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The Great Easter Bunny Capper of Catt County

When you travel through Cattaraugus County New York, bring a video camera with you, because  you could easily sell it to Hollywood for the next twilight zone movie, and most importantly do not  try to make a child laugh, or happy, you might get an APB (all points bulletin) issued against you for trying to being nice…

This 1983 (1983 meaning, title 42 USC section 1983) lawsuit concerns two men who were passing through Cattaraugus County around Easter time to, they had an Easter bunny costume and one of them decided to wear it make a child laugh. Next thing you know they are being accused of robbing a bank and an APB is being issued against them. What happened next, well we will let the courts own words describe it. See the story below…

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Illegal to Remain Silent in New York State

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws” – Tacitus

Just to see how far this once great state has fallen, it appears that alleged representatives of the State of New York now claim it is a crime to remain silent. What’s next water boarding for jay-walkers?

The right to remain silent is a bedrock of American Jurisprudence, but not apparently in New York where it is now considered a crime. Continue reading

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Cop Block of Western New York and the Twin Tiers

cop-blockHave a problem with your local enforcement. There are many ways you can document what has happened. is one of the most popular websites that document police abuse and western new york has its own group.

Cop Block of WNY (Western New York) is a new local group started up on Saturday, April 26th after videos of police brutality in Buffalo, NY had surfaced. Our goal is to raise awareness to incidents of police brutality and hopes of helping victims find some justice.

Western New York Cop Block has its owe youtube channel;

and Facebook page:

They encourage you to do a recount of your situation and the contact info for those involved, via the form at:

Other great links are found below. – get involved – tactics, your rights & streaming apps – for ideas – connect with those in your area

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