They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. The Ensell family tree is a perfect example. When they fail to shut down this website when it is exposing the crimes and corruption that is occurring in the county through multi-generational nepotism they send a family member to attack you on social media, in this case one Melissa Ensell, i.e. Millennial Missy, to attack you…

Elizabeth Ensell using a fake facebook account to slander one of her victims. Click to enlarge.

Elizabeth Ensell using a fake facebook account to slander one of her victims. Click to enlarge.

We will be showing one of the many methods on how the local deep state swap operates, this evolves two individuals who are from the same family and the lengths they will in an attempt to cover up there crimes. The first person is Cattaraugus County “Assistant District Attorney” Elizabeth Ensell, who sets up fake facebook accounts to slander her targeted victims and her cousin Melissa Ensell i.e. Millennial Missy, who engages in the same tactics. MInd you her victim’s record is clean however Elizabeth (Beth), i.e. Cheryl Ann would falsely claim her victim was a felon. Cheryl Ann would also attack this author and accuse him of fighting with the cops, which he did not do. When you have guns drawn on you by corrupt cops like Cori Kowalski the one thing you don’t do is start a fight with them, you end up getting shot, which may have actually occurred in the authors matter. The destruction of on scene video proves it.

Olean Politics is a facebook fanpage who’s creator discusses political and social issues that concern the residents in the city of Olean, New York. He strives to protect the first amendment and lets any member post their concerns/stories on the page.

Millennial Missy is your typical byproduct of a failed educational system. Weeks ago another concern citizen was having issues with Elizabeth Ensell, who had set up a fake facebook account and was slandering him. He is nothing more then a victim of a set-up by her and her criminal cabal. The victim confided in this author that he had confronted John Ensell, Elizabth’s father, who also works, or did work for the District Attorney’s Office. The victim saw Johnny being belligerent towards a young woman and the victim confronted Johnny that he has no problem covering up for the criminal activity of his daughters but is willing to set up another young women and tried to railroad her into prison, Johnny immediately broke off his attack on the young woman and left.  A couple months later the victim was picked up on a questionable incident and guess who is the prosecutor in the matter, none other then his daughter the criminal Elizabeth Ensell LaFleur.  You see just how corrupt it is?

Elizabeth Ensell's fake facebook account she uses to slander her victims. This one shows how she is disclosing information that would only be known to her. Click to enlarge.

Elizabeth Ensell’s fake facebook account she uses to slander her victims. This one shows how she is disclosing information that would only be known to her. Click to enlarge.

After the incident the victim was simply posting his opinion on avoiding the local police state criminals who routinely harass and detain citizens. That’s all he was doing. Then a “Cheryl Ann” started attacking him claiming he was trying to avoid the Nazi era inspired roadblocks because his license was suspended.

How could Cheryl Ann even know about her victims suspension? He never talked about to anyone before that time, and especially not online. The only ones that knew would have been DA personal which included Ensell-LaFleur, who, by the way, showed up to the refusal hearing and tried to shut down the testimony of the lying Olean Cop, one Ryan Aylor, when opposing counsel was grilling him (that’s what they are suppose to do, its called the adversarial system for that very reason), she appeared as counsel for the lying cop when she had no interest in the matter. She also engaged in her typical tactic that the opposing consul was not being respectful to the lying cop which opposing counsel was simply pointing out the contradictions, i.e. perjury, the cop made on the stand. However the big giveaway was when Cheryl Ann commented that she would see him tomorrow. The victim had a court appearance the very next day and guess who was there?

Cheryl Ann Pulls Her Posts and Disappears. Click to enlarge.

Cheryl Ann Pulls Her Posts and Disappears. Click to enlarge.

Cheryl Ann supposedly worked at a local retail establishment which was investigated and it was discovered that they never heard of her. One courageous gal would then call out Cheryl Ann Ensell on her hitting a pedestrian in a clearly marked crosswalk and the Olean Police Department covered it up. The poor woman was and hospitalized. She was also suffering from cerebral palsy, so she didn’t just ‘dart out’ in front of Ensell-LaFleur.

Right after being called out  as ‘Cheryl Ann’, LaFleur pulled all of her posts and disappeared and was never seen or heard from again. Elizabeth would change her real facebook profile to “bethense” in an attempt to hide herself from her criminal activity when she was called out on the Olean Area Traffic and Community Safety Alliance fanpage.  That occurred when that page linked to an article posted here on about Elizabeth running over and hospitalizing a women in a clearly marked crosswalk in Olean.


Ensell and one of her fake facebook accounts. This one is Kirk Nice. Click to enlarge. The name of her vicitm has been hidden.

Ensell also uses another Facebook account under the name of Kirk Nice.  In another attack one of her local victims she posted what allegedly arrest for under the name of Kirk Nice. She was called out on that one to and it disappeared about a minute later. This appears to be a real person but she is controlling the account.

Again, it must be stressed, Ensell’s victim also appeared to be suffering from cerebral palsy, so she didn’t exactly jump out in front of Ensell, and Ensell’s victim was crossing from left to right directly in front of Ensell. A witness who was in the other lane who stopped to Ensell’s victim also provided an affidavit which he witnesses Ensell not paying attention and looking down as she approached the crosswalk. Ensell would then change her name again to Elizabeth LaFleur, which followed the same failed pattern and practice of ‘ADA’ William Preston Marshall, which he would use in an attempt to hide his criminal past.

Millennial Missy the Ensell Police State Troll Relative

melissa-ensell-fbSoon after the fake facebook account Cheryl Ann was called out as being Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Ensell and disappeared, another Ensell appears on the scene. It looks like the Ensell family had to enlist one their local relatives, one Melissa Ensell, i.e. Millennial Missy to do their bidding for them.


Millennial Missy Attacking this Authors Post Concerning the Alleged Suicide in the Olean City Jail. Click to enlarge

Millennial Missy is following the exact same strategy that Cheryl Ann utilized, that devolved into ad hominem.  An ad hominem attack is directed against a person who wrote an article rather than the position they are maintaining. In other words when they can’t attack the credibility of the message they attack the messenger, thereby validating the message as being true and accurate. In this case Melissa Ensell started off attacking this author when he posted in his comments a link to the tragic suicide that had occurred in the Olean City Jail.

She would imply that it was the only suicide in the jail and demand proof there were others. The Author would supply her with the proof soon after which came right from the Olean Times Herald, that stated that an agreement was reached with the State that certain procedures would be implemented to stop or reduce suicides based on two alleged suicides that had occurred years earlier.

Tin Foil Hat

Tin Foil Hat

Melissa would also go on and attack another victim of the corruption in the District Attorney’s Office who has a speech impediment issue. Aren’t millennial suppose to be social justice warriors who come to the aid of those with physical and mental issues? That is not the case with Millennial Missy, she appears to claim she is a Republican and a Trump supporter, yet she attacked this author for his alleged conspiracy theories  and as allegedly having mental issues, which has been clearly proven false by real mental health experts, unlike the ones the county hired, which she is pushing the envelope on slander and libel on that one. She would then focuses on Alex Jones and the water contamination by chemicals that make frogs gay neuro linguistic programming attack that the  main stream media has been attempting to smear Jones with. The Author pointed out an article coming directly from University of California at Berkeley which proved that indeed chemicals in the water are making frogs gay. Further it appears Millennial Missy never saw Candidate Trump appear on the Alex Jones show, nor does she have the capacity to perform real research on President Trump, who is an avid Conspiracy theorist himself. She would go on and make fun of this Author disparaging him and making fun of his “tin foil hat”, based on her logic, she appears to think the same of the President.

Missing Paperwork From Case File. Click to Enlarge.

Missing Paperwork From Case File. Click to Enlarge.

The whole time she would always claim that the Author has no creditably and that this website is a ‘itty bitty shitty” blog that no one should take seriously.That is easily proven false due the the fact that District Attorney Lori Rieman, Personal Secretary to County Court Judge Ronald Ploetz and Court Clerk Jillian Koch shut this website down based on false complaints they submitted to this websites hosting service causing it to go offshore to iceland.

This is same tactic her criminally oriented cousin Elizabeth Ensell LaFleur attempted at trial when she claimed that statements in the the articles appearing on this website were not accurate. Not only did she fail at that, she refused to enter into the trail evidence and the article disappear from the court file.

melissa-ensell-making-fun-victimsMillennial Missy would also think it was funny when the Author commented on the circumstances concerning the murder of Mark Pavlock and his sister’s quest to find here brother’s killers and the cover-up by John Ensell, Elizabeth’s Father and Millennial Missy’s Uncle.

Barbara Pavlock PhD is a professor and award winning author who has been in search of her brothers killer since 2010 and has uncovered other mysterious deaths in the county that are being covered up by the District Attorney’s Office. Much of it surrounds John Ensell and District Attorney Lori Rieman.

The whole time Millennial Missy professes that she does not communicate with her cousin Beth Ensell at all, however the evidence shows otherwise, she is is mimicking the same sick strategy of her cousin constantly, if walks like a Ensell, and acts like and Ensell it is an Ensell.

It is not necessary to prove a conspiracy before evidence of specific acts of the alleged conspirators can be received. The conspiracy itself can be established by evidence of particular acts, which, taken together, furnish a basis for a finding that a conspiracy exists, see The People of the State of New York, Respondent, v. Maurice E. Connolly and Frederick Seely, Appellants 253 N.Y. 330; 171 N.E. 393; 1930 citing People v. Miles, 123 App. Div. 862, 875; affd., 192 N. Y. 541.

When identifying an agent provocateur you look for the same pattern and Millennial Missy fits it to a tee.

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