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Rieman’s Cohort Baby Face Finster Attempts to Play the Stalin Card Again on Pro Se

In the never ending saga of the corruption in Cattaraugus County, New York, one of the henchman of the Criminal Lori Rieman, who goes by the name of William Preston Marshall, AKA Baby Face Finster attempted to play the old Stalin card again, just like another one of Rieman’s cohorts attempted to play in December 2014, which led to the voluntary recusal of two judges in that court. (the Pro-se never asked for their recusal) If you don’t remember, William Preston Marshall is the individual who’s actions were deemed illegal by a superior court judge which led to the $4 million dollar lawsuit against the county. Once you finish reviewing this article you will see that the Cattaraugus County “District Attorney’s” office is nothing more then a Racketeering and Organized Corruption Ring that preys upon people for the enrichment of organization. You can’t make this stuff up folks, Rod Sterling would be jealous based on what is going on in Cattaraugus County new York… Continue reading

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Who Needs a Mental Exam?

Not to be outdone by Stalinist Russia “Assistant District Attorney” Kelly Balcom who’s boss is Lori Rieman (i.e. the respondeat superior), now claims that a individual who defends and/or exercises their Constitutional and Civil Rights in Cattaraugus County New York needs a mental examination.

The most worrisome aspect about this article is the fact that Cattaraugus County is one of the only county’s in the State of New York that does not require something the other 66 counties require. Do you know what it is?

After you review this article you will see who really needs an mental examination…

New York State uses the same tactics applied in Stalin’s Russia to stifle individuals who are exercising their rights, constitutional, civil, or otherwise, especially individuals who are defending themselves in court against public corruption and in doing so are attempting to protect all New Yorkers Rights.

How does New York State do it?

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