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New York State is Transforming into Pinochet’s Chile. The Disappearances Have Started.

Just like in 3rd world countries in which banana republic dictatorships once ruled, where anyone who protested their policies disappeared and many eventually ended up murdered, the process is starting to happen right here in New York. I am sure this will make every New Yorker proud to be a New Yorker. One of the victims who managed to escape stated that his arresting officer, SRG Supervisor Deputy Inspector Andrew Lombardo (of Abu Ghraib prison fame), told him, “I”m going to take you somewhere no one can find you.” Continue reading

I Don’t Answer Questions – Watch and be Amazed

The Supreme Court has stated you should never talk to a cop.

Watch how these fellow citizens exercise their rights. It is truly amazing .

But don’t attempt to exercise your rights in Cattaraugus County New York, it’s illegal, and if you attempt to exercise your rights, you will be beaten by a known thug and perjurer and knocked out.

Don’t forget to video tape everything!

Read what rights you have when dealing with a police officer http://www.policecrimes.com/police.html