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More Members of Catt Co Sheriff’s Criminal Wolf Pack Discovered

Citizens who are reporting abuses and crimes of the Cattaraugus County New York DA’s Office and Sheriff’s Department through the proper channels are being ignored. Here is just a small sampling of what the DA’s and targeted victims go through when they are exercising their rights. Once you have completed this article you will come to the conclusion that the citizens of Cattaraugus County have a Sheriff of the likes of which has not been seen since Continue reading

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The Great Easter Bunny Capper of Catt County

When you travel through Cattaraugus County New York, bring a video camera with you, because  you could easily sell it to Hollywood for the next twilight zone movie, and most importantly do not  try to make a child laugh, or happy, you might get an APB (all points bulletin) issued against you for trying to being nice…

This 1983 (1983 meaning, title 42 USC section 1983) lawsuit concerns two men who were passing through Cattaraugus County around Easter time to, they had an Easter bunny costume and one of them decided to wear it make a child laugh. Next thing you know they are being accused of robbing a bank and an APB is being issued against them. What happened next, well we will let the courts own words describe it. See the story below…

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