Lori Reiman Cannot Cite the Law – AGAIN, personally responds to her Victims Demands.

Reimans response to one of her victims requests: “Because you are represented by an attorney, it is considered unethical for myself or Ms. Ensell or the police officers to speak directly with you on your pending charges.  For this reason, I am including your attorney on this correspondence.  The items you requested will be provided to your attorney as part of the discovery process.  I ask that you please stop contacting us directly because it places us in an awkward position because we really cannot respond.” There is no law that she can cite that would allow her to even make this statement and to this hour she has refused to cite any law whatsoever. As a “defendant” you have certain rights, among them getting evidence from the accusers. This you can demand, except this is Cattaraugus County. The victims response is as follows….riemans-e-mail-response-not-blacked-out1Ms Rieman, first of all I have no problem with you contacting my attorney, after all you did file a false complaint against him when he was only concerned about a former client in your sphere of influence. Heaven forbid an attorney actual cares about his client [1][i]. He is one of the best attorneys’ in New York. Your hubris and those who work for or with you know no bounds. Further, you don’t have to inform my lawyer about my demands if you wish, I will do that for you along with this response.

“ADA” Elizabeth Ensell has stated that “ethics” does not allow you, or those in your office, for a individual (falsely accused or otherwise) copies of important documents that they have every right to. If you want me to cite the law for you that allows me copies please let me know. Here is a copy of the ethics rules/law for your convenience. Please point out which one you claim applies to this matter. I will give you a hint on which ones applies to my demands, it’s called the Judiciary Law and Due Process.

The documents I have demanded are a matter of public record that I am allowed to access at anytime and have copies made thereof,  unless of course they have been destroyed like the video of one of my forced court appearances in Little Valley[2][ii] and most likely others which is a violation of the public records law. Are you holding anyone responsible for those crimes? Further are you doing anything to hold John Burrell responsible for his recent admission of criminal conduct in the March edition of the Villager newspaper[3][iii]?  I even contacted county court personal for copies of the search warrant application, transcripts  and such and was told I could not receive them. That’s the judicial branch, not the executive mind you.  Your tentacles of inequity have reached too far.

It is apparent you and your office could care less about obeying ethics, laws or you oaths of office for that matter and that was very apparent in the Stahlman trial[4][iv] as well as mine and the one you and the county are now being personally sued for at our expense[5][v], not to mention the others we have become aware of. Your office is a den of vipers and thief’s who prey upon the less fortunate who do not have the means and/or the knowledge to properly defend themselves, by the God Eternal I shall route thee and your den of vipers and thief’s out.

You and other of your ilk are the epitome of everything that is wrong with this once great state and nation that is now the laughing stock of the earth.

“By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them”

Need I remind you that I have been forced to talk to ten mental health specialists because of the criminal conduct of another one of your ADA’s, one William Preston Marshall, who claims that I am unable to defend myself or assist my lawyer. I find that preposterous in the fact that I have taken a case while in another state up to the supreme court and have recently won a NY DMV appeal, which from my understanding is extremely rare even for lawyers and I did it Pro-Se. Need I also remind you that it was Marshall’s conduct that was ruled illegal and caused the four million dollar lawsuit against you and the county, and you threw him under the bus in your response to the lawsuit? So much for loyalty to your subordinates. Vipers of a feather do slither together…

I find it ironic that the lawsuit specifically accuses the county of hiring people that are not mentally capable of the duties of their office and that you have no problem violating ethics procedures that you are bound to obey.  This is very evident in the fact that you have claimed to be able to read a persons mind[6][vi].

Let’s go over a little of the crimes you, your office and other members of the judicial and executive branch have committed upon me;

  1. Unlawfully stopped & arrested (Matthew Albanese even provided evidence of this in his testimony at the DMV hearing which I won the appeal while acting prose).
  2. Handcuffed to a chair at Ellicottville PD and assaulted and knocked out by Sheriff’s Deputy Bryan H Schwabenbauer who has been sued in federal court for this type of conduct and perjury and on top of that it appears that he is not reprimanded in any manner and actually gets a raise, this is another claim in the lawsuit filed against the county (failure to hold public officials accountable for their criminal conduct)  [7],[8][vii] [viii].
  3. Refused medical care when in custody after the assault, which you have by way of default admitted to.
  4. Had no jurisdiction right from the very beginning because Albanese failed and/or refused to sign the simplified information’s (STI’s) within the time allowed by law. Further the only charge that was signed was and obstruction charge for remaining silent which is jurisdictionally void on its face. That’s called the 5th Amendment in case you need a refresher.  You can’t be charged with a crime for remaining silent.
  5. Your “ADA” Elizabeth Ensell swore under oath that I was not allowed to file anymore motions pursuant to the Omnibus Motion Rule of Article 55 of the Criminal Procedure act. A law that does not exist ANYWHERE and further “ADA” Kelly Balcom would state that in court also. And please don’t attempt to use the excuse “it was mis-cited”. If that were the case then she would not have used the wording “not allowed to file ANY AND ALL motions[9][ix]
  6. Unlawfully and illegally move the matter to the Machias court after the honorable judge voluntary recused himself from the matter well after the law allowed you to do so, see CPL § 170.15(3)(a) and CPL § 255.20. Further another one of your “ADA’s” one Amber Kerling would take advantage of my lack of experience in a court room setting and illegally move it. Then you and your corrupt courts would…
  7. …try to re-arraign me again in Machias as well as Little Valley. There is no provision in law that allows you to do so. At the Machias action your other “ADA” Kelly Balcom would go record and state that your office was not there for most of it, that they only came in at the end, its not a court that they generally cover. Really, then who was covering it? Elvis? You and that court would also claim that the matter originally came from the imaginary town/village of “Elkin”, and town that does not exist anywhere in New York State. I can’t even find it in the states surrounding New York. [10][x].
  8. At this point two other judges voluntary recused themselves and it was illegally moved to Little Valley and which point I really started demanding that it all be dismissed because of the original jurisdictional issue of the simplified informations (STI’s) not being signed/verified and the right to remain silent.  I have not seen that judge since.
  9. A new judge falls into your trap and sends me off to ECMC on a MHL § 9.43 order right during the Stahlman trial to have me “evaluated” because he and Marshall claim I am a threat to myself or others, yet the transcript clearly shows and the judge even admits that I am no threat to him or myself, or anyone for that matter.
  10. The Judge was stating that I could be in from anywhere from 30 to 90 days. It only took a couple of hours for the experts at ECMC to determine there was nothing wrong with me and one actually admonished the judge for sending me up there.
  11. Then on my way home from Buffalo a couple of months later after I met another one of your victims concerning important information on how the county buys off law firms to to throw cases out against the county I was illegally stopped and assaulted. These criminals targeted me, first by tailgating me, then they moved over into the opposite oncoming lane and attempted to get me to race them. When that failed the goon Kowalski pulls out in front of me and hits the breaks so fast I don’t even have time to put my car in park. The only thing I have time to do is put my hands up and turn off the stereo before I heard a loud bang and glass flying everywhere. I am then pulled out of the car and thrown to the ground in serve pain and then handcuffed. I did not know at the time if I was shot or what. Then I am taken to the hospital and it is discovered that I have a possible fracture scapula, collar bone, and a concussion. I am still having problems with my right side as well as focusing my eyes in certain instances. Then I am not allowed access to my car and “ADA” Ensell states that I will never be allowed access to it and they will oppose any attempt for me to get it back. I am not even allowed to see if it is at the location you claim it is at and I can’t even get my house keys that are on the keychain. My lawyer actually has to waste his time in writing a letter to you demanding it back or he will file an Article 78 to order it back. The best part about all of this is I submit to take a breathalyzer test yet I am told I am not allowed by your criminal cop cohorts. I am then forced to take a blood sample that comes back at 0.05 BAC using a process that combines all other alcohols in the body and other substances including the only one you are held liable for [11][xi].  So the BAC was well below 0.05 which does not even allow any type of intoxicant charge. So how will you tamper with that evidence that has been sent to the State Police Lab?  Also during this time the cop who started this mess admitted that he personally talked to you about the matter that morning, further proof that you have taken a personal interest in the matter.  Also, where are the videos that my lawyer has asked for? I see that your “ADA’ Ensell is claiming that he has not followed the proper procedure to obtain them, however she, as well as you have failed and/or to cite any law that he supposedly has not followed. Making up laws again, nothing new for you and your sadistic office. So much for “discovery”.
  12. Then a couple of days go by and I am traveling through Salamanca and I am pulled over and accused of passing through a stop light while it is red, which is a total lie and I have videos to prove it. However at this encounter with your criminal corrupt Salamanca Police department the criminal Depasquale admits that he knows who I am.  In other words he provided absolute proof that you and the rest of your criminal cabal have been illegally passing around information about me to other corrupt criminals in an attempt to deny me my civil and constitutional rights.   

This is just some of the criminal activity you and your cohorts have engaged in against me. It is very apparent you are attempting to create an environment in a attempt to  drive me to do things I would not otherwise do. However your efforts will fail and you and your criminal cabal will be exposed and held accountable for the evil you really are. Your a Racketeering and Organized Corruption Ring, pure and simple. I have lost friends and business associates because of your criminal nature and my family has been terrorized by your goons. I have suffered greatly because of your actions, both personally and professionally and I will not stop until you and the criminals that work with you are brought to justice so myself and the citizens and visitors of this county do not have to live in fear of exercising there rights while upon this land called Cattaraugus County.

Lori Rieman, so Evil Satan Threw Her Out of Hell

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