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Letter on Criminal Conduct of Court Clerks to Andrew B. Isenberg District Executive of 8th Judicial Office

A startling admission by court personal of the 8th Judicial District of the State of New York, they claim they are not allowed to discuss the job description of Andrew B. Isenberg, District Executive of 8th Judicial Office, i.e. its secret. Are we living in a police state?  He is a public employee and they are claiming we don’t have a right to know what his duties are. They would then pass the buck that we had to go to the http://www.courts.state.ny.us website to locate it however we could not find it. We even had to call the www.courts.state.ny.us helpline number and they could not find it either. A Center for Public Integrity Study shows that New York State ranks 48th out of 50 in Judicial Accountability and this is proof.

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