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More Attacks on CatCountyCorruption with Public Employee Support (while at work)

Dan Thompson attacks CatCountyCorruption.com, claims it is written by a “conspiracy theorist” thereby attacking the author of the article. City of Olean and Cattaraugus County Public Employees come to his rescue… Unlike Jamie Ervay who works for the Olean Times Herald, who suggested that CatCountyCorruption.com ‘libeled’ ‘OTH’, which CatCountyCorruption.com challenged Ervay as to where and how CatCountyCorruption did so,  Ervay has failed and/or refused to answer proving is comment is bogus.  Dan Thompson on the other hand attacks the author of the article by labeling him a “conspiracy theorist”.  Who is this Dan Thompson and what can we make of his Ad Hominem attack…. Continue reading

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Olean Times Herald Threatens CatCountyCorruption.com

Jamie Ervay, employed by the Olean Times Herald threatens CatCountyCorruption over article on “ADA” Ensell’s Criminal Conduct.

On April 7th, 2017 a courageous member of the Olean Safety and Traffic Alliance Facebook Fanpage posted our article on the criminal conduct of ‘ADA’ Elizabeth Ensell, which was based off of a ‘police report’ that appeared in the Olean Times Herald (OTH) on November 16th, 2016. Any intelligent person, who read the ‘police report’ would have questioned what actually occurred concerning the incident in which ‘ADA’ Ensell stuck a pedestrian in a clearly marked crosswalk sending the pedestrian to the hospital. Did Ervay make the threat on his own accord or did someone entice him to do so? A subpoena should issue and be served upon him to find out. Ironically, Ervay’s threat confirms that the OTH publishes police reports “… as they are delivered by police.” THANK YOU, that is exactly what we… Continue reading

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Jamie Ervay threatens CatCountyCorruption.com and its Founder!

Jamie Ervay threatens CatCountyCorruption.com and its Founder! Weeks ago when we were covering ‘ADA” Elizabeth Ensell’s hit and cover up Jamie Ervay employed by the Olean Times Herald threaten us. As usual Ervay resorted to derogatory statements and then actually provided Prima facie evidence of stalking and harassing the founder of the CatCountyCorruption.com website which is criminal conduct. Thank You Again Jamie for pointing out your complete lack of character, morals and ethics. The Olean Times Herald is really setting an example of hiring good moral people. Continue reading

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