Psychotic Domestic Abusers and their kin are given free passes in Cattaraugus County New York

This story represents more proof of the true criminal, demented nature of Cattaraugus County District Attorney Lori Rieman, whose ultimate goal is to become a county judge. She is a severe liability on the taxpayers and she must be exposed for who she really is.

It starts off with an abused woman, Tiffany, who is originally from Olean but had moved to Las Vegas. While in Vegas, Tiffany was separated from her beloved dog, a two year old mastiff named Hannibal, by her abuser, who had physically abused both of them. Enter a good honest lawyer in Buffalo, a man heavily involved in animal rescue who reaches out to help her on a pro bono (free) basis….

domestic-abuse-cover-up-cattaraugus-county-new-yorkThis lawyer, Matthew Albert Esq., is one of the top in the nation in his field. This article shows how he was attacked by the wretched beast Rieman, who actually went after him(as well as anyone else who exposes her as being totally corrupt and worthless, and with psychopathic tendencies to boot…). These events were pieced together via the saga as how it unfolded on facebook and is another one for the CatCountyCorruption history book…

If any of you readers are sitting on the fence as to how psychopathic the criminal element of Cattaraugus County really is, this story should finally convince you that Rieman needs to be thrown in jail along with the rest of her criminal cabal. It will prove once and for all she is one sick puppy and will protect the criminal instead of the victim if it suits her purpose, the law be damned.

What is even more sickening in this specific sorry saga, that everyone in Cattaraugus County should be mad about,is the criminal event was videotaped, yet the criminal doing the beating gets off with a slap on the wrist and the accomplice gets away with no charges whatsoever. Further, the other criminal, the abuser who caused Tiffany to flee from the state she was living in is still harassing her in this state and nothing is being done about it. When we the people start to stand up and try to do something about it, Rieman then starts to threaten everyone who dares demand she do her job.

It is apparent that Rieman, as well as the Attorney Grievance committee, is more concerned about destroying someone with her and their lies, then they are trying to protect citizens and bring real criminals to justice. Rieman lies all of the time, even the Buffalo News reported on that.

Rieman and the “committee” have done just that in the Pro-Se’s matter, including, but not limited to covering up the perjury committed by “ADA” Elizabeth Ensell where she claimed, under penalties of perjury, that the Pro-Se was not allowed to file anymore motions pursuant to Omnibus Motion Rule, Article 55 of the Criminal Procedure Law. A law that does not exist and never did…it’s perjury plain and simple.

The criminal conduct of Rieman and her cohorts is so bad and reaches so deep, it appears that Judges and other lawyers in Catt County are also afraid of her. This is easily seen in the fact that three Judges recused themselves voluntary from the Pro-Se’s matter. The judges knew she and her cohorts were wrong, but they did not want to go up against the psychopath Rieman and her criminal cabal. If they dared do their jobs honestly, this psychopath most likely would have turned on them also and appealed the decision to county. The county court is just as corrupt as Rieman, and will stop at nothing to cover up criminal activity of corrupt public officials in Catt County also.

Why should the Pro-Se ever appeal a decision from the lower courts, now, or in the future when “Judge” Ronald Plotez was actively involved in an illegal proceeding that should have never occurred concerning the individual who is now suing the county and Rieman herself personally for over four million dollars? Their conduct could actually lead to another lawsuit by the same individual because of these other actions…. and guess what, we as taxpayers will be all on the hook for it AGAIN!

However we have spoken with the individual who is suing and he only wants Rieman and the rest of her criminal cabal held accountable for their crimes. He presently is not interested in another lawsuit. We will detail the conduct of Ploetz at the end of this article. We need to show just how bad it is. The Pro-Se has filed a complaint against him with the Judicial Conduct Board, we will see where that goes…

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” Isaiah 5:20

hannibalThe saga with this honest lawyer starts out with a woman and her dog.The woman’s name is Tiffany and she is originally from Olean, New York,and her dogs name is Hannibal. Hannibal was previously abused also. They were both trapped in a highly abusive relationship in Las Vegas with a man, one Kali McDade, originally from the Olean area also.

Tiffany tried for months to book airline tickets with Hannibal and get back home. No airline would take him because Hannibal was a mastiff/ pitbull. Kali was a clever fellow, he made sure Tiffany never had access to a car and could not get her license. He also stole her ID, took over her Facebook account… he basically cut her off from the rest of the world. Anything and everything she needed to escape from the clutches of this evil monster. Tiffany found comfort in one thing, her beloved Hannibal. She took really good care of him including making homemade dog treats, it was her only retreat from the pain and suffering she endured at the hands of Kali.

One day Tiffany and Hannibal were walking together in Vegas when Kali drove up to them and grabbed Tiffany and threw her into the car leaving Hannibal behind. Plain and simple, it was a kidnapping.Witnesses called the police and he police converged on the scene with even a police helicopter present. This caused enough confusion that it allowed for Tiffany to escape, but without Hannibal. She knew if she stayed to locate and flee with Hannibal she could end up dead if he caught up with her again, so she fled back to Olean leaving her beloved Hannibal behind, which of course worried her sick.

Being one of the nation’s top lawyers in Animal Abuse happens to live in Buffalo. Matt took her cause pro-bono to get Hannibal back home to Olean. Matt was a former ADA in Buffalo who is a good friend of Mark Sacha, another great lawyer in Buffalo who has been abused by the corrupt system. In other words, we the people have lawyers who give a damn in Western New York.

hannibal-reunites-tiffianyMatt developed a plan to get Hannibal back. Tom Cruise was not needed, only concerned volunteers were required. He, with this group of volunteers set the plan in motion. He networked with a Vegas based rescue who were able to entice McDade to release Hannibal to them. Then, Matt’s volunteers would travel all the way to Vegas to secure and rescue Hannibal. Dangerous? Yes, but to a woman who’s emotional states was in jeopardy it did not matter. The plan succeeded. Soon Hannibal was back in the care of Tiffany. Everything was great, so they thought….

But alas… The American Dream does not occur in Cattaraugus County. In Cattaraugus County dreams are actually nightmares. If you dare stand for your and other rights you will be targeted for termination by the powers that want to be.

Tiffany made the mistake of moving back to her native town of Olean in May of 2015 thinking she would be safe from the reach of Kali and his tentacles.

Tiffany was soon settled down, enjoying the company of Hannibal at home in Olean. Then it happened, one day when Tiffany was enjoying her life with her best friend Hannibal, the sister of the abuser Kali McDade, one Janette McDade, broke into her home and beat her senseless.

McDade and her accomplices actually videotaped the beating! It was a savage beating. The violent home invasion left her swollen with two black eyes, and almost causing her to have a seizure.

You would figure that because the attack was actually caught on camera it would be an open and shut case. Right?

WRONG! This is Cat County where the rule of law and reason are on permanent vacation.

Tiffany called the cops and they did nothing. The sister, Janette McDade, was caught by civilians as she fled the residence and then bragged about the beating, but that was not the end of it….

On top of that, “Brother” Kali has since tormented Tiffany, with thousands of harassing emails, phone calls, text messages, ruining her credit. What is even more sick about it, is Janette was allowed to sit right behind Tiffany at one of the hearings and Janette was laughing at her the whole time. No order of protection was issued on Tiffany’s behalf. Unreal.

As Matt pointed out, legally speaking, Janette McDade committed the crime of Burglary in the First Degree. That crime is defined as entering a dwelling without permission, with the intention to commit a crime inside the residence and causing someone physical injury while doing so. Any DA that can’t prove this crime in at least two different languages should be fired immediately.

The crime is classified as a B Violent felony, with a mandatory minimum of 5 years jail time. At least you would think that the Olean police and DA Lori Rieman would hold McDade’s sister accountable for her actions for beating Tiffany, especially with a videotape of the actual beating, right?

WRONG! She ultimately allowed McDade to plead guilty to an A misdemeanor with a NO JAIL recommendation. In legal terms that is a 5 STEP reduction. It would be like reducing a vehicular homicide to a parking ticket. Further, Riemanmade no efforts to go after the accomplice, and she has made no effort to do anything to hold Kali McDade responsible.

  • So, let’s recap. Matt, as an advocate and rescuer was able to cross state lines to reunite Hannibal and Tiffany
  • However Kali McDade, as a violent and psychotic abuser, was also able to reach out across state lines to his friends and family in Olean and still torment Tiffany.
  • Was Rieman, as a DA with all the government’s resources, able to do a DAMN THING to help a victim in a potentially fatal domestic violent incident? NO. She would not even help get a restraining order against Janette or Kali!

Matt started to pressure Rieman to do something about the criminal conduct. What did the Psychopath Rieman do as a result of Matt pressuring her to do her job? Please remember Matt was a ADA in Erie County who had experience in prosecuting domestic abuse cases….

Dear old Lori actually had the audacity to file an attorney grievance complaint against Matt!

That’s right, you have an honest lawyer who took up a cause pro-bono, who is one of the top lawyers in the country for animal abuse and he could now loss everything, including his law license, because we have a psychopath at the helm in the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s office.

Further, it will be interesting to see Rieman’s complaint against Matt and compare it to the Pro-se’s complaint against Rieman,to see how they stack up. If I were a betting entity, her complaint is riddled with lies yet we bet the attorney grievance committee will not even investigate her allegations to see if they are actually true.

This was easily proven with the Pro-Se’s complaint. The Pro-Se provided the Grievance Committee with Prima facie evidence (evidence that cannot be disputed), in the form of documents generated and sworn to by Rieman’s cohorts themselves, yet Gregory Hueter, the Chief Joke of the for the Fourth of the Department Attorney Grievance Committee, basically Western New York, claimed the Pro-Se did not offer any proof. We showed you just how corrupt the New York State Attorney Grievance Committee is with this article – click here.

The Attorney Grievances Committees appears to be nothing more than a RICO mechanism to keep honest lawyers from speaking out against the corrupt institutionalized power structure. Meanwhile, the corrupt status-quo stays in power and covers up crooked politically connected lawyers conduct.

This will be very interesting. Will it just prove to New Yorker’s the corruption goes right to the top and cause more taxpayers to flee this once great state, or will the psychopath Rieman and her criminal cabal be held accountable for their criminal conduct?

Some of Matt’s comments on the matter are found below; He told it like it is… no doubt about it. He pulled no punches in doing so. He exercised his right to free speech… to truth… and is now being persecuted as a result.

“As a DA, she is an embarrassment. As a woman, she is an embarrassment.”

“She is a virus symptomatic with the Police State. She threatened that she would vigorously pursue my vehicle and traffic related matter I have in Cattaraugus County, but meanwhile gives free passes to psychotic domestic abusers and their kin. She epitomizes the callous disregard that many DA’s show towards their positions. Instead of protecting their citizens, they choose to rape them for revenue.” (this is called RICO folks)

“As a community, we must continue to try and protect Tiffany and Hannibal. One way to do that is to eliminate diseases such as Rieman from her position. This country is heading towards turmoil because of uncaring tyrants such as her. Let’s expose her for the disgraceful bureaucrat that she is, and l will personally find a lawyer in Cattaraugus County with a shred of humanity to take her position from her in the next election cycle.”

“But for now, our voices CAN still be heard in relation to a violent and psychopathic domestic abuser. While Rieman already gave a free pass to Janette McDade, Kali’s sister, Tiffany has 1,000’s of harassing text messages and such from Kali that she has been begging to share with Rieman and her disgrace of an office.”

“It makes no difference if he is in Vegas or here, as is rumored… the fact that Tiffany is here gives Rieman jurisdiction. So far, she just hasn’t cared enough to exercise it.”

“Aside from completely diminishing, minimizing, and enabling Tiffany and Hannibal abuser’s, Kali Mcdade’s domestic violence cycle to continue… Lori Rieman is now attempting to jeopardize my law license by filing a grievance with the Attorney Grievance Board, who have the power to strip me of my law license.”

“Because of the ongoing nature of the litigation, I won’t say much more than I have already said about the matter… but I will say this. Government… in its dirtiest form, will play dirty. I have DA’s all over the state that have outright lied to the grievance board in favor of criminals and framing my assertions of injustices to be lies.”

That is how they do… they will pit your own moral convictions against your livelihood. The conduct of Rieman and some of the other crooked DA’s in this state remind me of a wonderful quote from Hitler’s propagandist, Joseph Goebbels:”

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, THE TRUTH is the greatest ENEMY of the State.”

“This is why they invest so much energy trying to shut me up… this is why they know I’m so dangerous. It is truth I speak. It is truth I will speak later today when I prove the City of Buffalo cooked the books and has covered up even more puppy genocide by the Police Department.”

Anyway, while Hannibal’s cross country reunion with Tiffany has somehow led to my own personal career being in jeopardy… I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat, though maybe I’d tone down the language against Rieman a little bit. What a sick society we have become where, like Nazi Germany, good becomes evil, evil becomes good… and the truth has become the greatest enemy of the state.

End of Matt’s Comments and on to why good judges and lawyers can’t be good in Cat County;

Original bogus Nov 10th, 2014 order transferring case from original court to Machias court

Original bogus Nov 10th, 2014 order transferring case from original court to Machias court

Back to Judge Ploetz: Here is just a little bit of Ploetz’s conduct in the Pro-Se’s matter. The Judge, taking advantage of the Pro-Se’s lack of experience in a court room setting, allowed for Rieman to illegally move the matter from the original court to the Town Court of Machias in early November of 2014. Rieman only had 45 days to move it and she failed and/or refused to do so. Ploetz knew, or should have known that Rieman was without authority to move it. The Pro-Se brought that up very clearly in his motion in opposition which Ploetz ignored. Here is the original order dated/filed on or about November 10th, 2014. We are sure the good lawyers and judges are aware of this type of conduct by the Cattaraugus county judge and they know if they don’t tow-the-line they could lose everything to. That’s why these things need to be removed from office.

The Judge of the Machias Court recused himself from the matter voluntary, as well as the other judge in the Machias Court, Denise Richards, another real piece of work. This appears to be the first case of a voluntary recusal of this type in the history of the State of New York. So, the Pro-Se files a motion to reargue/renew in the County court over the illegal transfer, the judge again taking advantage of the Pro-Se’s lack of experience in a court room setting transforms the reargue/recusal hearing into another motion to change venue.


The next Bogus Order by Ploetz who move it from a court it was not in to a court it was supposed to be in.

“Judge” Ploetz issues his order, on, or around February 13th, 2015, and he transfers the case from the original court to Little Valley. Did you catch that, he transferred the case from a court it was not in, to a court it was supposed to be in. You can’t do that. You have to have a hearing to fix it. BUT NOT HERE IN CATT COUNTY. Somehow the file that was in Machias mysteriously appears in Little Valley…

Completely Illegal but why should the cat county court system obey the law, after all it is catt county! And don’t worry, the Pro_Se has a certified copy of this one also.

This conduct by Ploetz as well as other illegal conduct is now before the Judicial Ethics Committee. What do you think the outcome of that will be? Will the Judicial Ethics Committee just turn out to be the largest RICO ring in the state or actually do their job?

Danny Laird, the judge who was part of the rigged trial in Yorkshire, that led to the lawsuit, mysteriously stepped down a couple months back, and he put his house up for sale to. Who know’’s what will happen with this one…