Another ‘Suicide’ While in Custody in Catt County

We have a fellow citizen, Stephen Schindlbeck, who lost his life at the hands of our public servants.  He was going to be charged with a two felonies yet he had harmed no one, unlike Catherine Ensell who is a very violent individual and her daddy John always covers up for her. This alleged suicide occurred in the Olean Jail. Do we remember the three suicides in the Cattaraugus County Jail that took place in a period of six months in 2014 and not a word about what became of it? And what about the Metcalf murder investigation that ‘DA’ Lori Rieman is in ‘charge’ of? There are some very concerning twists in the recent ‘suicide’ in the Olean Jail…

As we approach the Fourth of July in celebration of the freedoms and unalienable rights our founding fathers fought and died for. Many Americans only have a slight understanding of what unalienable rights really are. What are unalienable rights? They are rights that cannot be taken away or denied, but in Cattaraugus County New York those rights do not exist, your right to life ceases as soon as you enter this county. When you stand up for your rights you are targeted by the deep state elements that exist within the county and local (town/village)  governments for telling the truth and standing up for your rights….

Unalienable rights are most famously use is in the Declaration of Independence;

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

According to the local main stream media (MSM) Rieman, concerning the latest “suicide” in the county has declined to comment “on the [Schindlbeck] case  due to it still being in the early stages”.

She would go on and state that this was due to her office working “dispatchers on a regular basis” and to “avoid the appearance of impropriety” which if you review the other articles on this site you will clearly see she is the definition of impropriety. She has also refused to state when she will be coming out with a decision on the Metcalf case that originated in Buffalo.


Rare Photo of New York State’s Most Corrupt Court Official, Andrew Isenberg of the Eight Judicial District out of Buffalo New York. Click to Enlarge. This image disappeared for a while, until alert readers informed us about it.

Buffalo is the location of Andrew Isenberg, the 8th judicial District executive director who was instrumental in obtaining the funds for the refurbishing of the county court house right around the time of the transfer of the Metcalf murder case. He is the direct supervisor over the Cattaraugus county court clerks who have been constantly caught fabricating or altering evidence which is up to twenty year prison sentence.

It was Andrew Isenberg who had ordered the State Police not to investigate the criminal conduct of Rieman and others in another matter that eventually led to a four million dollar lawsuit against the county and another one.  Isenberg will refuse to do anything about it. He will not answer your call or emails, nothing. He is the reason why there is so much corruption in the 8th Judicial District. The 4th Department is having none of it. In two recent rulings that are described below the 4th Department has had enough.

What you will notice about these things is how they always portray the best society has to offer. You will hear praises about them, how they help the community, people, children, etc…. when in fact they are the exact opposite. The proof is in the pudding. One of the main give always is their social networks (if it hasn’t been given AI bots comment status to do your bidding for them), which is all you will see occur with individuals who are as fake as the day is long. In social media they are very easy to spot. andrew-isenberg-criminalIsenberg is a perfect example. Notice how the only thing you see at the top of their facebook page is how ‘nice’ this couple is? Isenberg is a perfect example of what we should not have in today’s society.   Notice how his page jumps from present to 2014 with nothing in between? No posts unless you have been friended by them? For people who are easily led down the path of slaughter first impressions are always the things you believe in, when in fact it should be the exact opposite…. A picture is worth a thousand words… and Isenberg is proof of it…. This is one of the methods of how you identify the criminal elite of western New York and the reason why New York State itself is considered one of the most corrupt state’s in the U.S. This is a perfect example of why we see the murder of the innocents occurring on our land and nothing is being done about it.

Rieman and some of her office staff have already been accused by one of the top firms in Buffalo of not having the temperament and psychological makeup to properly carry out their duties as responsible government officials, which will also be described in detail later in this article. Top level law-firms don’t make these types of accusations unless they have a rational basis for it.

Rieman also asked for ‘special prosecutor’ concerning the Stephen Schindlbeck matter because of her working closely with dispatchers. Did she recuse herself from the three suicides that occurred in the County Jail in 2014 or the Metcalf case?

Rieman and her office also works closely with other cops which would stand to reason that she should have recused herself from any other matter, in which a cop who works in this county is accused of murdering someone, however she did not, which will be described below.

The Schindlbeck matter will most likely will be given to another cover-up artist as already described and identified in this post. Once you delve into this matter the story takes some strange turns. The corrupt deep state elements of the county/local governments appear to utilize ‘suicide’ as a means to eliminate any threat they perceive to their evil powerbase.

The charges Mr. Schindlbeck was arrested for were DWI and aggravated unlicensed operation, which are victim-less crimes. No individual was harm by him personally in any manner whatsoever and now he is dead. Lets pretend Steve is a serial violator, that he has committed numerous ‘crimes’. Did any of his crimes produce an actual victim? Someone he actually hurt in the ‘transaction’ of his alleged crime(s)?

While we don’t condone driving while intoxicated, the level in which they have taken these victim-less crimes in this state is nothing more than revenue generation method for an over taxed, out of control nanny state at the cost of our freedoms, where it turns citizens into criminals and destroys them, both financially, psychically and mentally. What we are defending is the line that separates the differences between freedom (the right to life, liberty and the pursuit happiness) and the denial of that by law.

The only purpose of our government in the first place is the protect our right to (the right to life, liberty and the pursuit happiness,  Government is not here to regulate it away through ‘laws’ It is the line that separates the two that is the cause for concern. First it was .15%, then .10%, then 08%, now they are pushing .05% which is less than one beer. There is even cries for .02%.  These ‘levels’ all based on peer reviewed ‘scientific studies’ –  which over half cannot be replicated, i.e. bogus science. If you research DWI events in which there are actual victims the blood alcohol levels are at, or above .15%….

…as they reduce the ‘legal limit’ they reduce our freedoms. Where does it end? When you are not allowed to do anything? “The people will never give up their liberties but under some delusion.”—Edmund Burke.

Even former MADD members as speaking out about this issue and how bogus science has been used to deny us more of our freedoms and the article further details the beneficial heath effects of drinking alcohol in moderation.

MSM reported that the latest victim was alive when he left the jail and died at ECMC. Therefore the actions of the public employees who handled the victim’s care must be taken into account. They kept him at the Olean General Hospital for one day before being transported to ECMC.

We already have one public servant being held accountable, a dispatcher with 15 years of service charged by the state police with falsifying record logs. She was immediately fired. Was she really to blame? Were the logs of that day altered by her, was she ordered to change them or were they fine? That needs to be looked at very closely in light of the actions taken by other individuals and why was the State Police called in for this matter and not when ‘ADA’ Elizabeth Ensell ran over a pedestrian in a clearly marked crosswalk, which caused Ensell’s victim to be hospitalized and was covered up by the Olean Police Department and the Olean Times Herald?  That is called vehicular assault and it’s a felony. We have the police reports on the matter and the article is complete and ready for publishing. Ensell’s victim was clearly in the center of the lane when Ensell hit her. Why wasn’t the state police called in on that one, or where they and they covered it up to? Could it be because of Elizabeth’s and Catherine’s father John Ensell, who is a former State Police Officer? John is already involved in what appears to be a cover up of a murder that occurred here in the county and we are gathering information on a tragic accident that occurred years ago in which Mr. Ensell was the lead investigator, which involved a mother, father and daughter in a serious accident. The accident killed the Mother and boy friend. The daughter who was sitting in the passenger seat got the blame. They accused her of being the driver when she was not. If it wasn’t for the heroic efforts of her lawyer that proved the story concocted up by the prosecution was a lie she would probably still be sitting in jail right now. Elizabeth should be sitting in jail right now next to the Olean Police Department Officers who covered up her vehicular assault. Her father had to sell everything to protect his daughter.

One courageous witness has come forward with some very important information that may have led to the death of the latest victim of county corruption. The witness has stated unequivocally that “When he was cut down, they let his body fall to the floor instead of catch him. His head smacked onto the concrete with such force that i was shaken to my core… and they did not render any aid whatsoever. The use and cover up of head injuries in this county appear to be another standard pattern and practice of the deep state elements to cause injury and/or death in their targeted victims. That is very apparent in the Kochan matter, as well as the Hutchison matter in which the District Attorneys Office and Salamanca Police department targeted a mother and father who were attempting to bring to justice a child abuser of their son. Ms. Hutchison and her husband were arrest and she was severely beaten in the process causing head trauma. This is now a federal lawsuit that we the taxpayers are paying for. If our public servants would actually obey the laws and be held accountable, these types of lawsuits would not occur. Why hasn’t the Olean Times Herald reported on that?

We have previously detailed how the deep state elements of the local governments are very good at causing head injuries and covering them up. The witness in this matter, Mr. Mickey George, is now being harassed on the FB thread concerning the suicide issue because the harasser’s are claiming his statements are inconsistent. This is the start of the local COINTELPRO by deep state operatives in an effort to discredit this witness in social media, however the Buffalo News thinks his description of the events is creditable.   They have published two articles on the matter that are pretty well written and non biased, unlike the Olean Times Herald.

One individual attempting to discredit Mr. George stated; “He said he was in his cell can see through the cells and they all face the wall cant see anything i say its for fame and thats it and he has beef with them seeing as he was arrested” Mr. George never said he was in his cell, he stated that he was being taken to a cell when he witnesses it all go down. Mr. George made that very clear in one of his comments in which he clearly detailed his location. Others would cites articles not written personally by Mr. George as proof his descriptions of the events were inconsistent.

…and the Olean Times Herald would help push the COINTELPRO effort;

 “Olean Police Chief Jeff Rowley said he’s aware of the allegations, noting George has also been posting them publicly on Facebook “trying to cause trouble.” The two have not spoken as of Friday morning, with Rowley saying he returned a call from George but did not hear back, and George claiming he’s tried to contact Rowley several times since then.”

jeff-rowley-oleanNo, it’s Police Chief and woman beater Jeff Rowley that is the problem. He likes to cover up the crimes and corruption of public employees. The Ensell vehicular assault is a perfect example. Why didn’t he take that one to the State Police, or did he and they covered it up? Is it because of Elizabeth’s father?  Rowely carelessly and recklessly disregarded his duty. He needs to be removed at once and replaced by a real cop. His conduct is the standard pattern and practice of corrupt cops everywhere. Mr. George would have had no reason to go public if they had done their jobs in the first place and may have placed his life on the line in doing so and people are even warning him of it.


Panic at Olean Times Herald. Click to Enlarge

Just like the Ensell case, the Olean Police Department did not do any follow up until Mr. George spoke out publicly and he only did so because he felt the Dispatcher was being unfairly  treated. This is another perfect example of the local criminal deep state cabal that is operating here in Cattaraugus County that routinely violates the rights of we the people, including murder. More proof of this is that this happened close to two weeks ago and no mention of Mr. Schindlbeck name anywhere until the Buffalo News ran the story. The Olean Times Herald  panics and released an article soon after the News did with the name of the latest victim of the local deep state. If it wasn’t for the Buffalo News we still wouldn’t know the victim’s name yet.

What they did to Mr. Schindlbeck is the same thing they did to Mr. Kochan while Mr. Kochan was illegally placed in the Cattaraugus  County Jail under a illegal CPL 730.40 (1) order for six days. When you are placed in the County Jail you have to be classified. The classification you receive will determine what type of a group of people placed with.


The Criminal Higgins caught lying on Jail Classification. Click to enlarge.

In Mr. Kochan’s case he received a classification score of 18 on the results sheet yet 16 on the Questionnaire. Further Cattaraugus County Sheriffs Employee Higgins, the author of the classification questionnaire would list in it that Mr. Kochan had  “Non-Violent felony, sex offense misd, or federal charge” pending and that he had no “mental” issues. The alleged ‘mental’ was the reason he was sent there in the first place and that was through the illegal conduct of ‘ADA’ William Preston Marshall.   But Higgins placed a zero score on the “mental’ issues line indicating he did not have a ‘mental’ issue. Further, notice how Higgins fraudulently claimed Mr. Kochan had three possible charges. That could not have occurred because he was taken the the Jail under a CPL 730.40(1) Final Order of Observation which required that all charges were dismissed.

As this site has clearly pointed out Mr. Kochan does not, and did not have any mental issues, and we offered proof in the form of official public records from real mental health professionals that he did not, and does not have ‘issues’, unlike the quacks Cattaraugus county hired who claimed he did. ECMC actually admonished the judge for sending him there. Every time he was sent to a real facility run by the Department of Mental Health that had real mental health care professionals he was released within 24 hours instead of the 90 days they tried to lock him up for.


Illegal CPL 730.40(1) Order. Click to Enlarge

The important thing at issue here is the fact that he was labeled a potential sex offender when clearly he was not for the classification and placement in Jail. This would have placed Mr. Kochan in harm’s way when released to the General Population of the Jail when all he was illegally being held for was an illegal CPL 730.40. The reason he was taken there was because he challenged Marshall’s charge of remaining silent and Marshall claim he was incapable of representing himself. After the 2014 criminal conduct by Reiman was over Mr. Kochan would go on and win a Department of Motor Vehicles DMV refusal hearing on his own, a feat even seasoned attorneys have a hard time accomplishing.

This misclassification would have cause other inmates at the jail to ostracize Mr. Kochan, or something far worse (the bad CO’s always spread the word on issues like these because of their sadistic nature). This may have played an important factor in Mr. Schindlbeck ‘suicide’ as you shall soon see. Cattaraugus County Sheriffs Employee Higgins is a criminal and needs to be fired and arrested and thrown in the same jail and she how she likes it. Higgins is willfully, wantonly and negligently placing individuals in harm’s way at the county jail.  So anytime any of you victims sitting in the County Jail hear stuff like this take it with a grain of salt. You most likely will be doing it to an innocent individual.

We now have a head injury that was not shown in the medical report (from Olean General?) and other factors coming into play with the alleged suicide of Mr. Schindlbeck. Was the actual cause of the death something other then suicide? But the story gets even stranger…


Citizens for Cattaraugus County SPCA Reform FaceBook Page. Click to Enlarge.

We do not wish to speak ill of the departed and we deeply apologize for doing so but the family (we have interviewed people who have stated that the family was not informed of his death as they should have been) and the Citizens of this county, state, nation and humanity as a whole need to know that Mr. Schindlbeck had been sentenced to 1-/1/2 years in state prison by Judge Ronald Ploetz for allegedly stealing a dog and a leash from the SPCA.  You will notice the article does not mention at all that he use to work at the SPCA. Further the article lists the Cattaraugus County SPCA as a no kill facility. Taking a SPCA pet home for a weekend is a standard practice throughout many shelters throughout the country. Further there were already problems at the county SPCA. A “Citizens for Cattaraugus County SPCA Reform”  facebook fanpage made up of former Employees, Volunteers, Board Members and also Concerned Citizens participate on it. It also has as its banner “The No Kill Equation”. So is it, or is it not a no kill facility? There are two more glaring issues here, the sentence of 1-/1/2 years in state prison by Judge Ronald Ploetz for allegedly stealing a dog when Ploetz sentenced a special needs teacher for sexually abusing a special needs student (which are usually individuals of diminished mental functioning) to only six months.

Further we have also discovered that rumors concerning Mr. Schindlbeck “forcefully touching” a female had circulated WHILE HE WAS LOCKED UP. The power of suggestion makes it very easy for people to like or hate you and when you are under the control of the deep state elements that exist in this county it is very easy to control what people think of you. Was he targeted and abused while in custody? Could this have created mental state that would have led up to him allegedly hanging himself? This fits the exact same pattern the public employees who are the real criminals use on their victims. See how evil these people really are?

Mr. George would further state that;

“Also, i overheard plans of collusion. “I’ll just tell them it was me, don’t worry”……. After hearing about what happened to the dispatcher, I’m a little worried there’s a cover up. I wouldn’t doubt if she was instructed by a superior to falsify that log entry that got her fired. The victim’s family member has confirmed that at no point in the medical report was it noted that he suffered a head injury after falling.”

This is exactly what the Olean General Hospital did in the Kochan matter. Is that the reason they hired a neurologist later that summer?  They are already being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office for inappropriate conduct in the Kochan matter.


Federal Lawsuit Against DA Lori Rieman & her ADA Employees concerning their temperament and psychological makeup. Click to enlarge.

As we previously mentioned in this article ‘DA’ Lori Rieman and some of here her “employees” are of unsound mind and we have the public record evidence to prove it. We are not making this up. A top tier Buffalo law firm has stated it. She is of unsound mind and her employer is accused of “being negligent in the hiring of the aforesaid agents, servants and/or employees in that they knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known, that said agents, servants and/or employee’s, did not possess the temperament and psychological makeup to properly carry out their duties as responsible government officials.” This lack of temperament and psychological makeup is very apparent in the four million dollar lawsuit filed against her and the personal vendetta she, as well as ‘ADA’ Amber Kerling engaged in concerning this matter Amber has also been charged with prosecutorial misconduct. Then you have ‘ADA’ Elizabeth Ensell who runs over people in clearly marked crosswalks and makes up laws that do not exist to deny We the People our rights. And last but not least you have “ADA” William Preston Marshall and his wife Bridget (herself and attorney) are other perfect examples of a mentally unstable out of control District Attorney’s Office. Bridget would assault Mr. Kochan at a completely bogus CPL 730 hearing that sent him to the jail and Jillian Koch, the Little Valley Town Court Clerk, would illegally edit out the objections of Mr. Kochan, his attorney and others when he was assaulted by Bridget. Jillian’s mother Susan Koch the Little Valley Town Clerk would destroy video evidence of the hearing and another video also, which is up to a 20 year prison sentence. Jillian also is employed as a county ‘senior’ court clerk for Verna Dry, who is related to Deputy Tonya Dry and Sergeant Jason Dry as well as the former Little Valley Town Justice Joseph Dry who, after Mr. Kochan filed a motion to recuse Dry from his matter in which he accused Dry of warring against the Constitution, i.e his oath of office, and committing high treason Dry disappeared and was never seen again.


Complaints filed by Koch, Rieman and Reynolds against this website in an attempt to shut down the 1st Amendment

Reiman would also go on and file a bogus complaint against this websites hosting service and get this website shut down the Thursday before Mr. Kochan was to appear for the bogus arraignment. She actually had to provide a copy of her drivers license to verify who she was. For a sitting District Attorney this is unprecedented in the United States. Judge Ploetz’s personal secretary Mary Reynolds and Jillian Koch in locksetp with Rieman would also file bogus complaints to shut down this site. We had to go to Iceland, the home of wikileaks to find a hosting service. For a sitting District Attorney and other court employees to conduct themselves in such a manner is unprecedented in the United States. This is a very chilling effect on the first amendment rights of all Americans

Rieman is very good at covering up murders and her employees also become willing participants in the personal vendettas she and others engage in. There is no reason not to believe that Mr. Schindlbeck was not targeted by her and the other local Deep State entities.

This is very easily seen by the fact that there was no investigation on the ‘suicides’ at the county level in 2014 when three individuals in the Cattaraugus County Jail supposedly committed suicide within a six month time frame. Where was the department of corrections in the matter? Were the deaths even reported to the department? If there was an investigation by them why wasn’t the results reported in the local press for we the Citizens/Taxpayers to read and determine for ourselves that it was, or was not the fault of the public officials that are mandated to protect us? Here is the most disturbing part. The state Commission of Correction ordered Olean police to change jail policies in 2004 after two suicides occurred within one year. According to the report, the city was required to train dispatchers to cut down arrestees who have hanged themselves and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, after city policy previously required dispatchers to call officers back to the station during emergencies in the cells. It also ordered Olean police to develop a comprehensive policy on prisoner supervision and develop a policy for responding to suicide and suicide attempts. In 2014 there were 29 suicides by individuals who were locked up in this state, that means over 10% of the suicides in the state occurred in Cattaraugus County Jail in 2014. Cattaraugus ranks 35 out of 62 in population size for New York State Counties. Cattaraugus has a population density of 61.38 versus New York City’s 27,011.84, which listed only 1 for all New York City Police Districts. Further the Commission has already stated that it takes up to six months to issue a report. It’s been 3-1/2 years for the 2014 suicides, where are the reports? Again, were they even informed? 

The Buffalo Metcalf Murder and Ongoing Cover-up

richard-metcalf-lori-riemanWhy do you think they moved the Richard Metcalf Erie County jail beating/murder case down to Cattaraugus County for Rieman to investigate?

Did you know that one of the ‘officer(s)’ involved in Metcalf’s murder, one Matthew Cross, also works for the Ellicottville Police Department?  The same police department that attempted to murder Mr. Kochan in 2016 which the Olean General Hospital attempted to cover up the failed attempt and the Cattaraugus County Kangaroo court is attempting to cover it up too. By Cross working for the Ellicottville PD it provides a perfect opportunity for Rieman and her employees, like Elizabeth Ensell who lives in Ellicottville, to meet clandestinely with one of the primary suspects in the Metcalf murder to work out the details and cover it up. After all, Ensell has a good teacher in the art of covering up criminal conduct, her father. Why hasn’t Rieman recused herself from the Metcalf matter? See how they work? See how evil they truly are? Remember you are paying for them to do this to you…

“It is not necessary to prove a conspiracy before evidence of specific acts of the alleged conspirators can be received. The conspiracy itself can be established by evidence of particular acts, which, taken together, furnish a basis for a finding that a conspiracy exists,” The People of the State of New York, Respondent, v. Maurice E. Connolly and Frederick Seely, Appellants 253 N.Y. 330; 171 N.E. 393; 1930 citing People v. Miles, 123 App. Div. 862, 875; affd., 192 N. Y. 541.

The most interesting and sad fact about the Metcalf murder is that one of the nation’s best-known forensic pathologists, one Dr. Michael M. Baden helped determine that Holding Center “inmate” Metcalf was suffocated by jail deputies and did not die of a heart attack like originally alleged

…and another important thing to remember is that real public servants at the state level did not bow to the local deep state corruption that exist in Western New York and did their duty and determined that local deep state did lie in their report.

When it happens to you, whether you live in Cattaraugus County or not it will be too late.

Do you need more proof that Rieman wants to cover-up the Matcalf murder? Rieman refused to contact Dr. Baden or Metcalf’s family in any manner whatsoever. The fix is always in, in Cattaraugus County when you have these types of things in charge.

There is hope at least coming from D.C. The Department of Justice has just indicted a FBI agent for lying under oath in the shooting death of a lands rights activist. This sends a clear message to all the corrupt public employees out there that the DOJ is now holding them accountable for violations of law just like they hold We the People, the taxpayers ‘accountable’ when they focus their corrupt methods on innocent citizens and destroy their lives, which with is reminiscent of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. The US-DOJ is overseeing the process. The DOJ is sending a clear message; that the rule of law applies to law enforcement as well, unlike the last administrations. When starting the process of contacting the DOJ in DC always follow the chain of command. Start at the local level and work your way up.

It is sad to see this occur, especially around the Fourth of July week of 2017, another one of our citizens just had his unalienable rights taken from him because of the deep state elements in this county. This time he paid for it with his life because of a victimless crime and harassment by local ‘law enforcement’ which we are sure they are setting up their other victims like Mr. Kochan. They already try to kill him, set him up while he was in jail and rigged the trial. No doubt he was targeted because he understands what his rights really are and defends them vigorously which Rieman and her employees consider illegal.

DWI laws are nothing more than making an unalienable right illegal that the brainwashed masses except as a ‘ill’ that needs to be cured because of a nonexistent threat when there a clearly other real ones that should be of much more concern. Sure the state will claim driving under the influence is the cause of needless deaths and therefore it must be illegal. If that is the case then why aren’t pharmaceuticals illegal which kill more people then all types of car crashes combined? And what about ladders and bathtubs? It’s all about the money and supporting a failing, corrupt system, nothing more.

The United States has only 5% of the world’s population yet 25% of the worlds prison population. American 2015-2016 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 2,202 Americans Killed By Terror: 108. So who are the terrorist?

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave? Let this article sink in when you are celebrating this Fourth of July.

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