Elizabeth Noelle Ensell LaFleur

RICO-cat-cattaraugus-county-new-york-v2“ADA” Elizabeth Ensell is a prime example of why Cattaraugus County was, is, and most likely to be sued constantly at we the taxpayers expense. “ADA” is the acronym for “Assistant District Attorney” (and we use that term loosely when it applies to her). Ensell lacks the mental and emotional capacity to carry out the functions of her employment and is a clear and present danger to the citizens, county and state. This is the same type allegation was brought forth in a lawsuit against the county of Cattaraugus which was rife with conflicts of interests and other violations of law.

Ensell is part of the deeply embedded corrupt pattern and practice that exists across numerous years here in Cattaraugus County New York that is used to terrorize the people though the unlawful and illegal use of the powers granted to her position under the color of law. In short Elizabeth  Ensell is part of the Cattaraugus RICO establishment that preys upon the citizens and visitors of this county.  She fits the profile perfectly. It appears that she had, or still has a relative, most likely her father working for the same office where she is now “employed”.

There are numerous examples of her psychotic behavior. The first time evidence came forward was when a local citizen was attempting to press charges against an out of control “Sheriff’s” Deputy by the name of Bryan H Schwabenbauer. Schwabenbauer has a history of brutally and crimes that are being covered up by the District Attorney and Sheriff’s Office as well as the county itself. Schwabenbauer brutally assaulted and rendered unconscious a local citizen when he was handcuffed to a chair. He was also denied medial attention after the assault.

elizardbeth-elizabeth-ensell-ada-lawyer-new-yorkThe victim then contacted the Cattaraugus County District Attorneys Office and it was “ADA”  Elizabeth Ensell who responded by stating “Its a civil matter not a criminal one”. She would later state to the victim in court “It’s alright for police officers to assault people”. She would also attempt to deny one of her RICO victims the right to defend himself in court when she claimed under penalties of perjury that he was not allowed to file any more motions in his ‘case” pursuant to the “Omnibus Motion Rule of Article 55 of the Criminal Procedure Law, a law that does not exist anywhere on the planet. She is a harden criminal who will stop at nothing to deny her RICO victims their civil and constitutionally protected rights.   

In her latest round of supplying prima facie evidence that she is a psychopathic criminal just like her boss Lori Rieman and fellow “ADA” William Preston Marshall. in a span of one week she would completely reverse her position concerning one of her RICO victims. This incident is documented fully. We also have recordings of her criminal conduct that proves exactly what we are stating here.

On Monday, November 14th, 2016, on, or about 9:34 AM, Cattaraugus County Assistant District Elizabeth N Ensell, ran into a civilian who was crossing the south bound Union Street lane in Olean, New York in a clearly marked crosswalk. The pedestrian was crossing from the opposite side of the street which gave her a clear view of her latest victim. The pedestrian was sent to the hospital. This is a clear crime which anybody else would have been charged with. However corrupt elements in the Olean, New York, Police Department did not charge Elizabeth with any crime and instead blamed the victim.  Read the full story here.

Olean Area Traffic and Community Safety Alliance Picks up CatCountyCorruption Story on Corrupt ‘ADA’ Elizabeth Ensell and her vile nature of Enselland what do the first names of Elizabeth, Catherine, and John all have in common in Cattaraugus County New York? They are all members of the same family. You see this deeply embedded multi-generational nepotism pattern and practice throughout the county and local government agencies that has abrogated the separations of powers guaranteed to we the people. Each one of them has worked for, or benefited from the corruption that is Cattaraugus. This article focuses around Catherine Ensell, one of the Daughter’s of John Ensell, a former New York State “Police” “investigator”, as well as at one time an investigator for the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office. John Ensell’s other daughter is presently Cattaraugus County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Ensell. This article provides you with the absolute proof of how Nepotism has destroy our county government, how deeply embedded it is and how friends and family members crimes go unpunished and/or are alleviated.  Catherine Ensell’s crime spree started in 2009 and culminated in 2016 when she along with three other individuals were charged and indicted on one felony, one misdemeanor and one violation related to drug distribution in Olean NY, and we are not talking weed here. There is rumors that she has recently violated probation and is still walking around free. This story shaked so many fruits out of the tree the largest Newspaper in Cattaraugus County New York, the Olean Times Herald actually threaten this website.




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