Support the Bill to Create a Committee on Prosecutorial Misconduct in New York

Committee-on-Prosecutorial-Misconduct-new-york-2015Bill Bastuk, another victim of a corrupt District Attorney in New York State lost over $160,000.00, he and his wife’s life savings over bogus charges. He is one gentle soul, a very nice charming man who did not deserve what they did to him.

He has founded the it could happen to you foundation ( and is spearheading a bill in the legislator to create a committee specifically for District Attorney and Assistant District Attorney misconduct. The bill is gathering wide support. It is Senate Bill  2412A and Assembly Bill  A05285.

The purpose of this legislation is to create the commission on prosecutor conduct, to serve as a disciplinary entity designated to review complaints of prosecutor misconduct in New York State, to enforce the obligation of prosecutors to observe acceptable standards of conduct, and to establish reasonable accountability for the conduct of prosecutors during the performance of their functions, powers and duties as prosecutors. The commission on prosecutorial conduct is modeled after legislation that established the state commission on judicial conduct.

Call your Representatives NOW and demand they support Senate Bill  2412A and Assembly Bill  A05285!

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