Is a Child Abuser Being Protected by the Criminal Elements of Cattaraugus County District Attorney, Sheriffs Department and Salamanca Police Department?

In Cattaraugus County, New York, they like to employee criminals in the District Attorney & Sheriffs Office, as well as in some local police departments. They actually reward them with pay raises for committing crimes and the District Attorney’s Office will do everything in their power to protect them and their friends. This includes covering up the sexual abuse of a child and blaming the children’s parents. This sick state of affairs and the coverup that followed had its beginnings in Salamanca, New York, around 2012, when the mother of a child that was being abused reported the crime she was arrested that day for DWI. The mother was not even driving the car she was in, she was a passenger but the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s deputy arrested her instead. Many of the usual players are involved…cattaraugus-county-district-attorney-lori-rieman-ensell-kerling-protect-pedophile-1in another startling story of the crimes and corruption that permeates the county and local government agencies of Cattaraugus County, New York, after an extensive and exhaustive investigation concerning a local family, anyone in their right mind who would not call on the impeachment of Lori Rieman and the termination of the employees involved with this matter should bow their heads in shame and wait for their divine punishment. If they fail to act they admit they understand what they are allowing to happen to this once prosperous county. Remember, this could happen to anybody, including you, your family and friends. Do something about it!

This fits a similar pattern and practice by the District Attorney’s Office where she filed a grievance against a lawyer who was asking her to look into and take action on some criminals that had broken into his clients home and assaulted her. One the accomplices even videotaped the whole event and Rieman did nothing except go after the attorney who only wanted to see justice done for his client. just like she is not doing anything in the brutal assault of Seneca Native Bryce Stahlman, a star athlete and honors student who was viciously assaulted by two friends of the man that Bryce stopped from killing his mother, something any red-blooded American boy would do. This assault completely destroyed his ankle. Rieman also conspires with county court personal and runs illegal and unlawful parallel criminal cases on the same charges in complete violation of double jeopardy clauses of both the US and NYS Constitutions.

This chain of events started in late 2012, when the mother finally had enough of an individual making inappropriately advances towards her.  When she and her husband finally started to figure out what was going on the husband told the person in question to stay away. The next thing you know is the abuser appears to call the Salamanca Police Department claiming that the husband and wife had an argument. The Salamanca Police Department responded. This was the first time the husband and wife had ever been involved with the police and like most Americans they were under the assumption that the police were there to protect them. That was their first mistake. This is Cattaraugus County after all, where justice goes to die and the rule of law is on permanent vacation.

It was one “Salamanca PD Officer” Brandon Crouse who responded.  “Officer” Crouse appeared to be a friend of the abuser. The abuser started making wild accusations against the husband which led to the husbands arrest which he was accused of “unlawful imprisonment” of his wife. This “unlawful imprisonment” was a simple argument which all families go through in this day and age the wife wanted to leave and as she was leaving he momentarily grabbed her asking her to stay. He immediately let her go. This was the ‘event’ that the Salamanca police used to arrest him. Further proof that you should always work things out among  yourselves before calling the police. You should only call them in you are in a life or death situation but make sure you have video taping set up.

The abuser would then hire a private investigations service in an attempt to dig up dirt on the husband. This abuser would make it appear to the investigator that  he was the wife’s husband. When the investigator discovered that this was a lie he quit. Soon after the wife would also discover that an app was installed on her cellphone without her knowledge. This app could pin point her location and send her fake text messages that made it appear as if her husband was sending them. The messages of course being of a nature as to incite anger and/or mistrust between her and her real husband.

Once the husband and wife figured out what was going on she finally had enough so in July of 2013 she went down to the Salamanca Police Department to report the abuse. The Salamanca PD recommends that she go to family court for a restraining order. The New York State family court system is a closed environment. The abuser, if found guilty in family court would not have to register as a sex offender and would remain hidden in the shadows due to a loophole in the law. She did not want to press criminal charges at the time due to the prior issues with law enforcement.  She just wanted him to stay away from them. This all changed when in August of 2013 she and her husband discovered that the abuser appeared to had abused one of their children. It was at that point that they wanted to get criminal charges filed against the abuser. Seems like Mrs. Hu is not the only one talking out about these horrendous crimes. Here is the video testimony of another woman describing the conduct of the Cattaraugus County CPS concerning treatment of children.

victim-deputy-sheriff-max-graham-new-yorkShe goes back down to the Salamanca PD to lodge a criminal complaint.  That evening with the stress and pressure building up she and a close relative decide to go out and have a couple of drinks. They leave the local establishment which is only a couple of minutes away from where she lives. SHE IS NOT DRIVING. WE WILL REPEAT THAT; SHE IS NOT THE DRIVER. When they pull out they both realize they had a little to much to drink so the pull over to the side of the road. The next thing you know Cattaraugus County Sheriffs Deputy Max Graham pulls up. He does not leave his car for about five minutes. Standard protocol is to radio in the  license plate in an attempt to find out who the driver/owner is. So Graham knew who he were dealing with. So why the wait? Was it because they were going over the events/crimes they wanted to create to based on here earlier complaints to the police department?  The audio/text messages from Graham should prove interesting, if they have not been destroyed. Graham exists his patrol car and walks to theirs and makes her take the field sobriety tests which she fails and is promptly promptly arrested. Again she was not the driver. She was the passenger in the passengers seat the whole time.


Cattaraugus County “Sheriff” Deputy Max Graham size compared to his victim

So Mad Max takes her to the County Jail where she takes the official Breathalyzer. She is cooperating the whole time and the video shows it (we have obtained the video evidence of the whole event from three different cameras). Their are numerous female sheriff employees that can be seen throughout the video right from the beginning.

CCSO Female Employees all over the place

CCSO Female Employees all over the place

Graham’s victim asks if she can use the bathroom which he allows her to do so, however it is Mad Max that watches her the whole time when she is using the bathroom. Upsetting to say the least.

CCSO Max Graham's Victim Leaves Talking on Cellphone & paperwork

CCSO Max Graham’s Victim Leaves Talking on Cellphone & paperwork. Click to enlarge

Soon after all the paperwork is complete, she calls her husband to pick her up. Graham demands that he give her a ride home, she says no. She does not want to have anything to do with him.

About this time she calls her mother and is on the phone talking with her as Mad Max is yelling and demanding that he give her a ride home. Her mother demands the name and badge number of Mad Max which he refuses to provide. The victim then decides to leave (Mad Max already told her she was free to leave). You can see her on the video walking out the the two sets of doors while talking on her cellphone to her mother. You can’t just walk out, after 5 PM these doors are locked and you need buzzed out to leave. 

CCSO Mad Max chases After his Victim after telling her she was free to leave

CCSO Mad Max chases After his Victim after telling her she was free to leave. Click to enlarge.

Mad Max follows her out and confronts her again. She refuses to have anything to do with him. He then grabs her and throws her to the ground so hard her head bounces off of the ground and she feels like her face is on fire. She starts yelling at him. She weighs a mere 87 pounds and Mad Max is at least 6′ 5″ about 250+ lbs. Another perfect example of the deeply embedded pattern and practice here in Cattaraugus County, It appears that Graham enjoys assaulting citizens and causing them serious harm. Its exactly what  “ADA” Elizabeth Ensell confirmed when she stated to another victim of the corruption in the county; “its alright for police officers to assault people”. Ensell is the daughter of a retired state cop who was once an investigator for the District Attorneys office who is helping cover up what appears to be a murder. The author of this site is a award winning author who is trying to get to the bottom of her brother’s death. On top of that Ensell’s sister was busted for drugs in Olean, which appeared on the Olean Police Department facebook fanpage but the post has “disappeared”. Elizabeth herself ran into a pedestrian crossing in a legally marked sidewalk in Olean, sending the pedestrian to the hospital and the Olean Police Department cover it up by blaming the pedestrian for not activating the cross walk signal button in the median of the street. The only issue with that is there is no cross walk signal button in the median. See how they cover up and attempt to hide things they don’t what we the people to see. Don’t worry, as usual we have videos and photo’s of the page and the post and multiple copies stored in multiple locations well outside of New York State for redundancy and safety purposes.

Shadows don't lie. Graham fracturing his victims wrist.

Shadows don’t lie. Graham fracturing his victims wrist. Click to enlarge

The video’s we obtained are illegally ‘edited’. This is clearly seen on the horizontal field of view so you cannot see what actually occurs. You can only see the shadows however you can clearly see Graham’s 87 pound victim being man handled by Graham as she keels over in pain because of him grabbing her wrist. Is this where Graham fractured his victim’s wrist?


Four other Cattaraugus County Deputies join in on the assault. Click to enlarge

Four other officers would soon join in. They can be seen in the video coming to the aid of Mad Max, no help for the poor woman who was just brutally assaulted by him.

By their conduct it appears that they see this sort of criminal activity committed by other public employees all the time and could care less about it. This is absolute proof of a systematic problem that exists in the Sheriff’s Office THAT NONE OF OUR LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE DOING ANYTHING ABOUT and neither is the local main stream news media, whether it be the  Olean Times Herald or another outlet. They all would rather try cover it up, who cares, it’s the taxpayers who will have to pay for it (as well as the victims), we will just give ourselves raises to compensate for it, and we will just raises taxes to cover that! Guess who is paying for the costs of the four million dollar lawsuit and the others? You the taxpayers, that’s who. Just the normal routine where citizens are viciously assaulted by out of control psychopathic Cattaraugus County employees, In legal liability terms they are called co-conspirators, failure to render aid, aiding and abetting, etc…. Same thing that happened in another matter where another citizen was hand cuffed to a chair and assaulted and knocked out by another sheriffs deputy who has been sued in federal court for similar conduct as well as perjury and he is actually rewarded with a pay raise. Where are all the local ‘official’ Newspapers? Why aren’t they covering these stories? Simple, they are part of the problem, not the solution. They are beholden to the very criminals that are in control. 

Mad Max then handcuffs her and takes her back inside. You can see she is in pain and upset. He then throws her so hard into the chair she flies right out of it and lands on the ground. She then demands that she get taken to the hospital and she also informed them that she was an epileptic. Graham said no to the hospital. He would then state that she could only see the on staff EMT. She would not let the on staff EMT touch her after what just happened. She wanted to go home. Graham finally let her call her husband. Once she got a hold of her Husband she immediately stated she was assaulted by Sheriff Deputy Graham and Graham made her hang up the phone. The husband decided that after his encounter with the corrupt elements of Cattaraugus County law enforcement he decided to call his wife’s father so they can both go down because he is worried that it will be him they blame for the vicious assault that just occurred. They show up and the husband asks a female deputy what had happened, her response; “shes had a rough night”. That was her only answer.

The worried husband takes her to Olean General Hospital where she is diagnosed with a fractured right wrist and serious concussion. This is what happens in Cattaraugus County New York when the criminals have taken over. You basically have  a bunch of high school thug/bullies running around with guns and badges acting under the color of law carrying out personal vendettas and doing whatever they please. But don’t you try to exercise your rights, you will be charged with the crime of remaining silent, or the court itself will try to shut down a website by having court personal file false complaints on taxpayer time.

A couple of days later the latest victim of the criminal Graham and corrupt Cat County goes down the Salamanca PD to talk to “Officer” Tina Owens. Salamanca PD Officer Ronda Bush states that Tina is training out of town. She gets home and Tina calls asking if she was assaulted by husband (just as her husband predicted). She explains it was Sheriff’s Deputy that assaulted her, No charges, no statement asked for or taken, nothing.  She makes contact with a Cattaraugus County Sheriff, one Captain Yale, she refuses to go down to the County Sheriffs office and instead meets up with him in Salamanca police department. They interview her along with Captain Yale. She gives them a written statement. She demands an outside investigation and Yale delivers to her veiled threat, so her and her husband decide to leave. This appears to be the same Captain Yale that is in charge of FOIL and also handles reports of misconduct of sheriff deputies. We already have reports from others on how well he is preforming that function. He basically threatens them not to push the matter anymore.

Their child finally reaches legal adult age and he goes down to the Salamanca PD to be interviewed by the two other “ADA’s” working for the “DA’s” office; Elizabeth Ensell and Amber Kerling.  The mother is with her child during this “interview”. As usual both Ensell and Kerling display their condescending and arrogant attitude towards the victim and mother, upsetting both, stating to the effect that there most likely be nothing that comes of it and even claiming that the statues of limitations has run out. In other words, going into cover-up mode immediately.

This is another set of lies by the corrupt criminal element in Cattaraugus County. “ADA” Ensell and “ADA” Kerling have just lied to the family. The child has not reached 18, but has just turned 16. The law is very clear;

At a minimum it is a class A misdemeanor, and; legal proceedings against the perpetrator of this crime must commence within two years after commission of the offense; and If against a victim that was under 18 at the time of commission of the offense, the period of limitations does not begin to run until victim has reached the age of 18 or the offense is reported to a law enforcement agency or statewide central register of child abuse, whichever occurs earlier. See N.Y. PL § 130.20 and N.Y. CPL § 30.10.

Nothing new for corrupt Cattaraugus County where the taxpayers will be footing the bills for this one too and the public officials engaged in this type of criminal conduct get rewarded with pay raises to offset the cost of the lawsuits and a pat on the back to boot.

More Proof of a Deeply Embedded Pattern and Practice of Organized Corruption Throughout the County.

The mother decided to do something about it because the public officials failed to do so. She filed FOIL requests for the videos of her assault. She received three of them from three different cameras. Two outside and one inside. THEY ARE EDITED. There are 2, 3, 5 and 10 minute gaps in the videos right when the assault is occurring and the assault itself is conveniently not in the field of view of the cameras, in photoshop terms its called cropping. All of the important coverage is missing. The videos are handled by the counties IT department, which now appears to be laden with criminals also.

Talk to any video installation expert. When setting up video surveillance systems you ALWAYS overlap the field of views of the cameras so you catch everything that is occurring. This is especially so in the high security areas such as jails. You can clearly see the field of horizontal view was edited down so the assault was not shown.  This is a public record and the person doing the editing is now subject to both civil and criminal charges. This goes to show you just how deeply embedded the crime and corruption is in the Sheriffs Department. the District Attorney’s Office and other departments in Cattaraugus County.

Further proof you cannot trust anything coming from the District Attorney or Sheriff’s Office in Cattaraugus County New York.

To sum it all up;

  • Mother reports assault and inappropriate touching to law enforcement;
  • Mother discovers mobistealth app installed on her phone without her knowledge that tracks her location and can send text messages mimicking husband’s phone number;
  • Husband arrested based on the accusations of the person he tells to stay away, one of the officers is good friends with the accuser;
  • Mother asks for restraining order against person;
  • Mother and Father discover one of their children is being abused;
  • Mother reports it to law enforcement;
  • Mother is arrested the same day for DWI even though she was not even driving the car she was in;
  • Mother viciously assaulted by Cattaraugus County deputy Max Graham who is close to three times her size and receives a serve concussion and fractured wrist.
  • Mother demands video tapes of assault through FOIL request and receives illegally edited tapes  that attempt to cover up assault;
  • Family member becomes of age to report abuse of relative and Cattaraugus County “ADA’s” Elizardbeth Ensell and Amber Kerling belittle the victim and act as if they can;t do anything about it, they also claim that the statute of limitations has run out.

Cattaraugus County New York, Where Justice Goes to Die!

Remember, this could happen to anybody, including you and your family. Do something about it!



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