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Most Corrupt Court in Cattaraugus County Discovered – It’s the Little Valley Town Court

LITTLE VALLEY NEW YORK TOWN COURT DECLARES IT’S A CRIME TO REMAIN SILENT! A Pro-Se litigant in a local case in Cattaraugus County thought he had seen it all. From the perjury of “ADA’s” Elizabeth Ensell  and Kelly Balcom and both tag teaming him in one hearing, to the three judges recusing themselves, one who the matter was never in front of, which is another historical first in the State of New York, to the fact that he was the first person ever in the history of the United Stated to be indicted without a grand jury ever being formed, he did not even see what the new court had in store for him in the “action”, but … Continue reading

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Cattaraugus County Republican Election Commissioner Sue A. Fries mock’s citizens exercising their constitutional rights

Two Citizens have come forward as witnesses and stated that on September 9th, 2015, while a group of concerned citizens where exercising their 1st Amendment rights one was threatened with a lawsuit and two others were mocked by Sue A. Fries, one of the two election commissioner’s of Cattaraugus County New York. Further proof it is illegal to exercise your constitutional and civil rights in Cattaraugus County New York.  That wasn’t all that happened that day…

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Cat County DA Lori Rieman Attempts to Commit Fraud Upon the Supreme Court

In the ongoing saga of a Pro-Se who is exposing vast amounts of corruption in the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s desperate act of filing fraudulent documents in a civil case (claiming they are one thing when actually they are another) and Court Clerks office gets right in on it too… further proof of just how corrupt some of the the courts are in Cattaraugus County New York… Continue reading

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