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Another Cattaraugus County Employee “Retire’s”

ss-cattaraugus-2Cattaraugus County Attorney Thomas Brady will be retiring from his position at the end of the month. This is just one more in the long line of county employees who have announce departure from county government.

I wonder what they know that most of the people in the county don’t?

Brady revealed his intentions this week in a letter to Legislature Chairman Norman Marsh, R-Little Valley, and County Clerk James K. Griffith. His replacement designee is Mark Howden.

For full story see buffalo news article – click here

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97 Rock Reynolds Denies Access to County Court File!

It just does not stop. In a local court case in Cattaraugus County New York, a Pro-Se litigant has been uncovering a vast amount of corruption in the County. In one of the latest violations of Constitutional and Civil Law, the Secretary for the County Judge denied a pro-se litigant access to the complete court file on the matter of the pro-se litigant! You can’t make this stuff up. Another first in the annuals of New York State Justice!

Ms. Reynolds, i.e. Mary Reynold’s, appears to be the same  Mary Reynold’s that threatened to sue 97 Rock a while back for…

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Jamie Ervay threatens and its Founder!

Jamie Ervay threatens and its Founder! Weeks ago when we were covering ‘ADA” Elizabeth Ensell’s hit and cover up Jamie Ervay employed by the Olean Times Herald threaten us. As usual Ervay resorted to derogatory statements and then actually provided Prima facie evidence of stalking and harassing the founder of the website which is criminal conduct. Thank You Again Jamie for pointing out your complete lack of character, morals and ethics. The Olean Times Herald is really setting an example of hiring good moral people. Continue reading

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“DA” Lori Rieman & the Crystal Ball of Truth. Rieman throws her employee under the bus.

There is no Honor Among Thief’s and Lori Rieman Proves it Again. In this matter, a case in which a citizen of the state is suing Cattaraugus County and Lori Rieman in federal court for various violations of law, which is nothing new for her, Rieman engaged in numerous acts of criminal conduct that led to the lawsuit. Because the system is corrupt we will go over the ways the corrupt system will most likely attempt to cover up her criminal conduct that should land her in jail… Continue reading

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More Members of Catt Co Sheriff’s Criminal Wolf Pack Discovered

Citizens who are reporting abuses and crimes of the Cattaraugus County New York DA’s Office and Sheriff’s Department through the proper channels are being ignored. Here is just a small sampling of what the DA’s and targeted victims go through when they are exercising their rights. Once you have completed this article you will come to the conclusion that the citizens of Cattaraugus County have a Sheriff of the likes of which has not been seen since Continue reading

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Jurisdiction versus Venue – The Crimes the Corrupt Courts of Cattaraugus County Play

Another historical first! Only in Catt county! Two recent court ‘actions’ clearly document how corrupt the courts are here in the county, In one case the judge attempted to trick a Pro-Se litigant into thinking that he needed to be arraigned again to acquire “jurisdiction” over him because the cases were transferred. In the other the judge didn’t even bother to take a plea, and guess what, that means the court never had jurisdiction so it could not do anything. So far the Court’s own words/paperwork shows the Pro-Se has been arraigned 3 times, another historical first in the State of New York. This is just one of the many tricks the Criminally Corrupt Courts of Cattaraugus County, New York engage in to deny you, the citizens of your rights, either by tricking you into waving them or outright illegal denial. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious… Continue reading

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Broken Bench In Tiny Courts of N.Y., Abuses of Law and Power – New York Times

Serious things happen in these little courtrooms all over New York State. People have been sent to jail without a guilty plea or a trial, or tossed from their homes without a proper proceeding. In violation of the law, defendants have been refused lawyers, or sentenced to weeks in jail because they cannot pay a fine. Frightened women have been denied protection from abuse.

… and its happening right here in Cattaraugus County New York

Read the whole article here.

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Key aspect of New York ethics reform may be up to voters

ALBANY: New York state’s new budget contains several measures written to address Albany’s culture of corruption – but a provision intended to revoke the pensions of disgraced officials will need voter approval too.

Lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo want to give judges the power to revoke the pensions of public officials convicted of a corruption-related felony. The proposal was inserted into the state budget passed by lawmakers last week, but the state Constitution must be amended in order to make the law apply to all sitting officials.

The whole issue with this is electronic voting, it is a complete scam and you have no idea if your vote is even counted when you vote. This goes way back to the old lever action machines that were maintained and controlled by the League of Women Voters and they were manufactured right here in western New York, in Jamestown as a matter of fact by Sequoia Pacific. Votescam, the Stealing of America thoroughly documents this theft of our votes and an interesting aspect of the book is it is written by the Collier Brothers [James M. Collier, Kenneth F. Collier], who actually a couple of “The Door’s” shows in the late 60’s, so all you liberals should enjoy reading up on this issue. A really good site to follw the latest issues with electronic voting is blackboxvoting .org  AND AS USUAL there has already been “voting issues” right here in Cattaraugus County.

Read the whole budget story here…

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