Weapons Criminals Use

Prior experience in dealing with public officers acting in a criminal capacity shows they will go to any lengths in their attempts to ‘pile it on’, in the hopes of getting someone who has been victimized by them to just give up and not exercise their constitutional and civil rights.  This may include statements to the effect that their targeted victim is crazy. It’s happening right here in this county

Piling it on can, and does include illegal surveillance and/or evidence gathering, the spreading vile and vivacious rumors, as well as other criminal activity all in the hopes of causing panic, stress, terror and fear for the shear purpose of getting their targeted victim who is attempting to exercise their rights (constitutional rights for you conservatives, civil rights for you liberals) to run and hide in an attempt to cover up their previous crimes. It also may include papers from New York state agencies that make false and fraudulent claims. All this evidence show the desperation these criminals will go to in order to cover up their crimes.

They can also use it for another purpose. These targeted victims, because of the stress and/or terror and/or fear they are placed under may also start to act in a manner that could lead to conduct in which the criminals will then attempt to use against them. One of the main purposes of these types of criminals/terrorist is getting more unlawful and illegal charges piled on top of the already illegal and unlawful charges in the hopes of getting the targeted victim to give up or make mistakes that these criminals can then attempt to use against them.

The actions by these criminals can be categorized in the following theories;

  • One legal theory calls it witness intimidation,
  • Another calls it terrorism.

These criminals  will attempt to gather ill begotten evidence in a illegal and unlawful manner, which may include video, and/or audio, as well as statements from unsuspecting individuals, which may include individuals within their own organizations to help them. They may even recruit family members to help them in their hopes of gathering more ill-begotten evidence.

Has this happened to you? Let us know by clicking here. For the most part, these unsuspecting individuals they recruit have no clue as to the illegal and unlawful nature of what is actually occurring. However anything they provide the criminals with, in this case the criminals being Bryan H Schwabenbauer and Matthew Albanese and/or their cohorts, can be used against the criminals themselves and the unsuspecting individuals if their involvement appears to be more then unsuspecting can be held liable to. Do you believe you have an issue click here.


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