Lori Rieman

lori-rieman-warmingNot to be outdone by her subordinates, Cattaraugus District Attorney Lori Rieman committed perjury and official misconduct in a local case when she, while representing the people, created, executed and then filed in the County Court a motion to change venue in a local case.

The local judge had recused (cannot hear the case) himself in the matter and once that is done it is the responsibility of the district attorney’s office to find and propose a location that both the defense and prosecution can agree on.

The judge recused himself on August 28th, 2014. The “District Attorney” (and I use that term loosely) , its been well over 60 days since the recusal. Which is one of  the issues she ignored, not to mention a whole lot more.

It appears she was attempting to cover up the crimes of her subordinates, Kelly Balcom and Elizabeth Ensell. Her actions to cover up their crimes, as well as theirs truly boarder on the bazaar. Click here for the full story…. 

The Buffalo News is even calling her out for her criminal incompetence and psychotic nature… 

  • Clock runs out on two possible charges in death of Holding Center inmate. Click here for article.
  • Holding Center victim’s uncle appeals for action; DA calls it ‘threat’. Click here for article.
  • Prosecutor delayed release of Metcalf decision until after Election Day. Click here for article.
  • “After sitting on the case until the statute of limitations expired on the most likely charges, and after Election Day passed in 2017, Rieman said she would not prosecute anyone for Metcalf’s death.” Click here for article. 

DA Lori Rieman Sued for 3 Million, Cat County for 1 Million, Taxpayers on the Hook.


Federal Lawsuit Against DA Lori Rieman & her ADA Employees concerning their temperament and psychological makeup. Click to enlarge.

You Can’t make this sh#t up folks. This is just amazing, after coming in contact with another victim of Cattaraugus County “DA” Lori Rieman, we have discovered that he was approached by a law firm concerning his case in which Rieman and her cohorts have committed so many criminal acts it boggles the mind, evidence of jury rigging, terrorizing family members, kidnapping children, etc… it has everything for the next  John Grisham novel… Your tax dollars hard at work folks…click here for full story.

Reiman and County Court moves forward with charges even though the law does not allow it.

As discussed in a previous article concerning a local matter, in which a local pro-se litigant is exposing vast corruption in the Cattaraugus County, New York government, specifically the criminal activity of the District Attorney and Cattaraugus County Sheriffs Office, the Pro Se, at a hearing to renew and reargue a Motion to Change Venue (which is simply changing the location of a trial within a county) in County Court, challenged the jurisdiction of the DA and the Court. What do you think the County Court did… click here for full story.

Rieman now claims that a individual who defends and/or exercises their Constitutional and Civil Rights in Cat County needs a mental examination. Let’s see who really needs an examination…

New York State uses the same tactics used in Stalin’s Russia to stifle individuals who are exercising their rights, constitutional, civil, or otherwise, especially individuals who are defending themselves in court against public corruption and in doing so are attempting to protect all New Yorker’s Rights…. click here for full article

Startling Admissions by Cat County District Attorney on how they treat Pro-Se litigants

In a local court case in Cattaraugus County, New York, a local Pro-Se litigant made the biggest mistake of his life. He decided to represent himself against false accusations, which is illegal in New York State, the most corrupt State in the United States. In liberal New York State it is also illegal if you exercise your right to remain silent, The 1st, 5th and the rest of the Amendments (the Bill of Rights) are not valid in New York. If you dare to exercise them you will be beaten by a Sheriffs Deputy who has been sued in federal court for the same type of conduct and perjury as well.  The district attorney and her minions will then conspire to cover it up because they don’t want their criminally natured enforcers to be held accountable to we the people. They would also… click here for full article

Catt County & DA Reiman ADMIT they are INCOMPETENT in SUPREME COURT!

A Pro-Se litigant who is battling the criminal element that exist in the Cattaraugus County Government filed an Article 78 petition in the Supreme Court to shut down the criminally minded District Attorney and her criminal cabal with an article 78 writ of prohibition, which would order the DA to stop her criminal activity and/or the court to stop its proceeding.  The petition alleged… click here for full article

Cat County District Attorney Lori Rieman Sets the Stage for Lynching Seneca Native Americans

First it was the Pro-Se’s case, then the one that led up to the four million dollar lawsuit. We thought we had heard it all, then we get contacted by a Seneca Native American who’s story about his run-in with the “District Attorney” & “Law Enforcement” with his family members and what they are doing to them should belong at the international criminal court located in The Hague… click here for full article

Psychotic Domestic Abusers and their Kin are Given Free Passes in Cattaraugus County New York

This story represents more proof of the true criminal, demented nature of Cattaraugus County District Attorney Lori Rieman, whose ultimate goal is to become a county judge. She is a severe liability on the taxpayers and she must be exposed for who she really is. It starts off with an abused woman, Tiffany, who is originally from Olean but had moved to Las Vegas. While in Vegas, Tiffany was separated from her beloved dog, a two year old mastiff named Hannibal, by her abuser, who had physically abused both of them. Enter a good honest lawyer in Buffalo, a man heavily involved in animal rescue who reaches out to help her on a pro bono (free) basis…. click here for full article

Stahlman Trial – What Actually Happened

Stahlman FOUND INNOCENT ON ALL CHARGES. In a case that was based on a illusory DA’s tale full of official government corruption, the final results are in; The Jury found Mr. Stahlman innocent of all charges provided. This if further proof it never should have gone to the Grand Jury in the first place, which provides more evidence that there is a deeply embedded pattern and practice, ranging across numerous years, by the “district attorney’s” office, that they engage in fraud upon the Grand Jury by the using our Grand Jury system to upgrade charges when they knew, or should have known the evidence does NOT support it. This will lead to another lawsuit against the County, the District Attorney’s Office, the City of Salamanca and the individual officers involved which never should have happened if they did their jobs fairly and honestly. We the taxpayers will flip the bill for it AGAIN… This latest travesty of justice also led to the kidnapping of observer in the public gallery during this trial, and the kidnapping was based on the criminal conduct of another Cattaraugus County “ADA”, one William Preston Marshall, who himself is the cause of a FOUR MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT AGAINST THE COUNTY It led to the loss of more of our rights by rouge elements of the Cattaraugus County government and the short fight to get them restored… click here for full article

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