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Startling Admissions by Cat County District Attorney on how they treat Pro-Se litigants

In a local court case in Cattaraugus County, New York, a local Pro-Se litigant made the biggest mistake of his life. He decided to represent himself against false accusations, which is illegal in New York State, the most corrupt State in the United States. In liberal New York State it is also illegal if you exercise your right to remain silent, The 1st, 5th and the rest of the Amendments (the Bill of Rights) are not valid in New York. If you dare to exercise them you will be beaten by a Sheriffs Deputy who has been sued in federal court for the same type of conduct and perjury as well.  The district attorney and her minions will then conspire to cover it up because they don’t want their criminally natured enforcers to be held accountable to we the people. They would also… Continue reading

Cattaraugus County DA Caught Red Handed Filing Fabricated Evidence in Local Case

Desperation in the Cusp of Madness.

Cattaraugus County DA’s Ensell and Balcom are obviously getting desperate. In the latest twist of events Cattaraugus County assistant District Attorneys have been caught red handed filing fabricated in a local case. They could not fabricate just one piece, they had to fabricate two.

In New York if a suspect makes alleged ‘incriminating’ statements to a ‘law enforcement officer’ and they want to use it in court, they have to file a 710.30 notice within 15 days after the arraignment.

In the local case they not only failed to do that, they actually fabricated evidence to make it appear as if they did and then filed it with the court by claiming it was provided to the pro-se before their response was filed. They also claimed it was served, OK, then why is it not in the court file? Continue reading