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Did the Former Ellicottville Town Supervisor Admit He Broke State Law?

We were going to stay on the sidelines for the latest round of political mud slinging in the Village of Ellicottville mayoral elections, even though we were aware that the present mayor was ambushed by his opponent while he (the mayor) was in the hospital recovering from surgery. But when the “Committee for Truth in the Village” appeared out of nowhere and attacked the present Mayor without giving him fair notice and opportunity to respond, we decided to look into the matter ourselves. What we found was … Continue reading

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Ellicottville Town Supervisor John Burrell Busted.

town-supervisior-burrell-busted-ellicottvilleHere is an individual by the name of John Burrell who is the Town Supervisor of Ellicottville New York putting your children’s lives at stake.  He believes he is above the law and can break it anytime he pleases, just like the Cattaraugus County DA Lori Rieman and her sidekick William Preston Marshall who caused the 4 million dollar lawsuit against the county that we the taxpayers are flipping the bill for. The arrogance of some public officials.

This is what happens in Cattaraugus County when you have an out of control District Attorney who cares more about making money, covering up the crimes of other Cattaraugus County Employees and engaging in personal vendetta’s then going after real criminals. Need proof? Continue reading

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