More Members of Catt Co Sheriff’s Criminal Wolf Pack Discovered

Citizens who are reporting abuses and crimes of the Cattaraugus County New York DA’s Office and Sheriff’s Department through the proper channels are being ignored. Here is just a small sampling of what the DA’s and targeted victims go through when they are exercising their rights. Once you have completed this article you will come to the conclusion that the citizens of Cattaraugus County have a Sheriff of the likes of which has not been seen since mid-evil England.

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.”

catt-county-wolf-pack When a citizen or visitor of/to New York State stands up for their rights in Cattaraugus County New York they are immediately targeted by the Sheriff’s band of rouge officers that can only be described as a criminal wolfpack, or in better legal terms, a racketeering and organized corruption ring (RICO). 

Three of these criminals have already been positively identified;

  • Cattaraugus County Sheriff Bryan H Schwabenbauer who assaulted and knocked out a wolfpack victim while he was handcuffed to a chair. He is also a Catt Co Sheriffs Deputy who has been sued in federal court for the same type of conduct and perjury;
  • Cattaraugus County Sheriff John Doe 1, Catt Co Sheriffs deputy who was present at the assault by Schwabenbauer
  • Cattaraugus County Sheriff John Doe 2; Short stocky crew cut blond hair Catt Co Sheriffs deputy; This is one Deputy Evans. Have more then one complaint on him to. 
  • Cattaraugus County Sheriff John Doe 3; Average height crew cut black hair Catt Co Sheriffs deputy who drives a late model black jeep with license plate number ending in 8302;
  • Salamanca Police Officer S. Depasquale
  • Salamanca Police Department, Ellicottville Police Department Hamburg Police Department Cori Kowalski This thing really gets around, who was involved in the attempted assassination of local civil rights activist. He also works for the Salamanca Police department, the department attempted to set up a Seneca Father and Son with false charges in which it was proven that the Salamanca Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office were racists and had conspired to falsify the record and the father was found completely innocent and son was found innocent all all the original charges filed against them.
  • Cattaraugus County Sheriff Deputy Winters. “Deputy” (and we use that term loosely) Winters was responsible for the April 6th, 2016 kidnapping of a victim of the criminal Lori Rieman. He acted under the unlawful 730.40 (1) order of the acting Little Valley Town Judge. CPL § 730.40 (1) does not give ANY authority to the sheriff hold anybody. Winters has just become liable and can now be sued in both his official and individual capacity. Further if “Deputy” Winters actually knew the law he would have stayed away from the victim because CPL § 730.40 (1) was ruled unconstitutional via the Ritter v Surles decision. Oh, and by the way “Deputy” Winters, here is the law/procedure you are your criminal cohorts are required to follow what a lawful 730.40 order is issued, which this one was not. They never had jurisdiction in the first place, that’s why they unlawfully  used the 730.30 process in an attempt to absolve themselves of their criminal and civil liability and it failed miserably.
  • Cattaraugus County Sheriff Deputy William Hunt who along with Ellicottville/Salamanca/Hamburg/Farmersville Police Officer Cory Kowalski attempted to murder an individual who is exposing the corruption in Cattaraugus County

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The latest round of attacks by wolfpack members, which provides more evidences of a psychopathic nature, took place in the span of only three days. One of their present targeted victims left the place he is presently staying at only three times, from May 3rd to may 5th.  Here is the legal definition of a wolfpack;

Wolf Pack: A group of rouge public officers operating outside the law and therefore no longer clothed in the authority of the law, who utilize the tools available to them in the positions they hold to terrorize, deny and rob the citizens of their life, liberties and pursuit of happiness all outside of the law.


wolf-pack03MA15-1As the latest victim left to take an evening drive on Sunday, two members of the Cattaraugus County Wolf pack descended upon him, one was in a white marked SUV, the other was in one of Catt Counties latest police state vehicles, a ford interceptor, which does appear to have real-time subject location technology.

wolf-pack03MA15-2They pursued him all the way into Salamanca, to Broad and Center St (Route 353) where the wolf pack made a right turn and appeared as if they were going somewhere else, like the casino or route 86.

So the victim turned off his video protection system and proceeded to the drive-thru at the local Tim Hortons, this took about 6 to 7 minutes. Please excuse the graininess of the pictures, the victims back window in the car was dirty.

wolf-pack03MA15-3The victim pulled out, back onto Broad St to continue east and enjoy what was left of his liberty to travel about the land with the hopes his 4th amendment rights would not be violated anymore that evening by these thugs. However, that was not to be, he looked in his rear view mirror and there was the white SUV directly behind him again. It’s is obvious the SUV turned around.

“The Fourth Amendment provides that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. . . . This inestimable right of personal security belongs as much to the citizen on the streets of our cities as to the homeowner closeted in his study to dispose of his secret affairs. For as this Court has always recognized, no right is held more sacred, or is more carefully guarded, by the common law than the right of every individual to the possession and control of his own person, free from all restraint or interference of others, unless by clear and unquestionable authority of law.”  Terry v. Ohio 392 U.S. 1 see also Union Pac. R. Co. v. Botsford, 141 U.S. 250, 251 (1891).

wolf-pack03MA15-4So coming up to the intersection of Broad St and Main, near RiteAID, with the White wolfpack SUV directly behind him, the victim made it appear as if he was going to take a left hand turn onto Main, however he quickly moved over into the right pass-through lane and came to a stop in an area, where if the Wolfpack SUV would have stopped properly in back of the car in front of it which was also waiting to turn left, the victim would have gotten a clear view of this wolfpack member and would have been able to that a picture of him. Did the SUV come to a proper stop location? Why of course not, it stopped far enough behind so the victim could not see the driver.

Upon reviewing the video the victim determined the location of another wolfpack member was lying in wait to strike. This one from the Salamanca, however this one must of thought (or was warned by the white SUV wolfpack member) the victim was going to be turning left so he proceeded to turn onto Broad st so he could pursue the victim. 

wolf-pack03MA15-5The criminal wolfpack member made a mistake, it appeared he did not realize that the left hand turn signal starts before the right side pass through lane signal. As the the White Wolfpack SUV drove pass the victim the victim got a pretty good look at the criminal behind the wheel. He was short and stocky, blond crew-cut hair with glasses, and he was wearing what appeared to be civilian clothes, he was in a white T-Shirt. OUT OF UNIFORM, not clothed in the authority of the law. Nothing new in Catt County!  

wolf-pack03MA15-6What was also interesting was when the criminal drove by, the victim noticed that the criminals passengers side window was roll completely down, however when the SUV made the turn left it was clear that the drivers side window was rolled completely up.  The victim inquired to friends about this observation who are well versed in the law, the response was; “They do that so they can claim that they smelled marijuana emanating from your car and illegally pull you over, that’s why you never roll down your window to them and the law states you don’t have too, and always carry a air freshener with you and always use it, no matter what you o are they are doing, because if you get stopped or see them following you so you can prove they lied right from the beginning”

The victim made a short trip of what was left of his liberty terrorized by what had occurred, because he was in fear for his life. This is just one small example of lengths the criminal element will go to in the Cattaraugus County government, which includes members of the DA’s Office and Sheriff’s Department, in an attempt to intentionally inflict so much emotional trauma/stress on their targeted victims, in the hope that their victims give up and surrenders to their criminal activity, or run away from it. It doesn’t take much to figure out what would happen if a person runs, but then again, what individual would walk willing to their own death? Now do you seeing how evil these people really are? The victim is not going anywhere until these criminals are brought to justice…


On Tuesday May 5th, the victim noticed another had seen this thing about a month before following him one evening and the victim managed to end up face to face with him at a street corner, where upon this criminal wolfpacker tried to stare him down with the usual “I’m a Catt co sheriffs deputy, I have a gun and I can do anything I want” look, which the victim just ignored realizing he was most likely picked on a lot when he was a kid and he was just another one of those power-trip idiots. However on this day, it was a nice shinny day so he could document anything that happened that day.

The victim was shopping that day in Ellicottville, the victim’s car was parked right out front where it could be easily seen and recognized by the criminal wolfpack.  He walked in the store to purchase a one item, he ended up with some more, he was only in the store for a couple of minutes when he saw this thing walk in, in full uniform walk in and as usual as the criminal did a visual scan of the area. Ohh… the victims is spotted at the check out line.

wolf-pack05MA15-1The victim checks outs and proceeds to exit the store, gets to his car, enters it, gets things in order and starts it, which was about 30 secs to 1s minute. Victim looks up and there is the thing exiting the store. the victim pulls out onto Washington heading west to go home.

wolf-pack05MA15-2The victim notices the black jeep of the criminal wolfpack member pull out and head in the same direction.

The criminal catches up to the victim at the intersection and starts to follow the victim. they get to an area of road construction and the they both come to a stop.

wolf-pack05MA15-3The victim notices that the criminal was looking for something and the next thing you know the criminal appears to be taking photos of the victims car with his cellphone. while the picture is grainy the victim clearly saw this criminal taking photos of his car.

wolf-pack05MA15-4This criminal was watching the victim before, he clearly knows the type of car the victim has, so what was the purpose of the photos? Simple; intimidation, a practice the criminal wolf pack knows well.

I wonder how this criminal likes the fact that the Citizens of the County, State and people worldwide now know who he is. The wolfpack is constantly observing the citizens illegally engage in their private lives, how do they like it when they fall under the same type of surveillance, whether they are one duty or not. This is not the only evidence we have, there is a lot more.  This had just happened to one of the wolfpack’s victims in the span of just three days. This is what happens to people who are standing up for your right in the land of Sheriff Nottingham.

Also another issue occurred on the 5th of May, after all of this went down with John Doe 3 one of the editors of this report met up with some contacts on another unfolding case here in Catt County. The met at a local establishment and sure enough, just like clockwork we were being watched. Don’t worry, we have pictures of that too… Watch around the 4:48 mark for the cellphone picture taking.

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