Kochan Trial Update – Kowalski Crossed Examined, Kochan takes the stand and ‘ADA’ Ensell freaks out….

Today (6/7/17) Mr. Kochan’s Attorney finished up his cross examination upon Ellicottville/Salamanca/Hamburg/Franklinville Police Officer Cori Kowalski (did we miss any?). Kowalski is the one that drew a gun on Mr. Kochan in two seconds, shot out or knocked out his window 25 seconds later and then pulled Mr. Kochan from his car throwing him on the cold, hard pavement head first knocking him unconscious then stomping on him.

ensell-refuses-to-enterToday it was Mr. Kochan’s turn on the stand. Mr. Kochan’s attorney brought out the retaliatory nature of the trial that DA Reiman and Ensell engaged in. In one specific instance when Mr. Kochan was asked how he thought his window was blown out. Mr. Kochan specifically stated that he thought it was knocked out at first then his opinion  changed to it being shot out because ‘ADA’ Elizabeth Ensell illegally seized his car in violation of CPLR Article 13A. Ensell started crying like a baby and objecting to Mr. Kochan exercising his rights by calling attention to the jury on her criminal nature. The Court, as usual, has been extremely biased against Mr. Kochan warned him not to do it anymore. Further proof it is illegal to exercise your rights in County Court (especially when you know what they really are).

At this time (Actually the whole trial) ‘DA’ (and we use that term loosely) Rieman was paging through Mr. Kochan’s three inch think 50H transcript in the hopes she could find something to use against him. A 50H hearing a process where you are forced to sit down and in front of the County Government Attorneys and grilled for four hours on everything. They can ask you anything and you have to answer. The 50H hearing was supposed to be for the original 2014 incident where Mr. Kochan was sent to two separate Jack Nicholson Suites, one by Ensell and both by William Preston Marshall which he was promptly released hours later and the judge was admonished for sending him there.   But the Attorney for Ellicottville illegally turned it into the 2016 matter to go on fishing expedition on the 2016 matter. They could not find a thing, so they had to revert to one paragraph in a year old lengthy article (which this site contains 100+) that described what Mr. Kochan believed occurred that evening which Olean General Hospital helped cover up by claiming Mr. Kochan had walked in and there was no head injury.


Olean General claims there was no head injury and victim walked in. Click to enlarge.

OGH believes that when you are rolled into the hospital handcuffed to an ambulance gurney you walked in and they won’t even look at the injury that sent you there, which was a serious injury to his head/brain. This was the cause of the  memory lose which evidence was present in the article Ensell referenced. Thank you Ms. Ensell for pointing to the evidence of his brain injury. This is what Mr. Kochan was recovering from when he wrote the article and he still did not have the videos the Ellicottville Police Department stole to go by.


Entering Olean General Hospital in handcuffs claiming he “walked-in”

Ensell would also bring up the Olean General Hospital Report as proof that the injury did not occur. This is the same report that that stated Mr. Kochan had walked in, that the blood test was taken after 6:07 AM when it was taken at 5:30 AM after they had saturated his injection area with copious amounts of isopropyl alcohol possibly mixed with ethyl alcohol and stuck the needle in him before the solution had time to dry. This is in complete violation of NYCRR: 10 CRR-NY 59.2 (d). The results would report that he had a BAC of .057% at 5:15AM. Other blood samples taken at the same time would come back at .04% BAC proof the hospital results were bogus and a complete set up.


Leaving hospital with blood still coming out of left ear. Click to enlarge.

Not only that, Mr. Kochan would leave the hospital with the blood still coming out of his ear, the hospital report would stated that his auditory canals were ‘clear’ and there was no “head Injury”


Erie County Medical Examiner’s BAC Report

The most interesting aspect of the matter is ENSELL REFUSED TO ENTER THESE DOCUMENTS INTO THE RECORD. She is citing them but refuses to enter them into the record. She DID NOT WANT THE JURY TO LOOK AT THEM BECAUSE IT WOULD HAVE PROVED EVERYTHING MR. KOCHAN HAD JUST STATED ON THE STAND. The article Ensell was using from the CatCountyCorruption.com website had in it the details and proof of how the Hospital rigged the BAC test results.  THIS IS THE ARTICLE ENSELL USED.


Olean General Hospital BAC report differs from Erie County Medical Center which proves tampering. Click to Enlarge.

The other interesting aspect is Deputy Mongo and the rest of the public employees that are being paid for by our tax dollars WERE NOT PRESENT THIS DAY. Mongo was specifically positioned in the courtroom across from the jury to paint Mr. Kochan in a negative light in the minds of the jury despite the fact that Mr. Kochan was the real victim in the matter. Mr. Kochan. These individuals were not present in the court room today (6/7/17) after we published our article on how Lori Rieman was using visual symbolism to taint the minds of the jury against Mr. Kochan.

Ensell even had to gall to take our taxpayer time and created a slide show for the jury for her closing statement and the “Court” even stated it’s against he law for the jury to have a copy of the jury instructions. That’s going to go over well at the Appellant level, just like it did when the Appellant Court ruled unanimously that the County “Court” did not know what a question of an arrest was.

The last statement Ensell made on her slide, referring to one of Mr. Kochan’s alleged statements was;

“I’ve been through this before”

Only problem was Mr. Kochan never made this statement. This was a ‘statement’ that appeared from the 2014 assault and was only discovered on a completely bogus CPL 710.30 statement for that incidence that mysteriously appeared in the court record months after the law allowed which is 15 days.

The reason the Court does not want the Jury to have a written copy of the jury minutes is because it would be too easy for them to figure out the crimes he committed. Once you read the Huntley Jury Instructions it will become very clear that Mr. Kochan was under arrest right from the start and not at the hospital. Ploetz just wanted the Jury to see the videos so he could insure Mr. Kochan was seen in a bad light after he just had his head bounced off the pavement and knocked out and stomped upon, which Ensell tried desperately to keep out of the record.

Tomorrow it’s off to the jury…

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