The Torturer Joseph Gerace

The Torturer Joseph Gerace

jeo-geraceAbout 15 years ago, a victim of the corruption that permeates the Southern Tier of western New York who is exposing vasts amounts of corruption in Cattaraugus County, New York, had already dealt with the corruption in Chautauqua County. Back in the 1990’s if you even mentioned the word constitution in court in Western New York, you were thrown in jail and/or a mental institution. In the case of the pro-se he was dealt both, and it was under the supervision of  “Sheriff” Joseph Gerace where the pro-se/victim was physically and mentally tortured at Guantanamo Bay Chautauqua.

frankensteinIt first started when the Pro-Se was kidnapped and sent to Jones Hill, the local Cuckoo’s Nest in Jamestown New York at the time. It happened when he started to demand his constitutional rights. There he was placed under the control of Doctor Frank Stein, another sadistic criminal. However the staff understood what was going on and all of them the Pro-Se talked too agreed he should not have been there for simply exercising his rights. However Doctor Frankenstein had other plans. The Pro-Se held his ground and Doctor Frankenstein gave up, so they had to place the Pro-Se under more intense physical and mental torturer…

The Pro-Se was then taken Abu Ghraib Chautauqua County Jail numerous times and placed under both mental and physical torture. While Gerace oversaw the jail it was one particularly sadistic individual who really enjoyed torturing the Pro-Se. His last name was York, and yes folks, he was a Sergeant, i.e. Sergeant York. As a side note the Pro-Se is now up against a corrupt judge who’s last name is Moriarty, AKA Professor Moriarty, of Sherlock Homes fame…. You can’t make this stuff up….

This  sadistic SOB York would get his bitches in the jail to accuse, in front of all the other prisoners, the Pro-Se of things he did not do. Like abusing children. This was the worst one. The sadistic SOB’s wanted the prisoners to turn on the Pro-Se. When this sadistic SOB York and his cohorts attempted this, the Pro-Se yelled out and demand they bring the evidence of it in and show all the prisoners. They didn’t, because their was none. Up to this point some of the prisoner/victims were doubt of the pro-se’s beatings-chautauqua-jailclaims that he was a political prisoner, but after this event all the prisoners started to help the pro-se because they realized he was telling the truth.  He was treated with more respect and care by the prisoners then he was by the guards. When the sadistic SOB’s realized that they could not break the Pro-Se with their lies, the physical torture began…

The worst was the incident where the Pro-Se was taken from his cell and moved to a small room. There were 4 to 5 guards in the room and one chair. The Pro-Se was forced to sit in the chair. Once in the chair a guard approached him and stated that they need to ‘test’ the Pro Se. The guard produced a hypodermic syringe filled with some type of brownish liquid.  Mind you, there was no medical staff in the room at all. The pro-se demanded to know what was in the hypodermic syringe and he was met with silence. (he did not give them permission to inject him with it anyways).

chautauqua-jail-dragged-to-cellThe Pro-Se demanded that he be allowed to go back to his cell. No one answered him. He remained seated for a couple of minutes. He slowly got up. That was the last time he remembered being in the room. He did remember waking for a moment while he was being dragged back to his cell and when he awoke a day later he was very sore and his kidneys were giving him much pain.

chautauqua-jail-dragged-to-cell-blood-trailThat is your Sherriff Joseph Gerace folks, criminal and torturer extraordinaire. He is no better then the Nazi’s of Germany or the criminals of Stalinist Russia and he should be tried for crimes against humanity. Why do you think he has ruled basically unopposed for over 20 years? No one dares run against him. He is most satanic as they come.