Local Facebook Group Posts Status of CatCountyCorruption FB Page Suspension.

CatCountyCorruption FB Page was suspension. Olean Politics is a local group. Its founder is a staunch supporter of the 1st amendment. They have posted the status of the CatCo FB page. Thank You. As usual OP’s defense of the 1st amendment came under some attack by the usual suspects….

opd-dog-shooting-olean-politicsAt a recent court trial in Olean a woman would appear and take a seat in the gallery. We were following this trial closely. It was clearly a set up by the corrupt elements of the local deep state in the Olean Police Department. All the charges were dismissed thanks to some good lawyering and the investigative skills of the falsely accused individual, CatCountyCorruption.com and an honest and fair judge.

However, it was right before the trial started that a witnesses noticed the woman come in. She was dressed in black. She would appear to be in communication with someone via her cellphone while the trial was going on, which was strange. She would leave right after the trial was over. So who, or what was she there for? One of the witnesses gave a description of the stranger to us and her strange behavior. This is at the center of the alleged ‘slander’ BS by Roth.

The very next day the pet shooting by the Olean Police Department occurred. The individual who posted the video on the Olean Traffic page came under attack soon after by the one Dana Roth. Dana would claim that the individual that posted the video was a murderer. That is not true. Who is slandering who?

It was noticed that the female who attacked the individual fit the description of the person at trial, so we posted the profile of the attacker to our facebook page and one of the witnesses confirmed it was her. The stranger in court and the person who attacked the individual who posted the video were one and the same. However that is not the end of the story…

So an article is written and published on CatCountyCorruption.com, and posted to its FB page. It comes under vicious attack by Dana Roth and two of her groupies right away. None of them provided any evidence that it was not her. They were basically spamming the CatCountyCorruption FB page. One of the groupies was a local named Stephanie Marshall. Stephanie was the first one on Olean Politics to attack CatCountyCorruption in the  usual manner of making false claims. Another would soon join in. Stephanie is friends with Dana Roth. No bias there.

Another person would post claiming he was a witness to the shooting and his narrative of the story fit the official narrative perfectly. His name was Harold Richard. The problem with that is Harold’s Facebook page shows he lives in Wisconsin and had only 14 friends at the time. This fits the SOP of a fake facebook profile to a tee.

What we soon discover is that Dana and Richard are related to the individual who took and posted the video. What are the chances of that happening?

One family member posts a video, another family member attacks it using false claims and yet another family member comes forward claiming he stood around for three full hours and watched the whole thing transpire yet had no pictures or videos to back up his story, and his Facebook profile shows he lives in Wisconsin.  To read about this in detail click here.

The story gets stranger still… Once the story was posted one Mistopher Chran would comment that he had seen Dana Roth a couple of times in, or near the county building which helped support that she was a government employee, CI or acting as an agent  or servant of the local corrupt deep state. Mistopher Chran also moderates the Olean Traffic and Safety  group.

However, once the article got real, Mistopher Chran recanted his story and said it was not Dana, after stating he had seen her a “few times”. So we looked into Mistopher Chran and we discovered it was a fake profile. That’s nice, a moderator on one of the areas largest social network groups is using a fake profile. We would discover that his real name is Christopher Maynard He also goes by the name Christopher Mahn. Other groupies would attack and threaten to report the FB page and website. This appears to had led to the temporary suspension of the site. That didn’t last long…

We compiled this information and created another article titled “Strange Twists in the Dog Shooting Incident – Website Suspended – Back Online”, published and posted it to the FB page. Mistopher Chran would be the first of the CI’s, or whatever he is, to comment. All he did is tag Dana and a couple of others. The standard Ad Hominem attack procedures commenced. As usual, it backfired. Within 30 minutes the page had over 100 shares.

The shells flew back and forth and in the process Mistopher Chran admitted he had been messaging Dana Roth on FB IM before he posted anything, in what appeared to be an attempt to take control of the narrative for their hidden agenda. He would also make some other curious comments, in which he admitted he cannot be trusted. The next thing you know the page goes down, suspended for not following “community guidelines”, however no mention of what guidelines were allegedly violated were provided, and no review allowed. This wasn’t a typical suspension where guidelines allegedly violated are provided and a review is allowed. We hit on something sensitive.

They tried and failed and in doing so they exposed their network of trying to manipulate public opinion via social networks and their collateral effects.  Strange things would also occur with Harold Richard too. For further details click here to read the article that caused CatCountyCorruption.com FB page to be suspended.


Olean Politics Facebook Group – Click to enlarge

The moderator(s) would soon discover they were no longer allowed to post on facebook after the posting in the Olean Politics page. Because of this censorship  and the negative comments on the post we decided to defend our 1st amendment here;

Two individuals would make false accusations on the OP thread. One was Stephanie Marshall. She would go on a make more false claims appearing to act a agent for Roth. Stephanie and/or the other attackers, across both platforms would fail and/or refuse to point out the evidence they claimed was not accurate and would garner support from one other individual who has been called out numerous times for lying on the OP forum. That, and her spamming the CaCountyCorruption FB page were some of the main reasons she was banned from that FB page. Here is a link to the fist article that caused her groupies to come out of the woodwork. We also made video copies to document what actually was said.

The other member, i.e. Cheryl, would claim an unknown individual accused her of being a pedophile. We have access to the alleged comments in question. The individual never stated that and evidence supports that conclusion.

cheryl-claims-psyco-liesCheryl would mock others calling out the pedophilia issues surrounding Hillary and she would run to support Hillary every chance she got, including what the state department did to protect individuals in Haiti accused of such crimes.

She was accused of supporting people who protect pedophiles. She was not accused of being one.  It also appears she is a religious  bigot.  Once she was really called out on this serious issue she started to back pedal, like all lairs do when they are cornered. Theses types of people can’t stand getting the truth thrown back at them.


Cheryl supporting a protector of pedophiles and providing evidenced of her religious bigotry – click to enlarge

Cheryl claims that this individual spreads lies, which he does not. You can see the individual  is hitting her with facts by the long well researched answers.  It is Cheryl that slanders others that can effect their personal lives.

Cheryl had been called out many times. In one particular incident she claimed someone was threatening her via Facebook Messenger and other members of OP asked her to  post the messages to prove it. She refused and stated that the person threatening her had deleted their profile so the messages disappeared. This was an outright lie. At the time, facebook did not delete IM messages of people who had deleted their profiles. She would disappear for a couple of days from the group. She would then reappear with a changed story claiming it was her granddaughter that had been threatened. Members demanded that she post those threats, which she also refused to do. She would soon delete the whole thread. Birds of a feather do flock together. Nothing she says can be trusted.

If you want to see freedom of speech go to OLEAN POLITICS. You might not like everything seen and written there, but that is freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment is not hear to protect the speech we do like, it’s here to protect the speech we don’t like.

If anyone reading this article believes there are false statements in it, please point them out and provide evidence for us to review. If the evidence s verified, the information found not accurate will be removed. Please send your questions/evidence to: catcountycorruption@gmail.com


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