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Attempted Murder and Cover Up by Corrupt Cattaraugus County Public Employees

On February 27th, 2016 when a local rights advocate traveled to Buffalo NY to meet up with a victim of the corrupt elements of Cattaraugus County. They discussed and went over evidence of how the county buys off law firms to throw cases that attempt to hold county officials accountable for their crimes that would reduce the liability of we the taxpayers and protect our rights. He almost did not make it home alive…

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The Criminal Jillian Koch and the Catt County RICO Criminal Octopus

Jillian Koch is a prime example of the criminal RICO octopus that exists here in Cattaraugus County New York.  Once you start to research just how deep it goes you will discover that it ranges across generations of families who have taken control of our local government offices to benefit themselves and their cronies. In the case of Jillian Koch she has two Continue reading

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Rieman’s Cohort Baby Face Finster Attempts to Play the Stalin Card Again on Pro Se

In the never ending saga of the corruption in Cattaraugus County, New York, one of the henchman of the Criminal Lori Rieman, who goes by the name of William Preston Marshall, AKA Baby Face Finster attempted to play the old Stalin card again, just like another one of Rieman’s cohorts attempted to play in December 2014, which led to the voluntary recusal of two judges in that court. (the Pro-se never asked for their recusal) If you don’t remember, William Preston Marshall is the individual who’s actions were deemed illegal by a superior court judge which led to the $4 million dollar lawsuit against the county. Once you finish reviewing this article you will see that the Cattaraugus County “District Attorney’s” office is nothing more then a Racketeering and Organized Corruption Ring that preys upon people for the enrichment of organization. You can’t make this stuff up folks, Rod Sterling would be jealous based on what is going on in Cattaraugus County new York… Continue reading

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DA Lori Rieman Sued for 3 Million, Cat County for 1 Million, Taxpayers on the Hook

You can’t make this sh#t up folks. This is just amazing, after coming in contact with another victim of Cattaraugus County “DA” Lori Rieman, we have discovered that Rieman and her cohorts have committed so many criminal acts in this matter it boggles the mind, evidence of jury rigging, terrorizing family members (who were also witnesses), kidnapping children, etc… it has everything for the next John Grisham novel… Your tax dollars hard at work folks…

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The US Has Stolen 5,192 Years From The Wrongfully Convicted: NY, Texas, Illinois Lead The Pack

The first time DNA evidence was used to free a wrongfully convicted person was back in 1989. Since then, as forensic science has improved, another 324 people have been released from prison based on DNA testing. Plenty more are likely on the way. Click here for full story…

This issue is very well apparent in Cattaraugus County, New York, where you have the first individual, in the history of this country to ever be indicted without a grand jury ever being formed by a County District Attorney who has no problem committing perjury in order to railroad individuals into the jail system in order to cover up her criminal activity.

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Local Pro Se Makes Another Historical First! First Person in the History of the United States to be Indicted without a Grand Jury!

A local Pro Se defendant has made a lot of history in the realms of law lately;

  1. First in U.S. history to denied constitutional and civil rights by a law that does not exist.

  2. First in U.S. history to be indicted without a grand jury even being formed.

  3. First in U.S. history to be arraign twice (attempted that is) on the same bogus crime, which they cannot do.

district-attorney-criminal-lori-cat-county-indictedIn another first, and stunning twist of stupidly and criminally by Cattaraugus County, New York, District Attorney Lori Rieman, and her band of criminals, she now claims she has the authority to indict an individual without a Grand Jury even being formed.

Indictment (from Blacks Law dictionary, 6th addition); A accusation in writing found and presented by a grand jury…

Here is another amazing feat of Rieman. She also claimed in her response to her Pro Se victim that a grand jury was not empaneled and the Cattaraugus County Judge affirmed it (We don’t think Lori told the County Judge the truth about want was really going on). Continue reading

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Time to Study Time

timeTime – Something you cannot actually see, or feel, but it’s effects on you are both felt and seen, except in Cattaraugus County, New York, where it does not exist.

In the world of ‘law’ time is everything, except in Cattaraugus County, New York, where evil rules the day. Time does not exist and neither does the law, or reality for that matter in this area of New York.

Anyone who studies the law understands the importance of “timelines”, as well as speedy trial, they are both important concepts in the world of law, lock forever into the Constitutions of the United States and New York, except in Cattaraugus County, New York. Continue reading

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The Law That Never Was – Cat County DA’s Cite Law That Does Not Exist

law-does-not-existIf it was desperation in the cusp of madness by Cattaraugus County District Attorneys Ensell and Balcom when they tag-teamed a single pro-se litigant, they are beyond the point of desperation now. They have past into the twilight zone… well into the criminal side of it…. Continue reading

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Cattaraugus County DA Caught Red Handed Filing Fabricated Evidence in Local Case

Desperation in the Cusp of Madness.

Cattaraugus County DA’s Ensell and Balcom are obviously getting desperate. In the latest twist of events Cattaraugus County assistant District Attorneys have been caught red handed filing fabricated in a local case. They could not fabricate just one piece, they had to fabricate two.

In New York if a suspect makes alleged ‘incriminating’ statements to a ‘law enforcement officer’ and they want to use it in court, they have to file a 710.30 notice within 15 days after the arraignment.

In the local case they not only failed to do that, they actually fabricated evidence to make it appear as if they did and then filed it with the court by claiming it was provided to the pro-se before their response was filed. They also claimed it was served, OK, then why is it not in the court file? Continue reading

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