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Olean Times Herald Threatens CatCountyCorruption.com

Jamie Ervay, employed by the Olean Times Herald threatens CatCountyCorruption over article on “ADA” Ensell’s Criminal Conduct.

On April 7th, 2017 a courageous member of the Olean Safety and Traffic Alliance Facebook Fanpage posted our article on the criminal conduct of ‘ADA’ Elizabeth Ensell, which was based off of a ‘police report’ that appeared in the Olean Times Herald (OTH) on November 16th, 2016. Any intelligent person, who read the ‘police report’ would have questioned what actually occurred concerning the incident in which ‘ADA’ Ensell stuck a pedestrian in a clearly marked crosswalk sending the pedestrian to the hospital. Did Ervay make the threat on his own accord or did someone entice him to do so? A subpoena should issue and be served upon him to find out. Ironically, Ervay’s threat confirms that the OTH publishes police reports “… as they are delivered by police.” THANK YOU, that is exactly what we… Continue reading

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Koch Cabal Strikes Again – State Attorney General Lock’s Down Pro-Se’s File – Pro-Se Files Complaint with PIB.

jilian-koch-criminal-octopus-cattaraugus-little-valley-new-york-1It looks like Little Valley Town Court Clerk Jillian Koch and the RICO criminal cabal she is a member of is at it again. On July 13th, 2016 the Pro-Se ‘visited’ the Little Valley Town Court to review the case file in which all charges were dismissed against him on April 6th, 2016 do to the criminal conduct of Baby Faced Finster, AKA William Preston Marshall, his criminally minded wife and the other criminal’s Elizabeth Noelle Ensell and Koch concerning his case  and to obtain copies of documents therein. He was informed by the Judge that the state attorney general is now investigating the matter and therefore he was no longer allowed access to anything and that he had to contact the lawyer for the town Matthew Swenson, of Brady and Swenson. The Brady part is the former Attorney for Cattaraugus County Thomas Brady who since retired. See how everything connects. We wonder if there is some marriages involved to.  
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