Olean New York Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Scam. Have Been Lied To?

Discover how local politicians are hiding huge amounts of your surplus tax dollars while claiming they are broke just to raise your taxes. This article has been shadow banned on FB threads and its IM. Olean, the county and all other cities, towns and villages are required by law to create and file a report that details where all the money they receive from you, the taxpayers go. In the usual timely fashion, the local politicians are crying about running short on their budgets again, your hard earned money. Are they really running out? All governmental bodies are required to execute an annual CAFR. You all need to…

cafr-olean-cattaraugus-budget-fraud-social.…get a hold of a copy of the latest CAFR [1] for the City of Olean to find out what is really going on financially with your local government agencies and how much money they really have stocked away in all of those hidden, misnamed accounts. The CAFR is that report. It is a set of financial statements comprising the financial report of a state, municipal or other governmental entity that complies with the accounting requirements promulgated by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). This is required for every State, County and Local municipality in the country.

We most likely will be attacked by the usual suspects for this article, which once the suspects are investigated, it always leads back to them being on the taxpayers dole, related to public servant(s) or friends with them. We saw this occur in our last article which we exposed how the Olean Police Department was engaged in illegal surveillance of its citizens.

Cattaraugus County [2] has one and so does the city of Olean. Here is Cattaraugus County’s CAFR for 2011[3]. It appears they just released the figures of the 2017 CAFR via the Olean Times Harald which showed a $182,000 surplus for 2017, pushing its fund balance to $43.7 million. Make sure you do not confuse the audit report with a CAFR.

This Article has been Shadow Banned Because they Don’t want the Citizens of Cattaraugus County to Know This Information.

Example of Facebook Shadow Banning in their IM Platform - Click to Enlarge

Example of Facebook Shadow Banning in their IM Platform – Click to Enlarge

Yesterday evening we send out a couple of Facebook IM’s with a link to the article alerting people  to it. In conversations this morning with they people we discovered they never recieved them. Is it the local corrupt deep state, or facebook, or both? We also noticed that admins to other facebook pages were not even allowed to comment on their own posts.

Example of Admins being banned from their own Post. This is the same thread. The top post contains an image of the original Post, in the same thread, that appeas directly below, yet the Admin cannot comment on his own post. Click to Enlarge.

Example of Admins being banned from their own Post. This is the same thread. The top post contains an image of the original Post, in the same thread, that appears directly below, yet the Admin cannot comment on his own post. Click to Enlarge.

Local deep state operatives continually submit bogus complaints in order to remove our articles. In one instance ‘DA’ Lori Rieman, County Court Clerk Jillian Koch and County Court Secretary Mary Reynolds, while on their taxpayer funded jobs , in an act of official misconduct, filed bogus complaints against this website in an attempt to shut it down. We had to move it to Iceland the home of wikileaks to insure our, and your 1st amendment rights were not blocked. That is how bad it is here in Cattaraugus County New York.

Shadow banning (also called stealth banning, ghost banning or comment ghosting) is the act of blocking a user or their content from an online community such that the user does not realize that they have been banned. It is a technique used in online communities in which a user is blocked from posting/messaging  content without knowledge of the ban. Therefore, from the user’s perspective, they are not banned, but other users cannot see their input. By making a user’s contributions invisible or less prominent to other members of the service, the hope is that in the absence of reactions to their comments, the user will become bored or frustrated and leave the site. Twitter has been long accused of shadow banning and manipulating various metrics of user accounts.

Local CAFR Scam

The citizens of Olean are up in arms about where their tax dollars are going, the alleged ‘shortfalls’ ….. and rightly so…. The CAFR gives you a complete picture of the actual money the government has in its coffers. Here is a good video overview of the CAFR and how it effects We the People and how local governments attempt to hide the money just like Al Capone did with his two sets of books;

The County Treasurer stated that the $36 million is undesignated, meaning it can be used for anything. The county could easily allocate a very small part of that to purchasing and installing video cameras in all of the sheriffs patrol motor vehicles, where the majority of abuses occur in this county by lying about probable cause, which can also help reduce the liability of the taxpayers and police and ensure proper conduct occurred when the public, i.e. we the people, is involved.  Video doesn’t lie provided it is not illegally edited.

We have been reviewing this issue since the late 90’s and early 2000’s, when we acquired a copy of the county’s CAFR and discovered they had a surplus of $6 million dollars, we discovered just how the local “powers that want to be” manipulate the budgetary numbers in order to rob you of your hard earned money, and that was in the easy to identify ‘slush fund’ accounts.


The April 26, 2018 OTH article that announces the $36 million surplus that was created via taxation of we the people. Click to enlarge

Who knows how many other accounts of this nature remained hidden under confusing names and locations and its regulated to the back pages of the local MSM mouthpieces. This was easily seen in the April 26, 2018 OTH edition where the reported that the county has $36 million in undesignated funds that they collected through taxing we the people. The announcement was at the bottom of page three. THIS $36 MILLION IN SURPLUS is  “undesignated ” and CAN BE USED FOR ANYTHING…

The local politicians always start by crying about running low on tax dollars and the need to raise more money, i.e. taxes. The smoke and mirrors starts with the term “budget”, which is defined as [4];

A budget is a financial plan for a defined period of time, usually a year. It may also include planned sales volumes and revenues, resource quantities, costs and expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows.”

In other words the budget is nothing but a prediction into the future, and we all know how accurate future predictions work, especially when corrupt politicians get involved, like in this county. This is how the ‘process’ [5] works; The  ‘prediction’ is made. The local “powers that want to be” get together and come up with the financial figure(s) of what they will need for the coming year. It is always deficit. further proof of this strategy is the statements made by the County Treasurer and Administrator “revenues came in higher than projected” in the Olean Times Harald article.  Then they start putting out the story that they need to raise taxes in order to meet the budget utilizing the local main stream media outlets [6] “cuts, cuts”.  They gauge their victims, i.e. you the tax payers, responses and they proceed accordingly. If there is major resistance they will target the most popular programs, the ones that carry the highest level of emotional response like children’s programs, the elderly or ones that are trending at the time to help get it passed. The budget gets passed and almost always the revenue collected is higher than the projected, BUT THEY DON’T REPORT IT in same manner in the public forum as they did the budget process, one blurb in the local MSM and that is about it.

The “mayor” (and we use that term loosely) spent his years as a the juvenile officer for the Olean Police Department destroying children for what amounted to juvenile mistakes, getting these kids locked into a system that can follow them the rest of their lives making their lives a miserable hell turning them into career criminals when all they needed was a good slap on the wrist outside of the ‘justice’ system;

“For boys who had been through the juvenile justice system, compared to boys with similar histories without judicial involvement, the odds of adult judicial interventions increased almost seven-fold, [7]

“The Crime Commission has been a long-time supporter of a comprehensive approach to preventing and responding to juvenile crime. Juvenile crime is a priority in the Crime Commission’s work because effective prevention and intervention strategies can deter future criminality. The juvenile justice system is an important component in intervention strategies “because youth referred to court before the age of 13 are far more likely to become chronic offenders than youth whose initial contact occurs at a later age.” Citizens Crime Commission of New York City, Guide to Juvenile Justice in New York City [8] citing Loeber, R., Farrington, D.P., & Petechuk, D. (2003). Child delinquency: Early intervention and prevention [9].

Lest we forget when he bragged about how there would be a statue of him after winning the last election? This is the same arrogance and incompetence in Aiello that caused the $1+ million dollar ‘mistake’ [10]. Olean can do better than this, Aiello is a perfect example of what a elected public servant should not be.  He created the problem, he is the problem.

Before you mount opposition to this scam have the ammo to blow them out of the water. Get a copy, study it, find out how much money they really have, and understand how they will counter it…

The person who discovered this scam paid a heavy price, his name was Walter VanBurien [11]. He has also championed the reform of such ‘reports’ to make it easy to understand, which has been employed by the State of Texas [12].  His website is very informative [13]. His ‘shortfalls’ section can help educate you on how to combat this fraud upon we the people and will help you  counter the BS the local ‘powers that want to be’ will use in an attempt to get their agenda passed [14]. The local cabal may even try to cry “bankruptcy” in order to get their ‘budget’ passed, which is just another lie [15].

His work has also led to the discovery of fraud “California State CAFR looked at; Fraud identified; Heads Roll” [16];

“For the CA State Parks it was 54-million. Collectively for all local government operations (tens of thousands of operations) it is a few trillion. The department head resigned and the assistant fired. What cojones did they forget, or intentionally ignore to cut off? The state attorney who dotted the “I’s” and crossed the “T’s” setting up the hidden funding account for them in the first place (Emphasis added) Every one of these stash accounts is signed off on by the city; county… The true fraud begins there, and usually the same is checked off on by a local judge.  Attorneys running the show, the employee(s) following their instructions but then the employee getting the axe as the scape goat.”

Do any of the powers that want to be have silent partnerships with local businesses?

The Texas report gives a detailed listing of every fund held by the TX State Treasury by assigned number (excludes funds held “outside” of the State Treasury). The detailed listing of each fund by assigned number can be referenced through the index at the beginning of the report and found by that assigned number within the report. The report only covers “State” fund accounts held. Within the State of Texas, non-state government operations, the thousands of all City, County, School District, other local government operations,  are separate entities and not part of the TX State Report. If other local governments “within” the State of Texas were totaled, that total would be substantially greater (by a factor of at least 30X) over total funds held by the TX “State Government” agencies.

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