Ronda Stanton Bush Salamanca PD Perjurer Extraordinaire

In the ongoing saga of the Seneca Stahlman family, we have discovered that the lead investigator named Ronda Stanton Bush has been sued in federal court for lying to a grand Jury in which two innocent teenagers were locked up for over 150 days. The county judge at the time, the honorable Judge Himelein ruled that her testimony was untrue. Because her sworn testimony is untrue it becomes perjury (see People v Kresel 141 Misc. 593 (N.Y. Misc. 1931), People v Lane, People v Mickel).

ronda-stanton-bush-perjuryNot only that, but it appears that the blood sample of the diver who hit the Bryce Stahlman’s truck, and ran over his mother and father just disappeared while the investigation was under the control of Ronda, yet nothing happened with Bryce’s and his father Brad’s, they were all placed in the cold storage at the same time and only Bryce’s or his father Brad’s made it to the lab to be analyzed, which came up zero BAC.

This is exactly what appears she is doing now, creating a false narrative to charge someone with crimes they did not commit. Another interesting aspect was the three charges, they required a different mindset. It’s called mens rea, and the courts (including the court of appeals) have consistently ruled that you can only have one mindset when committing a criminal act. This further proves that the Grand Jury was lied to by the District Attorney’s office. It will be interesting to see if they attempt to cover up the prior bad acts of Bush, which would be nothing new under the sun here in Cattaraugus County New York, where justice goes to die.

Judge Himelein States Ronda's testimony to the Grand Jury is untrue.

Judge Himelein States Ronda’s testimony to the Grand Jury is untrue.

Ronda Stanton Bush was caught perjuring herself in front of a grand jury in which two kids were falsely accused of raping a girl and ended up in jail for close to six months. That led to a federal lawsuit against the City of Salamanca, the Salamanca PD and Ronda herself. You see how this works folks? They are all criminals and they need to be held accountable for their crimes, and they weren’t, and guess who was the ADA that prosecuted the case that led to the lawsuit? Why it was none Lori Reiman, the present DA.

After her testimony was thrown out the grand Jury was convened again and they refused to indict the kids and they were immediately  released.  Gee… I wonder how that effected their lives.

Grand Jury refuses to indict.

Grand Jury refuses to indict.

After discussing this issues with the latest victims, one of the victims would state that while being interviewed by “Ronda”, there were two interviews before she produced her statement on the matter. She would turn off the recorder and threaten them, then turn it back on to record their question and answer. That’s a real good honest investigator. So whenever you are dealing with any Salamanca PD make sure you are recording it. Will Ronda’s tapes be made available to prove what she did and/or said? Or will they disappear or be destroyed, which this has already happened to other’s in the county.

The lawsuit that arose from Ronda’s prior lies is case 1:10-cv-000248-RJA-JMM, which was settled out of court. Here is the final order on 07/31/2013

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Hon. Jeremiah J. McCarthy: Settlement Conference held on 7/31/2013. Settlement reached and placed on the record. APPEARANCES: Esam A. Elbadawi and Michael Riehler for Plaintiff; Plaintiffs Joshua Kinder and Shane Gogel were present; Paula M. Eade Newcomb and Dale A. Ehman for Defendants; In-house counsel for Defendant City of Salamanca present and Defendant Stanton present. (Entered: 07/31/2013)

A settlement has been reached in this case, the material terms of which were placed on the record at today’s proceeding. The amount of the settlement will remain confidential. The parties agree that this case may be dismissed on the merits, but without prejudice to the right, within 60 days, to reopen the case if the settlement is not consummated. SO ORDERED. Issued by Hon. Jeremiah J. McCarthy on 7/31/13. (Entered: 07/31/2013)

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