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CatCountyCorruption Protests at Buffalo City Hall in Close Proximity to the 8th Judicial District Headquarters.

On October 9th, 2015 a group of citizens from the Cattaraugus County area of New York gathered for a protest outside of Buffalo City Hall in close proximity to the 8th Judicial District headquarters of Western New York. They gathered to protest the corruption occurring in Cattaraugus County, specifically the District Attorney’s Office and DA Lori P Rieman and ADA William Preston Marshall, as well as the County Court Clerk’s Office and the Rights of all New Yorker’s when they are called to Jury Duty or Grand Jury Duty…. Continue reading

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Catt County & DA Reiman ADMIT they are INCOMPETENT in SUPREME COURT!

A Pro-Se litigant who is battling the criminal element that exist in the Cattaraugus County Government filed an Article 78 petition in the Supreme Court to shut down the criminally minded District Attorney and her criminal cabal with an article 78 writ of prohibition, which would order the DA to stop her criminal activity and/or the court to stop its proceeding.  The petition alleged…

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Cat County DA Lori Rieman Attempts to Commit Fraud Upon the Supreme Court

In the ongoing saga of a Pro-Se who is exposing vast amounts of corruption in the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s desperate act of filing fraudulent documents in a civil case (claiming they are one thing when actually they are another) and Court Clerks office gets right in on it too… further proof of just how corrupt some of the the courts are in Cattaraugus County New York… Continue reading

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