The Criminal Jillian Koch and the Catt County RICO Criminal Octopus

Jillian Koch is a prime example of the criminal RICO octopus that exists here in Cattaraugus County New York.  Once you start to research just how deep it goes you will discover that it ranges across generations of families who have taken control of our local government offices to benefit themselves and their cronies. In the case of Jillian Koch she has two jilian-koch-criminal-octopus-cattaraugus-little-valley-new-york-1paid positions in the county that we know of. One as the Town Court Clerk of Little Valley and one as a State/County Court Clerk at the county building in Little Valley. She has altered court documents in an attempt to cover up the crimes of the District Attorney in one case and has denied access to court files in another and has conspired with “ADA” William Preston Marshall and others to unlawfully and illegally arrest another citizen through the use of the Stalinist Era inspired 730.30 motion. For those of you unfamiliar with a CPL § 730.30 motion it is a motion that is always filed by a defendants lawyer that claims the defendant is incompetent and cannot assist his lawyer in his defense. It is rarely if ever used by the Prosecution and is almost impossible to be found unfit. If you are asked a question like “what color is the sky” and you answer blue you are competent. A perfect example just how difficult it is to be found unfit is the recent court ruling in Wyoming county in which a wife is alleged to have murdered her husband with a pitchfork and gun, then burying his body in a manure pile. Then you have the Uber shooter who was also found competent, or this guy who dismembered his half-brother, another one also found competent.

cuckoos-nestBut here in Cattaraugus County New York if you defend yourself in court and actually win you are declared incompetent. That’s what happened to one individual here in this county in a case in which the District Attorney as well as the courts had absolutely no authority to hold, much less prosecute him so they conspired together with Jillian Koch to unlawfully arrest, incarcerate and send him to a mental institution using the Stalinist era inspired 730.30 motion. He actually won a DMV refusal hearing appeal, something that is very difficult to do even for skilled lawyers. This is the same thing they did to Bill Bastuk a New York State citizen in the Rochester area who is spearheading legislation to make it easier to hold District Attorney’s and their employees more accountable for their criminal conduct. We have also talked to other individuals who represented themselves who have had it happen to them. This is a clear pattern and practice of a Stalinist Era tactic by New York State.

Koch employs the criminal tactic when you start asking questions or for information that by law they are mandated to provide, and they don’t want too. Every time  a public official refuses to do there job as required by law they are guilty of official misconduct. She has committed numerous crimes including filing a falsified document in one case at the county level that led to an Appeal in which the county lost, which of course is most likely going to lead to another lawsuit that we the taxpayers will have to flip the bill for. They don’t care if the taxpayers will see a higher tax rate because of the liability. They are unionized, they will just get a raise/cost of living increase to cover for it off of our backs.

Proof of Jillian Kochs Criminal Conduct at the County/State Level

Proof of Jillian Koch’s Criminal Conduct at the County/State Level. This is a copy of the falsified document she created, signed and filed that almost led to a innocent man being sent to prison and more liability for we the county taxpayers.

In the county case that an individual who was targeted for destruction by the criminal Lori Rieman, Jillian Koch created, signed and filed a falsified document to make it appear as if the individual had violated the terms of his probation because of an alleged DWI charge. She would also claim the the individual plea guilty to the charges. THIS IS A COMPLETE LIE BY KOCH. The victim never plead to any charges and in fact took the matter on appeal to the fourth department and won it BY a UNANIMOUS DECISION.

Further there was NEVER any type of probation sentence for DWI imposed upon this individual in Cattaraugus County. It was an alleged violation of probation for an assault charge which the targeted victim of the criminal Rieman also won on appeal which led to a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the county and Rieman personally. The law firm representing the individual had a major conflict of interest and committed fraud upon the court. It also led to the attempted assassination of a local rights activist who was uncovering the pay off by the county of the law firm to throw the case.

The tentacles of this evil county octopus is well covered by another individual who is attempting to get to the bottom of the murder of her brother that is being covered up by Rieman. Her name is Barbara Pavlock and she is an award winning writer and Professor of English at Lehigh University.  She posted an article on her blog about this issue titled “Pressure Exerted in a Small Community” in which she described the tentacles of the RCIO octopus and how it has evolved into a Stasi type network here in the county that spies on everyone and keeps their targets in a perpetual state of terror and fear.

In the case of Jillian, not only has she filed fraudulent documents, she falsely accused another victim and his lawyer of being “argumentative and harassing”. This is the favorite tactic of these criminals when you ask for something that by law they are required to do, but they don’t want to. They will then sic their goons on you in an attempt to make you flee in fear.

In the matter at hand you have Jillian Koch who is employed as the Little Valley Town Court Clerk who is also employed as a ‘senior’ county court public official also. You have a close relative of hers named Susan Koch, her mother, who is the Little Valley Town Clerk who deleted a video of a court hearing in violation of both state and federal law, which carries up to a twenty year prison sentence.

Being a Member of the Criminal RICO Octopus has it’s Advantages.


Proof of how criminals who work for local governments are rewarded here in Cattaraugus County New York

Just like Bryan H Schwabenbauer being a member of the Criminal RICO Octopus has it rewards. You get paid for it with our tax dollars. Jillian is right up there with Schwabenbauer, She is making a nice paycheck and enjoys committing crimes against the citizens and she keeps getting raises constantly as a reward for her criminal conduct.

What is interesting about how she was hired for the fourth division of the judicial branch of the state was the fact that she started out right as a Senior Court Office Assistant. How do you start off in a Senior position for the state when you never have worked for the state?

Other Crimes Committed by Jillian Koch.

Proof of Jillian Koch criminal state of mind and official misconduct. Attempts to intimidate and cause fear and injury

Proof of Jillian Koch criminal state of mind and official misconduct. Attempts to intimidate and cause fear and injury

In her latest round of criminally (she must be pushing for a raise) Koch claims that you are not allowed to phone or e-mail her and further you are only allowed to contact her by e-mail. When you start asking questions they don’t like or requesting paperwork they don’t want to provide you with they always resort to their favorite tactic. They will claim that you are being “argumentative and harassing” in an attempt to intimidate you into leaving or so they don’t have to answer your questions or provide you with the information that by law you are allowed to receive. This is their favorite ploy, which is actually the criminal act of official misconduct and carries with it up to a one year prison sentence.


Inspection of court records allowed by law. From the official New York State courts website.

First of all Ms. Koch claims that a person requesting to review the court record is  “argumentative and harassing” which by law they are mandated too.It’s called Judiciary law 225 and can be found on the official website for New York State Courts. In this specific matter she had conspired with others, including “William Preston Marshall” and Elizardbeth Ensell which has caused the unlawful and illegal arrest, holding in the County Jail as transportation to other locations throughout the state.

In the first sentence Koch admitted that she uses her  for both state and local matters, yet she goes on and contradicts herself and states she no longer does. This is what happens to people who lie and commit perjury all of the time. They can’t remember what they said three minutes ago because they live in a state of perpetual lies.  This is also sign of mental instability.

Koch would also state that “The Town Clerk office is unavailable to help you with court matters”. This would be her relative Susan Koch, the one who admitted that they had a video on a hearing the requestor had attended but they destroyed it, a violation of the public records law as well as federal law which carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison. She is the one who claimed she had control of the video of the hearing, so she was acting as an agent, employee or servant of the court.

She would also go on to state “Your case is now concluded in the Town of Little Valley therefore our communication is no longer needed. “ Wrong again, here she provides the evidence of her state of mind (mens rea) concerning another act of official misconduct by her. Further she has NO AUTHORITY to order/tell a citizen to do anything, PERIOD. If you ever run into criminals like this and they try to pull this on you, demand the law that allows them to make such a statement, which 99.99% of the time they will refuse to answer you (because there is no law) or the will vaguely cite a whole chapter that contains numerous laws, if they do that it void for vagueness or demand the specific cite, If they can’t then they have just violated your rights and you can no hold them liable.

It’s obvious she is not properly trained and could care less about obeying the law, A citizen/person has every right to inspect the court record, that would include ANY public court record including others if they wish to do so. But this is Cattaraugus County where you think you can alter and tamper with public records in violation of the law, The last one we are aware of was an completely fraudulent violation of probation that the District Attorney Lori Rieman and the county lost on Appeal. Rieman didn’t even show up to argue in in the fourth department in Rochester when she said she would. In that matter Koch and Jane Saint John forged and/or altered the record to make it appear as if he was convicted of something he was not.  Koch is a criminal plain and simple and she will be held accountable for her crimes.

As to the rest of her fraudulent claims of “argumentative” and “harassing” nature, the requestor was simply asking her to do your job and obey the law, which they consider that to be against the law. It is very apparent that Koch uses this “argumentative” and “harassing” intimidation tactic in an attempt to scare someone into not exercising their rights. We have talked to other people that state that is what you all do to them. It is Koch and the rest of her criminal cabal that is being “argumentative” and “harassing” the citizens of this land because it is they that don’t like it when there  criminal conduct is exposed.

You can file complaints with the inspector generals office at;

Inspector General
Office of Court Administration
25 Beaver Street
New York, NY 10004
(646) 386-3500



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