Former US Attorney at the Department of Justice and City of Olean Attorney sues City of Olean, New York, it’s Mayor and Police for Defamation

Former US Attorney at the US Department of Justice and for the City of Olean sues City of Olean, New York, it’s Mayor and the Olean Police Department for defamation. Present lawsuits piling up and future ones on the way. City of Olean Residents will bear the cost and other fallout for years to come. Who was at fault? A number of corrupt public servants, however it’s strike three for….

Bradford Era Article on former DOJ Attorney Suing City of Olean and Olean Police Department - Click to Enlarge

Bradford Era Article on former DOJ Attorney Suing City of Olean and Olean Police Department – Click to Enlarge

…former Truancy Officer and present Mayor of the City of Olean William J. Aiello, who is already being criticized for other lawsuits, These other lawsuits promised to make a safe walking environment for visitors and citizens in downtown Olean. That concept was quickly dashed upon the rocks of corruption when County of Cattaraugus Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Ensell, AKA Beth Ensell, AKA Elizabeth Noelle Ensell, AKA Elizabeth LaFleur struck a pedestrian who was a sufferer of cerebral palsy in a clearly marked crosswalk on a clear day in downtown Olean. The woman was hospitalized.  The Olean Police Department would cover it up.

Ensell is a perfect example of the corrupt multi generation nepotism that has invaded our local and county ‘municipal corporations‘ to enrich themselves with inflated salaries and padded pensions at we the peoples expense.  She is also the by-product of John Ensell, former State police officer and investigator for the County DA’s Office. An award winning author is doing a fine job of exposing John’s ‘conduct’ concerning her brothers apparent murder and cover-up in this county. Elizabeth, just like her father, is employed by the County of Cattaraugus District Attorney’s Office. She is also employed by the City of Olean and Town of Ellicottville, NY. She really gets around. Ensell was not charged with anything when anyone else would have had the book thrown at them due to the status of Ensell’s victim. Furthermore, word quickly spread that they were going to charge the pedestrian Ensell struck for a crime that did not exist in an attempt to absolve Ensell of liability.

In the lawsuit for defamation by former US DOJ Attorney Daniel Derose numerous Olean Police Department Officers are also named. Attorney DeRose was employed for a number of years in the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington DC and elsewhere. The Defendants in this matter are accused by Mr. DeRose of the intent to harm, defamed, slandered and libeled him, including destroying his business. Sound familiar? We are sure you have read other articles by other victims of the corruption that exist in this county, however this time its a former United Stated Department of Justice employee. 

Just like the County of Cattaraugus, corruption permeates the City of Olean and it starts at the top.

As another example; In another incident OPD “Officer” Ryan Aylor would falsely arrest a local citizen, Mr. Ronald Wilcox based on a complete fabrication by Aylor. Alyor would falsely claim that his victim had his license suspended when in fact he did not. Aylor would also threaten Mr. Wilcox’s life while he was at the OPD jail after the false arrest. Aylor told him that if he did not stop posting information on Facebook on just how corrupt OPD is, Mr. Wilcox would “pay the ultimate price”. Aylor is the one who should be sitting in jail.

OPD “Officer” William Beggs is of the same corrupt character. One of Beggs’ victims, who we will call Mr. K.,  was traveling ‘in’ the City of Olean with a passenger. Unknown to Mr. K, his passenger would commit the horrendous act of exercising his 1st amendment right as they passed Beggs patrol car on a raining dark night. Beggs’ would speed up to catch up to Mr. K and his passenger and harasses/tailgate them for about 2 miles in the hopes that Mr. K would commit some type of traffic violation so he could pull him over. When that failed Beggs would pull Mr. K over and make up charge and cite Mr. K with “failure to maintain right” on a road that did not have any lane markings with no oncoming traffic or pedestrians. Beggs would claim that the violation occurred about 1/2 mile before he turned on his ’emergency’ lights. Beggs would tailgate and harass victim Mr. K for another 1/2 mile before he pulled his victim over under the threat of violence. Beggs would also threaten Mr. K with arrest for asking questions. In Cattaraugus County the constitution is ignored by the very people sworn to uphold and protect it. In fact they go out of there way to violate it,

“The freedom of individuals verbally to oppose or challenge police action without thereby risking arrest is one of the principal characteristics by which we distinguish a free nation from a police state.” (City of Huston v Hill 482 U.S. 451 at 463 (1987)). “Speech is often provocative and challenging. . . . [But it] is nevertheless protected against censorship or punishment, unless shown likely to produce a clear and present danger of a serious substantive evil that rises far above public inconvenience, annoyance, or unrest.” (Terminiello v. Chicago, 337 U. S. 1, 4 (1949))

Need anymore proof we are living in a police state in this county?

DEnsell's Linkedin Profile Showing she also worked for the City of Olean Attorney. Click to Enlarge.

Ensell’s Linkedin Profile Showing she also worked for the City of Olean Attorney’s law firm. Click to Enlarge.

Then you also have the present City of Olean Attorney Nicholas DiCerbo, Jr covering up the illegal spying on citizens. Ensell also worked for DiCerbo’s lawfirm. 

In all of these cases videos will play an important part. In the case of the Mr. DeRose, the City of Olean had originally  refused to provide him with a copy of the video(s) of the alleged event that OPD claimed he made a “bomb threat”. This appears to involved specifically OPD “Officer” Richardson, who if you recall likes to party with underage drinkers, that is a subject for another article. Mr. DeRose had to actually file a motion at the county supreme court level for an order to receive a copy of the video that alleges he threatened OPD. Who was attempting to cover up what?

In the lawsuit against the Defendants, both individually and in their capacity as employees of the municipality of the City of Olean, it is alleged that Olean Mayor William J. Aiello, OPD “Officers” Chief Jeff Rowley, Ronald Richardson, and other unknown officers  maliciously, intentionally, purposefully and with intent to harm, defamed, slandered, libeled and deprived Mr. DeRose of his rights, civil and otherwise, and they did conspire to do so, inter alia, by a certain written correspondence, which was a letter written by Mayor of the City of Olean William J. Aiello on 08/24/2018. You as citizens of the City of Olean know you have some serious problems when the corrupt local deep state goes after a former US Department of Justice Attorney.

Here is the complaint and motion you can download to review for yourself;

It also appears that Mr. DeRose uncovered some type of collusion with OPD (and possibly others), where if you go to certain lawyers your case would be handled a different way; 

When Mr. DeRose discovered this, he wanted to inquire why defendant OPD “Officer” Clawson had advised DeRose’s longtime client and friend to instead hire a Jamestown attorney for the client’s driving while intoxicated case; DeRose said he had also recently lost another drunk driving client to the same attorney.

Mr. DeRose later wrote a complaint to Mayor Aiello that he felt that Clawson ‘ alleged recommendation was “queer, irregular and grossly inappropriate.”

According to Mr. DeRose, when asked why Clawson recommended his client to hire the same Jamestown attorney, Clawson said he recommended several defense attorneys.

Then, DeRose alleges, OPD Richardson yelled at him, saying that if DeRose contacts Clawson again, police would arrest him for harassment. DeRose said ‘OPD Officer’ Ronald Richardson also told him; 

“We are going to f*** you up.”

“I thought it was bizarre conduct, and I mean utterly bizarre,” DeRose said. This fits the same pattern and practice that Mr. Wilcox experienced at the hands of “Officer” Ryan Aylor. Mr. Wilcox was also a client of Mr. Derose at the time. It also appears that a relative of Richardson physically threatened to harm victim Mr. K on facebook.

Incident Report of "ADA" Elizabeth Ensell Striking a Pedestrian in a Clearly Marked Crosswalk by OPD Officer Pettit. Click to Enlarge.

Incident Report of “ADA” Elizabeth Ensell Striking a Pedestrian in a Clearly Marked Crosswalk by OPD Officer Pettit. Click to Enlarge.

Who was the prosecutor handling both of those DWI cases?

Why it was none other than “ADA” Elizabeth Ensell, a legend in local corruption. By the way…. another interesting fact about Ensell’s “hit and hospitalize”… OPD “Officer” Pettit would handle the hit and hospitalize Ensell ‘incident’. Pettit? Who else has, or did have that same last name?: County of Cattaraugus District Attorney Lori PETTIT Rieman, “ADA” Elizabeth Ensell’s boss, that’s who, any relation?

Mr. Wilcox also ran another local facebook page called olean traffic two, unlike the original olean safety and traffic that shuts down and bans locals for calling attention to the corrupt public servants that permeate this county. Unlike Mr. Wilcox’s facebook page that followed the 1st amendment. It was Mr. Wilcox’s second facebook page and it was gaining followers just like his first page. Then the usual trolls appeared and they filed bogus complaints and his second page was shut down. Criminals don’t like honest competition.

About the time victim Mr. Wilcox was going through his life altering experience due to the local government being completely corrupt, Mr. Wilcox commented on the dog shooting incident on facebook in Olean which made the Buffalo News outlets. He was immediately attacked for it. Eventually a fake facebook profile under the name of Harold Richard would appear and attack V1. Others would also appear and attack anyone who was defending the posting of the dog shooting incident by OPD. Many were tied to friends and family members of local corrupt public servants.

Harold Richard showed his proficiency by his social media attacks on anyone defending the posting. He would claim he was present at the scene of the dog shooting for the whole three hours OPD was trying to catch the poor dog, yet he could not present one photo, video or audio of anything concerning the incident. The only other people present during the whole three hours was OPD. was also attacked during this event by ANTIFA members and their cronies and its facebook page was actually shutdown due to fraudulent complaints. This website was shut down as well.


“DA” Lori Rieman’s bogus complaint to shut down this website in treason against her Oath of Office and in violation of a citizens 1st Amendment right

This follows the same pattern and practice as “District Attorney” Lori Rieman and other corrupt local and county public servants engage in. They filed false complaints about a year earlier and shut down this website. We had to move it to Iceland, the home of Wikileaks to protect our first amendment rights. While most facebook profiles are not fake, we believe fake local profiles are created and maintained by, or in collusion with the corrupt OPD and other corrupt public servants. We believed the purpose of the type of conduct is to control the ‘official’ narrative of local events through social media websites such as facebook. Trust is main stream being at a all time low more and more people are turning to alternate forms of news.

But there is also other underlying criminal conduct that clearly establish a pattern and practice of public corruption. In the case of Mr. Wilcox, he filed FOIL requests concerning his court appearances because of a female that would appear to be giving a play-by-play analysis over the phone of the hearing which Mr. Wilcox won and had the charges dismissed because OPD “Officer” Aylor refused to show up for the hearing. Mr. Wilcox, in his FOIL request would ask for about 2 hours worth of videos of the public entrances of the city building and OPD would destroy the video and provide about 10 minutes worth of video that did not show Mr. Wilcox being present when he should have appeared in the video. They showed someone else. When Mr. Wilcox appealed the FOIL results the city came back and said that the system only records when there is motion present…

That is a complete lie. They are recording 24/7, and for sake of argument taking the OPD Chief Rowley’s position that the video system only record upon motion, are they now claiming that the missing 1 hour and 50 minutes was due to no motion being present at the busiest entrances in the city building on one of the busiest days, i.e. court hearings, for close to two hours? This is the same thing the corrupt district attorney office did when they destroyed about three hours worth of videotape in victim Mr. K’s matter. Mr. K also has a video of the stop event concerning “Officer” Beggs.

us-attorney-lawsuit-agasint-city-olean-police-department-fbFurthermore, concerning victim Mr. Wilcox, OPD, knowing that Mr. Wilcox had a concealed weapons permit would then place a completely illegal APB on him that he and his attorney were not made aware of. They also illegally took his 2nd amendment rights away from him at the same time.  It is very apparent that OPD did attempt to create the environment in the hopes that their intended victim, Mr. Wilcox, would travel outside of the jurisdiction of Olean with his pistol into a location where law enforcement were unaware of the circumstances surrounding the illegal issuance of the APB in the hopes that a confrontation would occur in which it could turn deadly. In the US you are 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop then you are a terrorist.

When the hopes that Mr. Wilcox would be pulled over failed outside of the sphere of influence of the corrupt OPD, the corrupt county sheriffs office and corrupt local State Police would make their move. The RICO brigade would show up at Mr. Wilcox’s house locked and loaded which he was not there at the time. This corrupt conduct is what led to Mr. Wilcox finding out why and the discovery of the illegal APB and loss of his 2nd Amendment rights.

Mr. Wilcox would not capitulate to their corrupt conduct. He stood his ground. He had all charges dropped and his 2nd amendment rights resorted. We do have good public servants in the county, however they are in the minority. However, it did not end there, about a year later Mr. Wilcox would be put under State Police surveillance because they thought Mr. Wilcox was in possession of the assault rifle the State Police lost on interstate 86 near Olean.

When that failed, they went after Mr. Wilcox with what appears to be a bogus claim to attack his finances. They claimed Mr. Wilcox owed a debt. We will call this “alleged debt 1 (AD1)”. They first sent in a former US Attorney at the US DOJ (not the one who is now suing the city) in an apparent attempt to intimidated their target Mr. Wilcox.  When that failed the City of Olean Attorney’s partner in his law firm would take his place. DiCerbo is also an ‘assistant’ county attorney. See how it all connects ladies and gentleman?

Click the image above to read the part of the 4 million dollar lawsuit where “DA” Lori Reiman and her office staff were accused by a former prosecutor of not having the mental capacity to properly carry out their taxpayer funded jobs.

We have just received word that another victim of the county corruption has been notified that he owes an alleged a debt. The County Social Services Department filed a claim in the City of Olean Court. We will call this “alleged debt 2 (AD2)”. The alleged debt AD2 occurred over five years ago (2014), and they are now just claiming that this victim owes a debt too? What was interesting about this alleged AD2 debt was the first time that this victim was made aware of it was the first week of February, 2019, that is five years and approximately one week after we published an article exposing more criminal conduct by the corrupt out of control County of Cattaraugus District Attorney Lori Rieman.  The only thing in that article about this new victim was the banner sign for the article, which quoted a former prosecutor in a federal lawsuit that this victim had filed against Rieman and the County, which stated; “… that said agents, servants and/or employees…. did not possess the temperament and psychological makeup to properly carry out their duties as responsible government officials.” . The article that appeared to trigger another Rieman “don’t you stare at me” episode described how County of Cattaraugus District Attorney Lori Rieman committed perjury and therefore fraud upon the 4th Appellate Division in Rochester.  The article has the affidavit signed by Rieman proving she did commit perjury. BTW, we wonder who was the former Attorney for the County of Cattaraugus Department of Social Services in 2014?

This conduct, such as the OPD “bomb threat” fabrication falls right in line with the OPD’s fabrication on the license suspension for Mr. Wilcox, and the fabricated probable cause stop for Mr. K and going after individuals who would dare to stand up for there rights, like the new victim.  This is a criminal pattern and practice by corrupt public servants across multiple departments that is being clearly and convincingly exposed and documented that allows any reasonable person to come to the same conclusion. It is also a serious liability issue for city and county taxpayers. These people must be voted out and/or removed from public office as soon as possible.

This pattern and practice concerns the corrupt local deep state employees with the help of other corrupt public servants, in other tax payer funded county departments that will attack your financial credibility (after they have drained you with fines, fees and loss of your employment).

There are others complaining about the same thing, i.e. you get charged with something, you win, and the next you know you are getting bogus notices that you owe someone money for something which the county and/or their deep state lackeys attempt to collect on with the perceived threat of violence.

How many other victims have they done this to? If you feel you are a victim of the corrupt public servants in Cattaraugus County e-mail us at

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