Corrupt Cattaraugus County Officials Attempt to Stifle Free Speech

1st-amendment-denied-kock-reynolds-rieman1CATTARAUGUS COUNTY NEW YORK: Mary Reynolds, Secretary of Cattaraugus County Court system, and County Court Clerk Jillian Koch, who also works as the Little Valley Town Court Clerk, District Attorney Lori Rieman and the personal secretary to County Judge Ronald Ploetz one Mary Reynolds attempted to shutdown website. They actually had to provide a copy of their drivers license to the hosting service of in order to file a complaint. Public Servants attempted to censor free and protected speech. Defendant to appear soon in county court after “DA” Lori Reiman illegally moved a matter from a town court to the county court with an alleged Grand Jury indictment for what amounts to parking tickets. Yes, that’s right, here in Cattaraugus County New York the DA will take parking tickets to the Grand Jury while ignoring real crimes. Free speech is dead in Cattaraugus County New York…..

Subpoena’s will be going out to the hosting service to obtain copies of complaints. The Complaints of Koch and Reynolds appear to have been made while on taxpayers time. Copies of complaints forwarded to Inspector General of New York State Court Administration in NYC. The time line of Koch’s and Reynolds complaint(s) (one day apart) prove they conspired together with possibly others in an attempt to shut down the website.

Jillian Koch's Bogus Complaint

Jillian Koch’s Bogus Complaint

Koch, Reynolds and Rieman complained that the website contained ‘personal’ information about them. It did not and never has, it contains the names of public officials and their ‘Official’ titles and the corruption they are involved in. The bottom of this post has links to the articles these criminals claim contained ‘personal’ information. You will find no personal information, i.e. phone numbers, pictures of drivers license, etc…in them. The names of public employees are not ‘personal’ information. It is public and reporting the corrupt criminal conduct of public officials is what the 1st Amendment is all about. This is a complete lie by Reynolds and Koch which is nothing new for these demented creatures.

Jillian Koch is the Town Court Clerk for Little Valley New York, which is a public office. She is a public employee and is being paid for by our tax dollars. Her mother is the Town Clerk there. The nepotism runs deep in this county and exists across multiple generations. Jillian is also a “senior” county court clerk assistant and works at the county building under Vera Dry, who’s close relative is Justice Joseph Dry who is the Little Valley Town Justice, who Koch also works for. This is just a small sampling of what is occurring here in Catt County New York.


Mary Reynolds Bogus Complaint

Another interesting aspect of this issue is this; It’s long but it’s important and shows you how this evil operates: Reynolds, Rieman and Koch actually had to provide an official picture ID in order for the hosting service to take action. That’s is how scared they are of the website and how desperate they are to shut it down just days before the Defendant/Victim is forced to appear in County Court on the bogus indictment. What do they have in store for their victim when he shows up? This shows you just how criminally oriented, demented and twisted these corrupt elements of the judicial and executive branch of the Cattaraugus county government really are.

Why are they so scared of the website? Because it uses their own words and their own documentation to prove their own lies. Further the victim had planned to go to the courthouse early on Friday June 10, 2016 to review the file, however he could not make it until right at the last minute because of the delay caused by Koch, Rieman and Reynolds in getting the website back up and running. When he finally got to the court he was denied the ability to review the file by Koch.

The last paragraph was just a teaser, this next one shows you how deeply embedded the evil is in these things. It shows you how the use the intentional and reckless infliction of severe emotional trauma in the attempt to drive a person to do things he would not normally do, or drive them mad, or at least make him look like their target is.

While it may not seem much to most people, that is the ones who don’t care about the fact that the US has only 5% of the world’s population yet it has 25% of the world’s prison population and do not care about their future, or their children’s for that matter, those who understand how evil works will understand this message and how important it is;

One of the most interesting aspects of this issue was happened around May 27, 2016. The victim had paid a visit the County Court Clerks Office where he discussed a personal family issue which Jillian Koch was present, she heard everything the victim said. The issue dealt with a family member having a major surgery, which for anyone who deals with this type of situation for loved ones it can be a very stressful situation.

Lori Rieman's Bogus Complaint

Lori Rieman’s Bogus Complaint

This situation required him to fill in and help the family member recover and assist other family members who were dependent on the one who was going into major surgery/recovery. So the week the victim was originally supposed to appear in county court he was asking for a week’s postponement to get over the extra stressful responsibilities. He contacted District Attorney Lori Reiman and the put in a request in to the county court to postpone the “appearance”.

The court agreed and rescheduled the “appearance” for one week after the original one that was scheduled to occur on Monday the 6th of June, moving it out to the 13th. However the Friday before the re-scheduling the victim gets a letter in the mail that he is only allowed to review his court file at a specific time and date, which was June 8th, 2016 at 6:25 PM, the same week he was to deal with the family members medical issue, which of course was in the Little Valley Town Court, the one Jillian Koch was the court clerk of and was responsible for the scheduling. The victim had asked for a list of dates, not just one. Koch will not allow the victim to use any other form of communications, like e-mails or phone which everyone else is allowed to do, except the victim, which is a violation of due process. The victim has to write this thing a letter at added expense and time and wait for her response. She doesn’t like when a citizen knows his rights and exercises them.

ben-franklin-free-speechDuring this week he had already scheduled his car to be worked on at that same date well, well before the family emergency came about, so there was no way he could make the date/time set by Jillian Koch. It’s interesting how she picked a specific point in time to ‘schedule’ the review even though a citizen has the right to review a file anytime during ‘business’ hours pursuant to JD 255. Have you ever heard of Edward Snowden?

Remember, where was the victim at when he informed the court what was happening in his life? Right in front of Koch and of course Rieman was well aware of what was going on too. They think they can work under the radar when in fact it gives off so many red flag signals any thinking individual can pick it up.

The next thing he discovers occurred on late Thursday night of the stressful week, on the same week he is dealing with the medical issues of the family member, goes down at the same time, again the same week as the medical issue, why?. Because Koch filed a “complaint” that the website was giving away personal information on her, which is total BS.

No, this wasn’t planned by her or Rieman and others no…not at all…NOT!
This is just one of the any extremely stressful examples of what the victim has gone through for the simple reason of defending his rights, which is defending the rights of all American’s, including you…

We are sure the creator of may have no problem slowly removing it from the web once the public officials who committed the crimes as described on the website are held accountable for their crimes, however it will remain wear it is at for the time being.

Let’s get back to what started it all; Mary “97 Rock” Reynolds, the county court judge Ronald Poetz’s secretary, was the one who denied a Defendant access to documents in his own file and would also not allow the defendant copies of other documents contained in the file either. Koch recently illegally edited out objections in a hearing made by a Defendant’s Attorney, the defendant and others in an action in the Town of Little Valley Court which landed him in a Jack Nicholson Psych Ward based on the conduct of the criminal William Preston Marshall and Elizabeth Ensell who are masquerading as ADA’s for Cattaraugus County.

Marshall’s conduct in another matter had been deemed illegal by a county court judge which resulted in a four million dollar lawsuit against the county. Marshall and Elizabeth “Article 55” Ensell also claim it is illegal if you defend yourself. Marshall’s wife, one Bridget Marshall, an Attorney herself, would show up and assist her criminally minded husband to illegally cast their targeted victim into jail for six days then off to the cuckoos nest where he would be promptly released within 24 hours, instead of the 90 days the victim was threatened and terrorized with when the real professionals examined him. They realized there was nothing wrong with him, unlike the quacks Cattaraugus County Community Services hired.

The two quacks were the only two that found the victim ‘incompetent’ out of the 10+ he was forced to see. The six days in jail was completely illegal. By law they were required to send their victim immediately to the Jack Nicholson Psych Ward. Further, the defendant had represented himself successfully in other actions in the past, within this state and had taken his own case to the Supreme Court, he was more than ‘competent’ to handle his own legal affairs.

This is just further proof of how our ‘public servants’ in Cattaraugus County consider it a crime to exercise one’s constitutional and civil rights and how far they will go to conspire together in an attempt to deny them and cover it up. The pictures included with this post are proof of their criminal activity where they claim free protected speech is illegal.

julian-assangeCatCountyCorruption had to move its hosting offshore, to the home of Wikileaks, which has been very helpful and comes in very handy when it comes to exposing government corruption even at the local level. In the 90’s when we and others were running alternative news websites and were coming under attack we discovered the safest place to exercise your first amendment rights was offshore hosting in another country, however it was sporadic and unreliable at first…. but all of that has changed. That’s where we are forced to go now, including mirror site locations throughout the world.

The New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254, 84 S.Ct. 710, 11 L.Ed.2d. 686 (1964): To protect “uninhibited, robust, and wide-open” debate on public issues, the Supreme Court held that no public official may recover “damages for a defamatory falsehood relating to his official conduct unless he proves that the statement was made with ‘actual malice’–that is, with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.” As readers of this site we provide prima-facie evidence in the form of public officials own paperwork and own words in the form of audios and videos which you can review them by clicking here.

Hosting in other countries offers a safe haven from the criminal elements in this county, further theses countries don’t care about real private data being posted, which we will have a special section just for the Koch Criminal Cabal. Thank you for taking more money away from American workers Koch, you are the perfect example of what is wrong with this nation, you forced us to call your criminal bluff and now you are going to be completely exposed for the criminals you are. Understand this; US law treats public officials like public figures, you can post a lot more info then you can for private individuals, except in Cattaraugus County of course which that is going to change. it just goes to show you just how the completely corrupt, criminal and immoral elements within the Cattaraugus County Government are that they would stoop so low to shut down a website for telling the truth.

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Office of the Inspector General of New York;

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