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Cattaraugus District Attorney Rieman Commits Perjury and Official Misconduct.

lori-rieman-perjuryThis was a page that ‘mysteriously’ disappeared from the site, one thing you learn when exposing evil, the stuff they don’t want you to see is the stuff you need to see, review carefully and understand it. They say, like father like, son, like mother like daughter, in cat county government its called like supervisor, like subordinates. In this case the criminal activity clearly starts at the top and corruption has a trickle down effect.

Not to be outdone by her subordinates, Cattaraugus District Attorney Lori Rieman committed perjury of oath of office when she created, executed and then filed in the County Court a motion to change venue in a local case. Her papers are below, the victims response to her papers are found by clicking here. Continue reading