Key aspect of New York ethics reform may be up to voters

ALBANY: New York state’s new budget contains several measures written to address Albany’s culture of corruption – but a provision intended to revoke the pensions of disgraced officials will need voter approval too.

Lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo want to give judges the power to revoke the pensions of public officials convicted of a corruption-related felony. The proposal was inserted into the state budget passed by lawmakers last week, but the state Constitution must be amended in order to make the law apply to all sitting officials.

The whole issue with this is electronic voting, it is a complete scam and you have no idea if your vote is even counted when you vote. This goes way back to the old lever action machines that were maintained and controlled by the League of Women Voters and they were manufactured right here in western New York, in Jamestown as a matter of fact by Sequoia Pacific. Votescam, the Stealing of America thoroughly documents this theft of our votes and an interesting aspect of the book is it is written by the Collier Brothers [James M. Collier, Kenneth F. Collier], who actually a couple of “The Door’s” shows in the late 60’s, so all you liberals should enjoy reading up on this issue. A really good site to follw the latest issues with electronic voting is blackboxvoting .org  AND AS USUAL there has already been “voting issues” right here in Cattaraugus County.

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