Article on New York the Most Corrupt State in America

Well, good old New York just made the news again. A vice article just listed New York as the most corrupt states in the US.

With all of the scandals going on its no wonder. Something us New Yorker’s should really be proud of!

As Dick Dadey, the head of Citizens Union Foundation, a nonprofit good governance group, stated, “This year, you had a record number of state officials that either resigned from office or were indicted because of corruption or corruption-related issues.”

New York ranks number two in most public officials indicted.  A watchdog group called Integrity Florida pointed to older data that show 1,762 individuals have been convicted on public corruption charges in Florida — an average of 50 people per year. That’s a lot, but it’s not as many as New York, which saw 2,522 officials convicted over the same stretch. More than 2,300 California officials went to jail over the same period, the group said.

John Kaehny, the head of Reinvent Albany, a transparency and accountability group, has stated in a recent telephone interview that Albany is a “cess pool.” He also stated that the scariest part of the Sheldon Silver corruption allegations is how easy it is to pull off. Because by and large, it’s protected by law. At least in Albany they make laws up to protect their questionable behavior, in Cattarauguas County, New York they don’t even bother doing that.  They try to enforce laws that don’t even exist.

It’s time for the good citizens of the State of New York to exercise their powers properly and clean house.

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