally against the District Attorney Lori Rieman.  He is pulling the same stuff in the Pro-Se’s matter that he did in the action that led to the lawsuit.

Further, the ‘firm’ representing the county claimed that what occurred in the matter that caused the lawsuit was a “isolated incident” that Reiman herself was not aware of. Any reasonable person, once they review the lawsuit case, as well as the Pro-Se’s can easily see that there is a deep rooted, systematic pattern and practice that exists across many years in the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office, that has caused, and will cause in the future extreme levels of liability for the taxpayers of the county because of her’s and their failure and/or refusal to properly train and discipline their subordinates, this includes the county and their failure to hire mentally stable employees. As a matter of fact it appears as if the District Attorney’s office encourages this type of conduct and take pleasure in doing so, which is a sign of a sadistic nature in Rieman and the employees that engage in it. Rieman also claims to be a Christian, however her actions show otherwise.

“Psychopaths are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people… When committing crimes, psychopaths carefully plan out every detail in advance and often have contingency plans in place. Unlike their sociopathic counterparts, psychopathic criminals are cool, calm, and meticulous.” – Psychology Today

“Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits”

So lets review who is in actual need of a mental exam. First of all the 4 million dollar lawsuit specifically blames the county for its failure to hire mentally stable employees;

One of the accusations in the lawsuit is that Cattaraugus County is accused of being negligent in the hiring of the aforesaid agents, servants and/or employees in that they knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known, that said agents, servants and/or employee’s, i.e. Lori Rieman, [see complaint page 17 line 96];

in that they knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known, that said agents, servants and/or employee’s, did not possess the temperament and psychological makeup to properly carry out their duties as responsible government officials.”

So tell me, who needs a mental evaluation?

The mental reasoning capacity of, as well as the conduct of “DA” Lori Rieman, and ADA’s Balcom and Ensell were already well covered in this article, which described and proved that they were creating laws out of thin air, and stating under penalties of perjury they exist and how they claim it’s illegal to remain silent, just a slight sign of mental instability, wouldn’t you say?

finster-baby-6But lets look at Preston’s actions to see if he should be added to this list;

  • On January 12, 2012, an Assistant District Attorney Preston Marshall, employed by COUNTY OF CATTARAUGUS, specifically Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office, and appearing on behalf of the Cattaraugus County District Attorney, argued to the Yorkshire Town Court that the previously dismissed case against the Plaintiff should be restored to the Court’s calendar “in the interests of justice,” There is no law that exists which authorizes such restoration of a dismissed case on such grounds, especially after the allowable time to prosecute has passed.  First Marshall agrees the charges should be dropped, then he reverses it months later with no law allowing him to do so. These criminal actions were the main reason the lawsuit was filed.
  • “ADA” Preston Marshall called the victims wife the day BEFORE the trial and demanded that his wife testified against her husband to something see did not see. She told him no and hung up on him. In New York state, by law, a wife is not required to testify against her husband and why would she, she did not see anything anyways. I wonder if Preston understands CPL 215.11 Tampering with a witness and S 215.17 Intimidating a victim or witness in the first degree.
  • May 8th, 2012, at the trial after they picked the jury, Preston Marshall and a state trooper show up at the victims house under false pretenses, Preston claimed the victim drove his car illegally from the court, which he did not, he lives about a minute away from the court house and walked, and even the trooper acknowledge that he did not see the victim drive his car home. Preston walks into the victims house without a warrant and then demanded that his wife step outside to talk to him and the trooper. She goes outside and then Preston threatens her with CPS (Child Protective Services), that their minor children will taken by the state/county if she does not testify against the victim (her husband). She was completely terrified and crying at this time. Real nice guy this Preston, isn’t he? Then he turned to the victims adult son and threatens him with illegal surveillance, by claiming he will have state troopers follow him when he was traveling throughout the state. The victim gets his family members back in the house and Preston, and the trooper enter the house again, and again Preston threatens both the victim and his wife that they will lose their children if she does not testify against him. So, the family being completed terrified by the illegal bullying tactics of Preston Marshall all go back to the court and they start the trial. Preston starts off the trial with calling the person who is now suing a “brutal dictator”, he would repeat that term two more time until the victims lawyer objected to it. The lawyer’s objection was upheld by the court, however Preston still kept using that term over and over again throughout the trial. Talk about tainting the jury…. At the trial the individual who claimed he was assaulted by Rieman’s victim testified, and in the testimony he claimed he was assaulted, then the victims wife testified and she stated that she did not see the individual hit, or assaulted in any manner in the whole 13 years he had taken care of the individual, completely contradicting the individuals testimony. The person who is now suing the county was simply protecting his wife and 2 year child.
  • At the latest action on June 18th, 2015 he would accuse an elderly gentleman who was sitting in the audience area of the court room of “looking” at him. So who is paranoid?

Unfortunately it looks like Preston is the poster boy for a 730.30 mental evaluation motion, not the Pro-Se. 

“Poster Boy Preston”

baby-face-finster-poster-boy-slapped-silly-1In the Pro-Se’s case, he has gone up against almost the whole “DA’s” office, including one time where he had to argue against two “ADA’s” at once (Balcom and Ensell), Kerling at the County level and Rieman with her motion that she personally subscribe and verified, and now Baby Face Finster, who caused the four million dollar lawsuit.

The whole DA Office needs cleaning out. They all need to be charged with the crimes they have committed, then fired and someone found that will uphold the law and treat innocent and accused alike. I thought we lived in America, where you are innocent until proven guilty, which definitely is not occurring in Cattaraugus County New York.

“It cannot be overemphasized that our legal system is concerned as much with the integrity of the judicial process as with the issue of guilt or innocence. The constitutional and statutory safeguards provided for one accused of crime are to be applied in all cases. The worst criminal, the most culpable individual, is as much entitled to the benefit of a rule of law as the most blameless member of society.” [Donovan, 13 N.Y.2d at 153-54, 193 N.E.2d at 631, 243 N.Y.S.2d at 845.]

Cattaraugus County New York Where the Rule of Law and Reason are on Permanent Vacation

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