Catt County District Attorney Lori Rieman Goes Absolutely Psycho

In the never ending Cattaraugus County saga of absolute criminal madness, District Attorney Lori Rieman takes minor traffic violations to a sitting Cattaraugus County Grand Jury. There is no provision in law whatsoever to take violations to a Grand Jury.  But this is Cattaraugus County where Justice goes to die. The only problem is it is already dead and there are Psychopaths at the helm who are running around like a immature group of high school teenagers using the “authority” of the District Attorney’s office to carry out personal vendettas under the color of law.  lori-rieman-truly-insane-nutcaseThis is a woman who masquerades as a Christian who has only brought destruction to the men, women and children throughout the land, she is the  perfect example of the antithesis of Christianity and everything that is wrong with this county, state and country.

Rieman is doing exactly what she did in the Stahlman case. A case where she knew there was no evidence to charge the Stalhman’s so she gets her criminal cohorts in law enforcement to lie to the Grand Jury so she can blame it on the Grand Jury i.e. pass the buck, Then she uses the power of her office to protect the ones that lied for her in court. She has been a lair right from the beginning and even public officials in this county have called her out on it. By taking these charges to the Grand jury she provides evidence  there was no evidence the charge the individual in the first place.

Another interesting aspect of the notice (seen on the image to the right and further on into this article is the fact it appeared that Rieman placed this ‘presentment” to the GRAND JURY FIRST, BEFORE ALL OTHERS. Why? Simple, she did not want the Grand Jury understanding how the process worked. Once a couple sessions would have gone by the Grand Jury would have realized that it was only felonies they were hearing, not misdemeanor’s and certainly not traffic tickets. They would have immediately realized something did not make sense. 

In one of her latest psychotic episodes Rieman has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that law has no meaning to her or those who work for her.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT: The individual accused of the ‘charges’ listed in the notice was only charged with one of them. The rest were made up and the actual charge was a parking ticket level violation. More proof Rieman and her cronies lied to the Grand Jury. Listen to what “ADA” Elizabeth Noelle Ensell has to say about it. Remember her? She was the one that quoted a law that did not exist to deny a litigant his constitutional and civil rights.

When a Pro-Se litigant stated that the four department in Rochester did not want to have anything to do with the criminal conduct of Rieman to a local judge in his matter the judge remained absolutely silent. And when even people in this county she believes she has influence over start to reject her criminal conduct she throws it into someone else’s lap within the county. In this case it is the present county grand jury in an attempt to create plausible deniability.

In order to understand this, we need to go right back to the individual who was one of the main reasons that this website came into existence.

For over a year in and half Rieman and the Sheriffs Department as well as the Cattaraugus County Department of Community Services have done everything in their power to destroy an individual who has never harmed anyone. This individual helped those in need of help when all other “public officials” had failed and/or refused to render assistance as they were required to by law.

By law when you report crimes to a public official they are mandated to take action against the violators. In this state when they don’t it’s called “official misconduct”, however this is Cattaraugus County where the exact opposite occurs and the law is on permanent vacation.  In Cattaraugus County, New York, the person bringing fourth the crimes committed by the public officials is the one who usually charged.

From the man who lost almost everything to the Seneca family who were set up by the criminal Rieman and her cronies, to the point where the attempted murder of a local civil and constitutional rights advocate by District Attorney Lori Petite Rieman cohorts failed, Cattaraugus County is a prime example of what is wrong with this once great state.

Lori Rieman is the epitome of evil, so evil in fact Satan threw her out of Hell.

In their last desperate attempt to maintain control of her failing, incompetent, corrupt and criminal empire she claims she has the authority to take simple traffic violations to the grand Jury in a feeble attempt to ‘legitimize’ her insanity. THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS, IN CATTARAUGUS COUNTY NEW YORK YOU CAN HAVE YOUR PARKING TICKETS TAKEN TO A GRAND JURY. You can’t make this stuff up.




DA” Lori Rieman’s Grand Jury Notice that she is taking parking tickets to the Grand Jury

All the charges except for one are minor traffic violations, The one that is not is a misdemeanor.  Misdemeanor’s rarely get taken to a Grand Jury. The only time you see misdemeanor’s taken up to a grand jury is when it involves and actual victim that centers around violence.

Mark Williams, head of the the Cattaraugus County  Public Defenders Office has also come out on record and stated that Reiman cannot be trusted, he state as such in the Buffalo News;

“Lori likes to lie,” he said at one point, saying that she was being less than honest… “Lori wants to bury her mistakes in cases.” In one case she used CPL § 730.30 to dismiss charges in an attempt to make it appear that it was the fault of the person who was charged. 

County Administrator John R. “Jack” Searles would also chime in to confirm who was telling the truth and confirmed that Rieman did lie;

“Rieman’s office also receives more than what was cited by the candidates. Searles said its budget totaled $1,073,769.”

The most comical aspect of this article was when Rieman blocked Williams from commenting on her campaign Facebook page for “cyberbullying”. Just like we said, Her office is run by individuals who have the mentality of high school cry babies. It would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact it’s occurring in the the District Attorney’s Office.  Williams fired back at the obvious immature conduct of Rieman;

“My campaign Facebook page is a place where people can post anything pertaining to the issues,” he said. “As long as it is not defamatory or insulting, we will address the issues.”

These are the same tactics employed by the County Court Clerks, specially Vera Dry and the criminal Jillian Koch. where, when you ask them questions they don’t want to answer or ask for documents they don’t want to provide they will claim you are being “argumentative” and “harassing” in an attempt to intimidate you into fleeing in fear and not getting what you came for which you are legally entitled to.

Rieman also stated in the article that she is “seeking justice, not just convictions.” She said it is not her job to lock everyone up. Really Lori? the well documented conduct of yourself and your employees, agents and servants proves otherwise. “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

Should you go in front of a grand jury when Rieman has total control of it?

All you have to do is read the legacy of the “legendary” Sol Watcher, the former chief judge of the Court of Appeals in New York State, He coined the perfect phrase in a January 1985 interview with the New York Daily News Marcia Kramer and Frank Lombardi. and he was also quoted in the New York Times Best Seller The Bonfire of the Vanities;

“The District Attorney can Indict a Ham Sandwich”

Only a fool would appear before a Grand Jury which Rieman or her cohorts were in control of. She could paint any picture she pleases so no matter how much evidence a victim has to prove his innocents. The sad part about this is the Grand Jury has no idea of their true powers are and Rieman and her Cohorts will ensure they remain ignorant of them.

Victims of her criminal, paranoid and psychotic nature don’t know who’s testified. They have no idea what type of lies Rieman and her cohorts have just told the Grand Jury. The victims of her criminal conduct have no clue as what has been said. Who knows what they are walking into. It can be so well orchestrated by the DA that no matter what a victim says it will look like they are lying opening themselves up to other charges.

Will the Grand Jury refuse to indict, will they instead start an investigation of her?, or will they ignore the law and their true powers and play right into her trap?




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