Letter on Criminal Conduct of Court Clerks to Andrew B. Isenberg District Executive of 8th Judicial Office

A startling admission by court personal of the 8th Judicial District of the State of New York, they claim they are not allowed to discuss the job description of Andrew B. Isenberg, District Executive of 8th Judicial Office, i.e. its secret. Are we living in a police state?  He is a public employee and they are claiming we don’t have a right to know what his duties are. They would then pass the buck that we had to go to the http://www.courts.state.ny.us website to locate it however we could not find it. We even had to call the www.courts.state.ny.us helpline number and they could not find it either. A Center for Public Integrity Study shows that New York State ranks 48th out of 50 in Judicial Accountability and this is proof.


Mr. Andrew B. Isenberg
District Executive of 8th Judicial Office
92 Franklin Street, 3rd Floor
Buffalo, NY 14202


Rare Photo of Western New York’s Most Corrupt Court Official, Andrew Isenberg of the eight judicial district. Click to Enlarge

Mr. Isenberg, today, on, or about 9:11 AM, I called you concerning the criminal conduct of various county court clerks here in Cattaraugus County New York. I informed you of how they were illegally moving documents from one file to another [in an attempt to cover up the fraud upon the court that was occurring here particular to my case], using superseded simplified informations [1] that were never dismissed in a lower court and the CPL 30.30 time limits have clearly run out, and I asked you to point out where in my website http://CatCountyCorruption.com that you claim I was unfairly attacking them.  I also wished to inform you of how they were directly violating JL 255 in my matter but you hung up the phone. Further Jane St John one of the court clerks for Cattaraugus County has refused on numerous occasions to search specific files for documents and if not found certify as such. I find this conduct very unprofessional and immoral, for a public servant to willfully neglect his duties to a taxpayer/citizen who has been victimized by the corruption that is occurring in Cattaraugus County. You also stated that you will not respond to e-mails. Please provide me with the law that does not allow you to respond via e-mail.

publicintegrity.org-state-integrity-investigationhttp://CatCountyCorruption.com contains court documents, written by their own hands, audios and videos spoken from their own lips of them engaged in such types of criminal conduct which is prima facie evidence of it. The website includes details of the attempted murder of myself and the Stalinist and Nazi era tactics of corrupt county officials engaged in an attempt to silence me as well as others when we were simply exercising my rights, including, but not limited my 1st Amendment rights concerning court clerk secretary Jillian Koch actually filing a complaint against the website claiming it contained personal information on her, which it does not in that she actually had to send in a copy of her driver’s license to the hosting service to verify her complaint, which of course we have an audio recording of that as proof. Koch was not the only one that sent in the complaint, District Attorney Lori Rieman and Mary Reynolds, the personal secretary to county court judge Ronald Ploetz also sent in fraudulent complaints claiming the same thing. Cite two is the website article details on their criminal conduct on that issue[2].  This level of corruption is exemplified in the Center for Public Integrity Study that shows New York State ranks 48th out of 50 in Judicial Accountability. Are you going to be part of the problem, or part of the solution in remedying this serous issue [3]?

http://CatCountyCorruption.com also has details on how I was forced to undergo bogus psychological examinations pursuant to a fraudulent CPL 730.30 proceeding claiming I was incapable of representing myself or assisting my attorney yet I had won a NY-DMV refusal hearing appeal myself, without the assistance of any Attorney, which from my research is difficult even for seasoned Attorney’s.  This CPL 730.30 process was the same one used against Bill Bastuk, another victim of a corrupt District Attorney in New York State who lost over $160,000.00, he and his wife’s life savings over bogus charges. He has founded the it could happen to you foundation (itcouldhappen2you.org) and is spearheading a bill in the legislator to create a committee specifically for District Attorney and Assistant District Attorney misconduct. The bill is gathering wide support. It is Senate Bill 24 and Assembly Bill 1131. The purpose of this legislation is to create the commission on prosecutor conduct, to serve as a disciplinary entity designated to review complaints of prosecutor misconduct in New York State, to enforce the obligation of prosecutors to observe acceptable standards of conduct, and to establish reasonable accountability for the conduct of prosecutors during the performance of their functions, powers and duties as prosecutors. So it appears to be a standard pattern and practice in Western New York to silence individual citizens who are simply exercising their constitutional and civil rights.

The website actually had to be moved offshore to Iceland, the home of Wiki-leaks to protect the 1st Amendment of THIS COUNTRY and Article 1, section 8 of the New York State Constitution. It is truly ironic for a county and state that exposés such free of speech principles to its citizens and the world when in fact they engage in the exact opposite.

Further, after asking personal in your office of exactly what your duties were she claimed she was not allowed to discuss it over the phone, which I found startling to say the least. A public employee who is paid for by we the citizen/taxpayers and your job description is secret.  She informed me that I had to go to the http://www.courts.state.ny.us website to locate it however I could not find it. I even had to call the www.courts.state.ny.us help phone number and they could not find it either. This is very disturbing that we the citizens are not allowed to know what you duty actually is.

I expect you to uphold your sworn duty to uphold the law too we the citizens and taxpayer of this state.

Pursuant to your sworn oath of office and I being a taxpayer/citizen I hereby demand to see the following from you as soon as possible;

  1. The exact law that was passed by the state legislature that does not allow a citizen and taxpayer to communicate with you via e-mail and for you to respond in kind, and;
  2. The law that allows county court clerks to violate Judiciary Law 255 when a citizen and taxpayer asks a court clerk to inspect the file [4], [5], and;
  3. The law that allows you to ignore you sworn duties as a public employee/official who does appear to have oversight as yourself, and;
  4. What article contained on http://CatCountyCorruption.com you claim are attacking the Cattaraugus County Court Clerk Personal, and;
  5. A letter stating I have the right to request the court clerk inspect the file and if a specific document is not found to certify as such, and;
  6. A complete list of your responsibilities and authorities as the District Executive of the 8th Judicial District Office. e. your job description.

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[2] https://www.publicintegrity.org/2015/11/09/18477/new-york-gets-d-grade-2015-state-integrity-investigation
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[4] https://www.nycourts.gov/press/AccessToCourtRecords.pdf
[5] https://www.nycourts.gov/foil/CourtRecords.shtml

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