Corrupt “ADA” William Preston Marshall Resorts to Kidnapping

Not to be outdone by his boss, criminally corrupt “ADA” William Preston Marshall, who is attempting to hide who he really is by using derivatives of his full name recently had kidnapped a Pro-Se litigant who was exposing Marshall’s criminal nature. The “former” pro-se litigant supposedly did not follow the guidelines the judged laid out in his last action. This could be further from the truth, the ‘former’ Pro-Se litigant and his lawyer did exactly what the law provided and William Preston Marshall, AKA Baby Faced Finster, lied and misled not only the judge, but law enforcement that was there that evening and tricked them into kidnapping the Pro-Se litigant and sent him up to the Jack Nicholson Suite up at ECMC against his lawyers objections, claiming that he would be held there for anywhere from 30 to 90 days, however that was…marsahll-stalin-on-the-march-new-york-3not to be, the professional and courteous staff at ECMC saw right through the lies of Finster and released him within 16 hours. Another failed attempt of the criminally minded “District Attorney” Lori Rieman and her criminal cohort  Marshall. All this does is provide further evidence urther proof William Preston Marshall, AKA Preston Marsahll, AKA Bill Marshall, AKA Will Marshall, committed another criminal act, just like the one he committed in another case which caused a major LAWSUIT against the county and Rieman personally. As a side note the law firm representing the litigant was in conflict of interest in the lawsuit matter, and also committed fraud upon the court, not to mention they have some of the worst reviews seen online. Then they open up and office here in the county and thank the legislator and the county judge for helping them gain a foot hold in the county. There’s no conspiracy here folks, not at all, NOT! By the way the mentally incompetent Marshall is constantly coming up with new names for himself in order to hide his criminal past, the latest attempt he is using a new name “Bill Marshall”.

On February 6th, 2016 Marshall and the temporary Little Valley Town Court Justice committed a victim of the criminals Preston Marshall and Lori Rieman to ECMC under a MHL § 9.43 order. A MHL § 9.43 order is an emergency order to take someone to a certified CPEP center to have them evaluated immediately to determine if they are a danger to themselves or others. 

This action by the court as well as the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office is more evidence of the deeply embedded pattern and practice of corruption in the County of Cattaraugus District Attorney’s Office that has been willfully and deliberately ignored by the Legislative branch of the County and others that has spanned numerous years. Lawsuits have occurred and will keep occurring at we the taxpayers expense until these criminals are removed from office.

What was also interesting about this issue was the fact that it occurred during the Stahlman trial which was being reported on this website. It also appears that the criminals at the county level did not want any reporting on the trial because of the obvious corruption that was being exposed at that trial.

Further the alleged charges had to be dismissed at that point. MHL § 9.43 (b) is very clear on that; 

(b) Whenever a person before a court in a criminal action appears to have a mental illness which is likely to result in serious harm to himself or herself or others and the court determines either that the crime has not been committed or that there is not sufficient cause to believe that such person is guilty thereof, the court may issue a civil order as above provided, and in such cases the criminal action shall terminate.

Transcript 02FEB15, page 50

Transcript 02FEB15, page 50

The order was issued and therefore the case had to be terminated right there, however this is Cattaraugus County after all, where the rule of law is on permanent vacation and Justice goes to die. But it did not terminate and the victim of Marshall and Rieman had to appear in court on April 6th, 2016 on the same issue. The judge then even dismissed it! yet he says he can re-instate it in the same sentence. Sorry, ones it’s dismissed, its over. PERIOD, however the criminal Marshall would even say it could not be dismissed.

This is how corrupt the legislative, judicial and executive branch is here in Cattaraugus County. MHL § 9.43, is very clear, it has to be ordered against an individual who was in court at the time and said individual had to be providing some sort of evidence that he was a threat to himself or others. The ironic part about it was the fact that EVEN THE JUDGE ADMITTED HE WAS NOT. The report from the doctor of record found at the bottom of the page (identified as part 2 of the transcript)


Transcript 02FEB15, page 16 Marshall committing fraud upon the court.

Here is some of the Psychopath Preston Marshall statements;

“…he is unable to assist in his defense. He may respond to treatment. However, he is not interested in any psychological interventions. He has significant psychotic symptoms, including delusions of grandeur as well as paranoia that render him unable to participate appropriate in legal matters.”

Notice how he wants “treatment”, which is forced medication which is nothing more then a chemical lobotomy. Marshall is intent on destroying his victims mind and body as well. The side effects of these drugs is very dangerous, one of the drugs they usually prescribe Risperdal. Which has been the subject of numerous lawsuits because of its dangerous side effects, including strokes, Other adverse side effects include;  Akinesia (inability to move or hesitational movement), Tardive Dyskinesia (abnormal movement of face, shoulders, arms and legs), Parkinson’s like tremors, Torticolis (stiffening of the tongue, which may cause difficulty breathing), Diabetes, Death in the Elderly, Fatigue, Sedation, Dizziness, Increased risk of falls, Restlessness, Anxiety, Tremor, Drooling, Tongue stiffness, Difficulty swallowing, Nausea, Vomiting, Risk of Seizures, Irregular heart beat. That’s one heck of a safe drug!

Risperdal has one of the longest histories of difficulties and disputes of any medication on the market and at its peak, Risperdal was the most common antipsychotic used in the US. Johnson & Johnson was accused of improper marketing practices and was fined $1.2 billion in an Arkansas federal court due to claims that they downplayed risks and that over 240,000 cases of Medicaid fraud and 4,500 deceptive practices had been caused by the manufacturers marketing activity. This is how the satanically corrupt elements of the Cattaraugus County Government attempt to kill their enemies off softly. 

Never mind the fact that the victim saw other mental health experts that found him more then able to defend himself and assist his lawyer.The best claim by these quacks was that he suffered form “delusions of grandeur”. The only “delusions” suffered from was the fact that he mistakenly believed that the criminals masquerading as public officials would obey the law they were sworn to uphold. It must also be noted that the victim had just prior to this criminal act by the Little Valley Town Court, “DA” Lori Rieman and “ADA” Preston Marshall had won a New York State DMV hearing appeal when he was representing himself with out the aid of a lawyer.

This is just more evidence of what a evil psychopath Marshall is. His wife is the same way. She would actually illegally assist Marshall and “ADA” Elizardbeth Ensell when see took a seat directly behind the victim so she could overhear he victims privileged communications while the court was in session and when the victimwilliam-preston--bill-marshall-wife-cs attorney was preoccupied with examining the witnesses on the stand she would then walk over to “ADA” Elizabeth Ensell and discuss with her what the victim and his attorney just discussed. She was acting in what is called a “agent, employee or servant” of the County of Cattaraugus in legal terms. She would also inappropriately touch the victim in an apparent attempt to provoke him into psychically responding so she could accuse him of something else. A husband and wife team of psychopaths identified and living in Cattaraugus County New York. Psychopaths of a feather do live together. Marshall and his wife are part of this evil element of this county that prey upon the helpless and ill informed citizens and visitors. They are the perfect example of psychopaths and they are husband and wife team to boot!   

So the Pro-Se taxi service takes him up to ECMC, the Doctors see right though Marshall’s, Rieman’s and the Little Valley courts BS. They release him and send him home. The Doctor of Record calls the judge and the judge lies to the Doctor. The Doctor even admonishes the judge who signed the order, stating clearly that he is a threat to no one.


The Doctor of Record report, specific statements identified as parts 1, 2 and 3.

(1) Judge claims victim was difficult to deal with. Really? The only time he was in front of Halterman was when he was represented by his attorney and he spoke only when asked or allowed. However the judge also admits that victim had an impressive understanding of the law.

(2) Judge admits victim was never violent or threatening to anyone. Well then judge you just admitted that you have no authority to issue a MHL 9.43 order. Can you say you were acting withing jurisdiction AGAIN? It is also very clear that the Doctor that the victim of Riemans and Marshall’s criminal activity does not meet the criteria of commitment.

(3) Doctor of Record states victim is “clearly well above average”, i.e. well above average in intelligence. 


The Doctor of Record report, specific statements identified as parts 4, 5 and 6.

(4) Proof victim was sent to ECMC via a 9.43 order from the Little Valley Town Court.

(5) Judge lies to the doctor where he claims that victim was unreasonable, uncooperative, non threatening or violent. There is nothing in the transcript of the court proceeding that even hints of this.

(6) Doctor of Record restates that victim is a threat to no one and also recommends that if there is to be any other observation (which the court and DA were without authority to do so because the accusatory instruments were either not signed and the one that was, was for remaining silent) that it should be done on an outpatient basis, which future events would show that the court and Baby Faced Finster would ignore this recommendations from a real professional.

This is just a small sampling of the type of criminal conduct the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office (i.e. the executive branch) and the Judicial branch engage in Cattaraugus County New York.




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