Strange Twists in the Dog Shooting Incident – Website Suspended – Back Online

The events and characters coming out of the woodwork on the Olean Police Department shooting of a dog have taken some very strange twists and turns dealing with the same family members and the site being suspended after a individuals formed a campaing to shut it down. Very apparent they do not  want this information out….. Facebook shuts down post for this article in 30 minutes! No review… nothing! Getting to close to the truth… Update at bottom of page.

harold-richard admits-being-family-member

Richard’s admitting he is a family member – click to enlarge.

So not only do you have the individual who took the video related to her. You have the individual who has been blasting social media as the witness to the whole event. What is more interesting about Harold Richard is after he started to threaten one of the moderators we attempted to block him. Guess what, his profile does not appear in the blocking search results unlike all others when you search for so you can block them. We wonder why that is?

Harold Richard claimed to be there the full 3+hours yet he could not produce  a single picture or video that backed up his claims, which happened to fit the official narrative perfectly. To read the whole article that caused this site to be suspended click here.

Harold was getting so pissed off he slipped up and admitted he was another family member of Dana Roth. However he appears to be a liar, so who really knows. He is claiming that they will be stalked if the FOIL is released. This appears to be the narrative he as well as others appear to be setting up to give the appearance of legitimate cause to deny the FOILS because it would provide proof he does not exist and in fact is someone else…

olean-new-york-police-dog-shooting-crisis-actorsPublic records are public records. If the individual does not want to be placed in a public record, they should not have made a statement. Further we had FOILED the ADA Elizabeth Ensell’s “hit a hospitalize”  where she ran over a women suffering from Cerebral Palsy in a clearly marked crosswalk and the Olean Police Department covered it up. If any public record documents should have not been released, it should have been those. We don’t even care if the street addresses are redacted.  Harold would imply that somehow his family relative Dana Roth would have her personal contact information disclosed. It does not appear she was a witness, so why would they have any type of public records from her? Further, the FOIL law allows for such redaction. As you can see Harold and company are just attempting to set up a narrative so as to provide the appearance of legitimate cause to deny the FOILS. Now why would that be?   

So now you have the gentleman who took the video of the event, who was falsely accused of being a murderer in the social media by another family member, i.e. Dana Roth, which was false, and another family member who comes forward, i.e. Harold Richard claiming to have witnessed the whole thing which fits the official narrative perfectly. Are you following us folks?

Once the article was posted it came under attack almost immediately by Dana’s groupies. One was a California Valley Girl and the other was a local individual who works in daycare. They immediately start with the standard brain washed Neuro-linguistic programming attack crying out “conspiracy theory” in an attempt to discredit the article.


Click to enlarge

The term conspiracy theory was created by the CIA in the 1960’s to discredit any individual who dared question the official narrative pushed by the operation mocking bird main stream media.  concerning the Kennedy Assassination. Here are some modern day examples of it occurring.

A great book on the subject is titled “Conspiracy Theory in America” authored by the highly respected political scientist Lance deHaven-Smith,  and published by University of Texas Press in 2013.

Because these things were only spamming the facebook page with worthless memes and comments they were banned. But it didn’t stop there. The local trolls would soon join in….


Nagrom’s FB search profile results.

The first one to appear was none other then the voluptuous Bobby Nagrom, who has been kicked off of more forums than Cattaraugus County has confidential informants.

A word about how the corrupt local deep state turns these people into CI’s for the local Nazi surveillance state in this county. We saw first hand how they turn these people. Most are victims of being charged with a victim-less crime, like simple marijuana possession. They offer them a deal by dropping or reducing the charges, if they agree (and some don’t), they basically become a rat. They main focus is the cellphone contacts. The new CI’s, as they say  “have to hand over everything to Satan.” They have to give the local corrupt deep state all of there cellphone contacts. Most likely they have them already. If your cellphone is taken by these things they just download the contact info and enter/merge that data into the local stingray mobile surveillance platforms. This is the illegal method the local corrupt deep state uses. By becoming a CI it becomes legal. However some people become CI’s because they had or have friends or family members who are part of the local corrupt deep state and they want to be part of the network. These types let it go to their heads and take advantage of their status something for their own person advantage.


Bobby Nagrom Attacks Article right off of the bat – Click to enlarge

Bobby would start with the same standard procedure that the other two had engaged in. His first comment was just to attack the article and not bring any rational thoughts and facts into the process. There is nothing new under the sun with these types of people.

They refuse to review and investigate anything, letting their emotions lead the way. Reality and truth be damned.

Bobby also supports Antifa, which has been  designated a domestic terror organization by the United States Government. 

Bobby has also claimed he is a crisis actor…. Gone are the days when you protested for what you believe and were willing to do what it takes to make change. These things want paid. What a joke.

Booby admitting he loves Antifa - Click to enlarge

Booby admitting he loves Antifa – Click to enlarge

Recently the domestic terrorist group published a list of ICE employees. This list contained the names, address and other sensitive data on ICE employees. This is serous threat to our honest public employees. Some ICE locations have been closed due to the threat of violence, including threats from these things to “storm” the ICE office. This all must be viewed in the context of the Wikipedia release of personal information, names, where they live, and family members, of the public servants involved in enforcing immigration law. Needless to say this has angered many in the federal government and these things have no idea what is in store for them. Sources have stated that these things are planing to take it to the next level. In response the government is going to respond to any “storming” of the ICE offices, by what is considered to be the armed wing of Antifa. They have no idea what is in store for them.


Christopher Maynard’s AKA/Mistopher Chran’s FB search profile results.

However it was Mistopher Chran that would catch our attention. However that is a fictitious name. His real name is Christopher Maynard. He also goes by the name of Christopher Mahn. He is one of the moderators on the Olean Area Traffic and Community Safety Alliance FaceBook page.

The posts on traffic always get shut down if the corrupt police and their apologists start losing the narrative. When issues like this article are brought up and the official narrative is winning again, that is usually when you see it shut down.

Mahn Admits he is a crisis actor, he has seen Roth and recants, and admits he lies

Chran/Maynard/Mahn admits he is a crisis actor, he has seen Roth and recants, and admits he lies

Maynard ‘s family history includes law enforcement and originally he stated that he did recognize Roth by seeing her a few times at the county building. However once the thread on the facebook page got going he recanted and stated it was not her. It must be noted he stated he saw her a “few times”, not once but a few.

Maynard would also admit to being a paid crisis actor then he would deny it. He would also state he lies all of the time.  This is one individual not to be trusted. He also would state that his last appearance in court was in December of 2017, however their is no public record of him being charged. What is that telling you?

j-d-colman-FB-search-profile-resultsAnother interesting thing would appear out of Jackson County Texas, an alleged animal lover, one J.E. Coleman who appears to run two animal shelters/rehabilitation centers. She also went on the attack to discredit the article, which is strange because the article was about the appalling manner the way the dog was ‘dispatched’. It must be noted that we have heard from a number of reliable sources that dog had bitten people five times and was abused by one of the owners…, or the owner was just claming that to cover up for his abuse. If that is fact, why wasn’t the dog taken away after the first…or second biting?

Coleman would go on and attack the author of the article and claim that it was slanderous. Coming from a supposed ‘journalist’ we just all have to believe she should have the last say on the articles integrity, right? Wrong…..


Comment on campaign to shut down website by coleman that failed. She would delete this comment in order to hide her mental state.

We asked her to post some of her articles which she refused to do so as to prove who she said she was. She refused to do so. No proof whatsoever. She did not like it.

Coleman and Raven Hillyard, who also could not provide any proof of her statements started a campaign to shut down the website/FB Page. That’s right, the loser journalist J.E. Coleman and alleged “animal lover” organized a campaign to shut down…. over a dog shooting incident. Talk about cognitive dissonance. Aren’t journalist supposed to be staunch defenders of the 1st  Amendment and you would figure especially a journalist who is a animal lover.

Coleman would post the abuse contact info for what she thought was the hosting service (can’t even get that right). Then she would delete it. Geee.. who is trying to hide what….  We have the full size version of it Coleman.

She would also attempt to hide her alleged animal rescue shelters in Jackson County by removing them from her facebook profile. What is she so worried about?

Liberal Raven Hillyard rejoices over her apparent shutting down of the website.

Liberal Raven Hillyard rejoices over her apparent shutting down of the website.

Raven Hillyard would be overjoyed when the site went down. Tolerant liberals, so tolerant until you hurt their feelings… then they want to throw the first amendment out the door.

Our articles have been used in court which verifies their authenticity and factually based statements. We doubt that J.E. Coleman‘s have ever been used in court, if she is even a journalist.

You see how these things operate… when they lose the argument, they resort to attacking the foundation that holds it up or the person building it just like the corrupt DA’s Office tried to shut down the website and failed.

Notification site has been suspended.

Notification site has been suspended.

They appeared to have succeeded for a brief time in shutting down the website. However It was right back up. No different than the corrupt District Attorney Lori Rieman.

It appears that Coleman is not aware that we ran a website over two decades ago that exposed corruption in another state and when it was over four of the top judges in that state retired and the Attorney General running for the governor’s seat lost the election and needed appointed to his next position.

Coleman an alleged journalist and animal lover acted in the exact opposite manner one would expect from such a person. we wonder what people would think down in Jackson County Texas if they knew her true nature. The dog appeared to bite people… however we have seen animal rescue dogs that are trained to kill from drug houses in Buffalo be rehabilitated.

Coleman would also claim that Christopher Maynard AKA/Mistopher Chran, because he recanted his identification of Dana Roth that proved proof that she was not in court that day…. OK… one issue with that. Chran stated he had seen her a couple of times in, or outside the county building, not the city court, big difference. The city court and the county building is well over one mile away and not on the same day.

Our response to Coleman's claim of hearsay testimony versus first hand knowledge. Click to enlarge

Our response to Coleman’s claim of hearsay testimony versus first hand knowledge. Click to enlarge

She would also attempt to claim that the witnesses that saw Roth at the court, their testimony was hearsay. We explained to her the difference between hearsay and first hand knowledge and she appeared to have promptly deleted that post which would have provided more proof of her ignorance of the two. However our response to her was still there and we always quote and tag the person we are responding to if we are doing a direct response.

UPDATE 6/23/2018

Facebook Shuts Down Post on calling out crisis actors

Facebook Shuts Down Post on calling out crisis actors. Click to enlarge

We published the article around 11:00 PM and the usual suspects shows up, which were Bobby Nagrom, Christopher Maynard  AKA/Mistopher Chran AKA/Christopher Mahn and Dana Roth. It started out as the usual discrediting strategy. Roth was crying and complaining about banning  J.E. Coleman. too bad. She was deleting her comments in order to coverup her tracks and change the context of the thread.

Maynard would publish other interesting photos concerning his affiliation with Roth in which they were pushing their version of the pet shooting narrative with image and written text. He would boastfully brag about the time stamp shown on the on the image. This clearly identified how he and others work behind the scenes locally to push false narratives on the unsuspecting public in order to push their agenda.  When they were called out on it, they started back-tracking big-time.

Because we were calling Christopher Maynard AKA/Mistopher Chran AKA/Christopher Mahn and his localized COINPROTEL operation… bam, the post was gone. This is the screen we got when it occured…  we are definitely over the target… This article is red hot.  Facebook claims that the post did not fit its “community standards” so it was deleted. The give away was the fact their was no review appeal process allowed unlike all others post that are removed due to an alleged “violation of community standards”.

Read abut what happened next here….

This is what these losers do when they can’t win with their low level intelligence and can only lie in an attempt to win….

The best weapon to use against these things is pretending to be dumber than they are.

Below are a copy of the FOIL requests. Back in 2016 when ADA Elizabeth Ensell ran over a cerebral palsy sufferer in a clearly marked crosswalk in Olean and the Olean Police Department covered it up, we FOILED the incident information and received an answer. It showed Ensell was looking down, like she was texting when she hit the poor woman and hospitalized her. 

If Olean refuses the FOIL they admit they are covering up things they don’t what we the people to know, and in this matter it would be if Harold Richard even exists and getting to the bottom of who Dana Roth really is.   


If anyone reading this article believes there are false statements in it, please point them out and provide evidence for us to review. If the evidence s verified, the information found not accurate will be removed. Please send your questions/evidence to:

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