UPDATE TWO ON STAHLMAN CASE and the Loss of Another Right

UPDATE ON STAHLMAN CASE: Closing Arguments occurred yesterday. The ‘prosecution’ brought ‘Salamanca PD Officer’ Bush back to the stand where she, as well as the ‘prosecution’, promptly shot themselves in the foot, again. Bush admitted she did not know the law. However there is one important side note…

A citizen protected the rights for all citizens in our county building today. During the opening of the trial all members of the gallery were allowed to bring in there cellphones into the courtroom however they had to turn them off. In some ways this is understandable, however the constitution of both NY and the US are clear, all courts are open to the public and the public should have the right to videotape and/or record everything that is happening in the [1] [2] courtroom, as long as it does not interfere with the proceedings, no matter what. Under our constitutionally protected open court system, the public places a check on corruption in the judicial system, and all players — lawyers, witnesses and judges — are more likely to play their roles dutifully[3]. The public should be allowed to record the proceedings of a trial. This will allow we the people to have much better access to what is actually going on in courtroom proceedings and to have it easier to be disseminated to the public at large though any means a participant wishes. This will help keep the courts honest. The ironic fact is that the Pro-Se defendant, when he spoke before the state panel on prosecutorial misconduct, another individual who was representing a native American tribe spoke of the fact that we the people should be allowed to record court proceedings if we so wish[4].The most ironic issue at play here is the fact that Courts of Record in New York, i.e. the County Courts and above, DO NOT REQUIRE that the proceedings be recorded. You would think if anything to be audio and/or video recorded in New York it would be the Courts of Record in New York. This would insure that the events of the proceeding are accurately documented and would NOT be subject to ‘editing/altering’. There should be a state level law on the books to require just that and anyone public official opposing it should be immediately removed from office.

Back to the denial of our rights that occurred today. When the Stahlman trial first began, we citizens were allowed to bring our cellphones into the courtroom, however we had to turn them off. That was last week (25th through the 29th). Then on Feb 2 we the public were no longer allowed to bring them into the courtroom. Observers all complied with the request. However today, when coming into the building itself we the GENERAL PUBLIC, I.E. TAXPAYERS, WERE NO LONGER ALLOWED TO CARRY OUR CELLPHONES INTO OUR COUNTY BUILDING. The citizen immediately demanded to talk to the supervisor. The first supervisor came up, who then state it was one Sheriff’s Deputy Toyna Dry, one of the higher security supervisors who just implemented the ‘procedure’. Yesterday the general public was allowed to carry their cellphones into our county building, but today we are not. OK, “Ms. Dry” is the same Sheriffs Deputy who immediately ordered the public from the courtroom when proceeding ended last week. The judge has never ordered anyone from the courtroom when the proceeding ended. The only time he did so was when the parties were arguing the prior bad acts of Salamanca PD Officer Ronda Bush, if the bad acts were allowed to be brought into the trial. Update one covers this story a little better.

This is the same ‘deputy’, who along with her supervisor ‘Deputy’ Gas Guzzler Defoe, have been constantly harassing a pro se defendant when he and others were attempting to seek access to public records. In one instance ‘Deputy’ Dry was witness to the altering of court records by county court clerks, and when asked if she would do anything about, she would completely ignored the complaint. She was standing their watching the event unfold and did nothing. Do you think if we, a member of the public did that we would be treated the same way? That’s up to a twenty year sentence folks. She, as well as ‘Deputy’ Defoe are nothing more the two-bit dictators who think they can boss around the public wherever they feel like it by denying us our rights whenever they see fit.

So the citizen files a complaint with the proper authorities and within a hour we the people, the true owners of the county building are now allowed to keep our cell phones and ipads on us when we enter our building. That’s all it takes folks, stand up for your rights or lose them. Dry and Defoe were acting under the color of law and one Citizen moved immediately to protect the rights of the rest of us. Dry and Defoe should be tried in Nuremberg for crimes against humanity.

A Right Not Defended is a Right Forever Lost.

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