Krissy Senger and Kerri Scull Join in on the Ad Hominem Attack on CatCountyCorruption. Complete Jokes.

The fake profile Krissy Senger (KS) is complaining on another local FB page Olean Politics. It claims that we are against the 1st Amendment. DWI queen Dana Roth, who traveling the wrong direction would run headlong into a semi on 86 would join right in. We also discovered a group of local want-to-be terrorists….  antifa-cattaraugus-county-olean-new-yorkIronically, it was only a couple of months ago that these things would celebrate their taking down of this page and the website. We believe the Senger profile is connected with the local self admitted Antifa crowd, their groupies and others. Antifa has been labeled a domestic terrorist organization. The local crowd fits their pattern and practice and we will provide you the readers the evidence to prove it. They have no problem attacking the first amendment yet when they get it thrown back in their faces they cry like the babies punching bags they are… no… no… you can’t do that. Recently a bill was introduced in the US House to lock up Antifa types for 15 years.  If passed, Bill HR 6054 would punish anyone wearing a mask or disguise who “injures, oppresses, threatens, or intimidates” someone else exercising a right guaranteed under the Constitution.

One thing the moderator of Olean Politics stands for is the first Amendment. Luke Wenke stood up for us when Dana Roth and her minions shut us down.

j-e-coleman-gd-microThey would send in one of their followers  from Texas, one J.E. Coleman, who claimed she was an accomplished author to attack CatCountyCorruption articles. Coleman could not point out anything wrong with any of the articles and also started the fraudulent campaign to shutdown and remove CatCountyCorruption from the internet. Coleman also could not produce any articles she had written. Ironically. she also appeared in support of the corrupt OPD shooting the dog. The only problem with that is she is an animal rights activist. Aren’t animal rights activist supposed to do the exact opposite? A perfect example of their cognitive dissonance.


Liberal Raven Hillyard rejoices over her apparent shutting down of the website.

Another one of their followers from Buffalo, one Raven Hillyard set up the hit and bragged about it.
Ironically, the more these things complain online, the more popular CatCountyCorruption becomes.

The threshold event was when three public employees, while at their taxpayer funded jobs, filed fraudulent complaints against the website and shut it down. These criminals actually had to send a copy of their NYS drivers license along with their fraudulent complaint to verify it was them.


Complaints filed by Koch, Rieman and Reynolds against this website in an attempt to shut down the 1st Amendment

The three criminals were County of Cattaraugus ‘District Attorney” Lori Rieman, County of Cattaraugus Court Clerk Secretary Jillian Koch, and one Mary Reynolds. Based on the circumstances, this appears to be a first official misconduct of this type in the history of this country. Koch also works as the Town of Little Valley Court Clerk. While acting as the town court clerk she illegally deleted part of a hearing when a victim, his attorney and others objected to the victim (surrounded by five armed deputies at the time) being physically assaulted by Bridget Marshall, the wife of the criminal William Preston Marshall, another corrupt ADA in the district attorney’s office. Jillian also works with her mother Susan Koch, the Town of Little Valley Clerk. Susan is also employed at the Village of Little Valley as a Registrar. Susan also works at her Village of Little Valley location with Peggy Root, one of the potential jurors in the Kochan trial. Root would state to the whole jury panel during the selection process that CatCountyCorruption had slandered her husband, a County Deputy. The only problem with that is nobody at CatCountyCorruption had even heard of the Root’s until the trial and there was nothing posted about them whatsoever before the trial. There sure is now. This was one of the processes Ensell and Reiman used to taint the minds of the jurors. Here was another. Rieman and Ensell did everything imaginable to taint the jury. Susan Koch would also illegally delete the video of a hearing in which the Mr. Kochan was present and needed it for evidence.

In another trial a corrupt OPD officer was present at a party with underage kids and the parents/owners of the house where the party occurred supplied the booze. Further, months later a relative of the corrupt OPD officer would threaten another victim of the corruption with bodily harm online. In the Kochan case over 70% of the jury was made up of government employees, their friends or family members. This is how corrupt the jury selection process us in this county and how nepotism has infested our local and county government agencies.

Local corrupt public servants have already attempted to set their victims up twice to be murdered or seriously injured. On the evening of February 27, 2016 Mr. Kochan had met up with another victim of the county corruption in Buffalo New York. The purpose of the meetings was for picking up the certified copies of an appeal in the 4th Department. The Appeal eventually led to the Appellant court decision that unanimously decided against County Court Judge Ronald Ploetz. The 4th Department decided that Ploetz did not know what a question or an arrest was [People v Dettelis, 137 AD3d 1722]. On the way home Mr. Kochan’s vehicle was boxed in by a corrupt cop in violation of police department policy, had guns drawn on him in 2 seconds, his window shot out, dragged out of his vehicle then stomped on by the corrupt cops. He woke up handcuffed with blood running out of his left ear. The whole episode lasted about 60 seconds.  He was taken to Olean General Hospital where the hospital staff refused to treat the head injury and nothing was mentioned in the medical reports. He left the hospital in handcuffs with blood still running from his left ear. He suffered what appeared to be a stroke about one week later. After Mr. Kochan’s vehicle was illegally seized and held for six days in violation of CPLR Article 13-A by the corrupt Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Ensell, it was discovered that the certified court documents did not even appear on the police vehicle inventory sheet. It was the photos that secured and protected their existence.

The first shut down by Rieman, Koch and Reynolds of occurred the Thursday before Mr. Kochan was to appear in court. The most eye opening aspect of the shutting down of the websites was Mary Reynolds. She is County Court ‘Judge’ Ronald Poletz’s personal assistant. Talk about timing. We had to move the website to Iceland, the home of wikileaks, to protect its ability to exercise our first amendment rights. It’s pretty sad day in this country when American’s have to go overseas to exercise their 1st Amendment Rights. Dana Roth, Krissy Senger, Kerri Scull, John Hale and the rest of the boot lickers who suck up to the corruption cry because we throw it back at them? To bad…. Its called protecting ones interests.


Local Domestic Terrorist Group plotting to carry out attacks on local conservative voices – click to enlarge

This wasn’t the end of it… because we persisted they and their ilk decided to plan and commit to physical attacks, among other things. This was part of Bobby’s Norgrom’s and Mistopher Chran’s crowd. Soy Boy Bobby and Crayloa Chran couldn’t stand being called out for their communist ideology. Their types would actually plan to destroy local residents means of livelihood. They would also plan to break into their homes.

The moderator of Olean Politics would be the first target. He would actually be suspended from his job for exercising and protecting the 1st Amendment. Luckily, for the most part, the attacks  on local patriots employment stopped there. He was not attacked physically. However they also would engage in physical harassment and terrorization.

One of the fake facebook accounts we called out was ‘Mistopher Chran’. His actual name is Christopher Maynard and also goes by the aliases Christopher Mahn and Khristofer Mennerd.

Christopher Maynard posts proof of stalking - click to enlarge.

Christopher Maynard posts proof of stalking – click to enlarge.

Maynard and his groupies would also prove they stalk local Olean residents. The stupidity of these things is extraordinary. Maynard would actually be dumb enough to post proof. The picture to your left is a prime example. This is a picture of a local resident out attempting to enjoy his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness at a local tavern soon after the bogus charges of the corrupt Olean Police Officer Ryan Aylor were dropped. This is the same resident who was harassed and had his family terrorize in the middle of the night by assailants in a silver ford explorer.

Another one of their victims has also endured the stresses of being targeted by these things. He was actually suspended from his job because of it. This is how sick and how far these things will go. 

Maynard would admit he lies all of the time and owned a silver ford explorer, the same type of vehicle that was used to terrorize a local family after Roth posted the local family’s address. The next door neighbors property was also vandalized around this time. Maynard would also admit to being a crisis actor. Maynard would also go on and threaten the moderator of a popular local FB group.


Click to enlarge to see how Christopher Maynard threatens people, lies and admits he is a paid crisis actor.

Facebook is very clear on fake profiles like Chran/Maynard/Mennerd. They do not tolerate it. Facebook calls it Misrepresentation and using a name that does not abide by their name policies gets eliminated. We could care less if people have fake accounts, however if those fake accounts are used for nefarious purposes the law treats that in a different way.

Facebook policy on fake names. Click to enlarge.

Facebook policy on fake names. Click to enlarge.

The local deep state was not happy with the results, so they decided to attack another individual who dared to stand up and fight for his rights. His name is Ronald Wilcox and what they did to him should send shivers up any real American’s spine. Mr. Wilcox ran a business for over 15 years in Olean New York. He also gave back to the community. One of your blue collar worker types who believed in hard work.

The corrupt Olean Police Department Officer Ryan Aylor would arrest Mr. Wilcox on a questionable probable cause. Aylor would lie on the stand about the circumstances surrounding the stop that led to the DWI charge. A couple of months later Aylor would then arrest Mr. Wilcox again on bogus unlicensed operations charges which were eventually dropped. However it was during the bogus unlicensed operations charges that Mr. Wilcox, unknown to him had an APB placed on him by the corrupt OPD.  APB charges are for armed and dangerous individuals and can get people killed very easily. Aylor ‘arrested’ i.e. kidnapped, Mr. Wilcox on the same day as Mr’s Wilcox’s daughters birthday. He needed bailed out and his car was towed costing him more money.  You can read the whole story here.

Now you have these things attacking and the individuals they believe run it. The recent Ad hominem attacks started with the fake profile of Krissy Senger (KS) and was joined immediately by Kerri Scull, the other KS. We have a hard time figuring out who is who. Scull looks like a real person. Senger’s profile, as of 18:00 hours 05OCT18 had not been updated for close to two years.


Senger’s original post with Scull’s comments – they sure thought CatCountyCorruption was a reliable news source back then- click to enlarge.

The irony of this joke of an ‘attack’ is the KS’s actually help support in 2017. Senger would post on the Olean Area Traffic and Community Safety Alliance, on April 7, 2017, CatCountCorruption’s article concerning the corrupt County of Cattaraugus Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Noelle Ensell LaFleur ‘hit and hospitalize’. Ensell ran into a woman in a clearly marked crosswalk and the corrupt Olean Police Department covered it up. It would be discovered that Ensell’s victim suffered from cerebral palsy and that Ensell tried to charge her victim with Ensell’s crime. Scull would chime right in and support Senger’s post and numerous other members would also support it wondering why a ticket was not issued against “Do you know who I am” Ensell.

The hit and hospitalize article posting was still present on the Olean Area Traffic and Community Safety Alliance FB page as of 05OCT18 @ 17:00 hours. We find this interesting due to the fact that soon after that article posted a pattern appeared to emerge where posts would disappear and comments would get locked on certain posts when members started to call out corrupt public employees. The locking out appeared to be tied to Mistopher Chran, another fake profile that was recently banned from facebook.


More lies by the fake profile Krissy Senger – click to enlarge

The fake profile Krissy Senger would go on and accuse to victims of the corrupt local district attorney Lori Rieman that they ratted out a drug dealer. Well Senger..who was it they supposedly ratted out? You can name him on anyone of a number of local FB groups since you’re so into posting police blotters of the victims of the corruption. The individual behind Senger fake profile needs to make some real friends. BTW, if it did occur, which it did not, how would Senger know that unless Senger was directly involved in law enforcement? Dana Roth would come in and support the Senger’s fake profile. Roth months earlier had posted the mocking bird media news articles of the victims of the local and county corruption over the Olean Police Department’s Shooting of the dog, which included the individual who posted the video of the shooting.

So you have these losers who originally supported CatCountCorruption’s, then a little over a year later they would do the exact opposite. Were they targeted by the local deep state corrupt elements at OPD, CCSO and NYSP, which if you contact them about these criminal types about this type of criminal conduct they will claim you are harassing them and threaten you with charges of harassment, unlike real law enforcement, who take these matters seriously. However they could be just part of the local mentally challenged Antifa crowd, or both? We shall soon see….  Tic-toc-tic-toc…

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