John, Elizabeth and Catherine, what do they have in common?

A Perfect example of what is wrong with our local government.

Elizabeth, Catherine, and John. What do they have in common? They are all members of the same family. You see this deeply embedded multi-generational nepotism pattern and practice throughout the county and local government agencies that has abrogated the separations of powers guaranteed to we the people. Each one of them has worked for, or benefited from the corruption that is Cattaraugus. This article focuses around Catherine Ensell, one of the Daughter’s of John Ensell, a former New York State “Police” “investigator”, as well as at one time an investigator for the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office. John Ensell’s other daughter is presently Cattaraugus County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Ensell. This article provides you with the absolute proof of how Nepotism has destroy our county government, how deeply embedded it is and how friends and family members crimes go unpunished and/or are alleviated.  Catherine Ensell’s crime spree started in 2009 and culminated in 2016 when she along with three other individuals were charged and indicted on one felony, one misdemeanor and one violation related to drug distribution in Olean NY, and we are not talking weed here. There is rumors that she has recently violated probation and is still walking around free…

Timeline that shows the illegal and corrupt influence multi-generational nepotism creates in the county . Click to Enlarge.

Timeline that shows the illegal and corrupt influence multi-generational nepotism creates in the county . Click to Enlarge.

…throughout the whole legal process specific to the Ensell cases you will see the tentacles of ‘District Attorney’ Lori Rieman and County Court ‘Judge’ Ronald Ploetz overseeing the cases that reduced Catherine latest crime, not to mention the fact that he controlled the approval of who was appointed the special ‘prosecutors’ over a majority of the lower court cases from 2014 on. However, others who were charged at the same time, with the same charges did not fair as well. These cases help establish the corruption via nepotism that exists within our local and county government where multi-generational nepotism has infested all branches which allows friends and family members to cover up for and/or alleviate crimes of the others. Other cases already published on this site show you how they act in a retaliatory manner against anyone who dares to stand up for their rights. All the conspirators had to do was follow the law in a fair and unbiased manner, i.e. due process, the very concept they are sworn to uphold, and none of this would have happened.

Keep in mind what the term ‘conspiracy’ is. You can’t prove a conspiracy because the actors keep it secret, they will not admit it. The way its proven is though circumstantial evidence, specific actors, their actions and timelines;

“It is not necessary to prove a conspiracy before evidence of specific acts of the alleged conspirators can be received. The conspiracy itself can be established by evidence of particular acts, which, taken together, furnish a basis for a finding that a conspiracy exists,”[The People of the State of New York, Respondent, v. Maurice E. Connolly and Frederick Seely, Appellants 253 N.Y. 330; 171 N.E. 393; 1930 citing People v. Miles, 123 App. Div. 862, 875; affd., 192 N. Y. 541.]

This article provides you with court documents, actions and a timeline that will prove beyond any reasonable doubt just how the corrupt elements of the Judicial and Executive Branches of the Cattaraugus County government colluded and conspired with each other across numerous years, for their benefit, to form a pattern and practice to circumnavigate and violate the separation of powers of the US and NY Constitutions and deny we the people due process. This long term, deeply rooted embedded pattern and practice is accomplished by placing family members and friends, multi generations deep, within all the branches of the government to assist each other in covering up each other’s crimes, in essence forming a tight knitted criminal oligarchy that is not being held accountable for it crimes against humanity. Throughout history, oligarchies have often been tyrannical, relying on public obedience or oppression to exist. This website details the existence of such oligarchy here in Cattaraugus County. #ensellgate is a perfect example that exposes this serious issue.

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Click to enlarge knife attack public record documentation.

Catherine Ensell’s began her life of crime in 2009 when she is charged with obstruction of government administration, an A misdemeanor, in Portville NY. These types of charges are almost always handled in the lower courts. At the time the Cattaraugus County District Attorney was Ed Sharkey and he moved for a special prosecutor to be appointed because Catherine was the daughter to Investigator John Ensell of the DA’s Office, which is a standard practice and makes sense. Mr. Ensell is, or was a member of the Town of Portville Planning Board. We have not investigated how this one was resolved, but the Ensell family being from the Portville area, we will let you figure that one out for yourself.  In late 2009 Catherine stabbed an acquaintance with a knife and then ran away. She was charged with assault 2nd (D Felony) and Criminal Possession of a weapon 4th (A Misdemeanor).

The first county court level cases involving Catherine were handled by Cattaraugus County Judge Himelein, who saw the conflict of interests and/or mere appearance of impropriety of the judges within the Cattaraugus County Judicial Branch of Government. Judge Himelein had the case moved to Chautauqua County under another judge, exactly what a good judge does, unlike ‘Judge’ Ronald Ploetz who transfered none of the cases out of the county and handle all of the Ensell cases himself that went to the County Court. DA Sharkey also moved for a special prosecutor in everyone of the cases due to the fact her father was still employed by the District Attorneys office.

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Official court document of Goldschlager Attack. Click to Enlarge

In early 2010 Catherine attacked another woman with a Goldschlager bottle and was charged with another Felony assault. She hit her victim over the head and face with the bottle which caused serious injuries and required hospitalization.

However in 2010 Lori Rieman replaces Edward Sharkey as the District Attorney. In a rare move for Rieman, she actually continued on the ethical path of requesting a special prosecutor.

All of these earlier cases of Catherine were then consolidated under one action, which included one PL § 120.05(1), one PL § 120.05(2) and one PL § 120.05(3), all of which were assaults in the second degree, and all D level Felonies. Also included were two misdemeanor counts of PL § 265.01(2) of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, a total of five charges in all arising out of the stabbing and Goldschlager attacks.

Ms. Ensell was allowed to plead down to ONE PL § 120.00(1) Assault in the 3rd Degree an A Misdemeanor and sentenced to one year in county and fined $250.00 total in late 2010. We are sure there are a lot of people sitting in the county jail, both innocent and guilty, who would love a plea bargain like that.  She even failed and/or refused to pay the fine on the matter and a letter was sent to her in 2012 warning her that an arrest warrant would issue if she did not pay it.


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Her criminal streak didn’t stop there, around September of 2014 while in the Cattaraugus County Jail she was charged with promotion of prision contraband, an A misdemeanor. This was handed off to the Little Valley Town Court due to it being a misdemeanor, into the hands of the Justice Dry (who has since retired, who is related to the County Chief Court Clerk Vera Dry) and Jillian Koch. Jillian is the Cattaraugus County Court Clerk Secretary as well as Court Clerk of the Town of Little Valley. Her misconduct is legendary and here mother Susan Koch is the Little Valley Town Clerk who has also committed crimes by destroying evidence. Just like Catherine’s Portville Obstruction charge, we will let you figure out what happened to that one. However Catherine’s father had left the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office but District Attorney Lori Rieman moved to have a special prosecutor anyways, why? Because she had hired a new Assistant District Attorney, one Elizabeth Ensell, the sister of Catherine Ensell.

As a side note that displays just how corrupt the DA’s Office is, the most startling case we saw at Little Valley in 2015 (besides the ones detailed on this website) was when we were witness to a man who was brought into the Little Valley Town Court in shackles for calling 911 to many times. He was charged with Harassment. Yes, that’s right, in Cattaraugus County New York you can be charged with harassment for calling 911 to many times demanding that your servants take action (not to mention the fact you can also be charged for remaining silent). We called him “Mr. 911” and he had already been sitting in jail for the charge past the time allowed by law if he had been found guilty and sentenced. When his lawyer (who did a very good job of defending him) told the court that he had already spent more time in jail then if he been found guilty and sentenced to the maximum time Assistant District Attorney Kelly Balcom opposed his release and he was sent back to jail. The Judge should have released him right there.


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Then around October of 2015 Catherine is charged with DWI in Olean, New York. Again Rieman asks for and is granted a special prosecutor because of Catherine’s sister Elizabeth is employed in the District Attorney’s Office. The case appears to have remained in the city of Olean, NY, and again we did not review any of the lower cases to discover the final outcome, but based on the prior act and the fact she was out on the street in October of 2015, when she had been charged in September of 2014 with an A misdemeanor, that carries up to a one year sentence, and the time it takes once a person is charged with an A misdemeanor to the time they are tried and sentenced… it does appear that it was just another slap on the wrist.

Then comes 2016…


Indictment of Ensell and three others – Click to Enlarge

In April, 2016 Catherine Ensell was arrested along with three other people after members of the Olean Police Departments Emergency Response Team executed a Search Warrant initiated by Investigators from the Street Crimes Unit. Investigators had received several complaints of drug traffic in and out of this apartment for the past month and conducted surveillance and controlled buys of Crack cocaine from this location and later requested a Search Warrant. The Drug raid was executed without incident. 10 individual bags of Crack Cocaine and one larger bag of Crack were seized along with Powder Cocaine, Prescription pills and Marijuana. Cash and Drug Paraphernalia were also taken as evidence from the apartment. Notice the time frame between the October 2015 and April 2016 charges = six months. Was she even held accountable for the 2015 charges? But it gets Better…

Original posting on the Olean PD facebook page that has appeared to have gone 'missing'.

Original posting on the Olean PD facebook page that has appeared to have gone ‘missing’.

Four people (which included Catherine) are charged with the same crimes; one count of PL § 220.16 (12), a B felony, one count of PL § 220.16 (1), a B felony, and one count of PL § 221.05, an A misdemeanor. So, when it comes to plea bargaining a lot depends on the Defendant’s past, which includes the rap sheet, if any of the defendant if found guilty. Rap sheets are created by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services in Albany based on the uniform committed report that is transmitted to it from the court where the trial took place by the court clerks. You can’t trust anything coming from this county at all. The fabricate commitment reports as well as alter them constantly to cover up the criminal activity that is occurring within the Cattaraugus County Court.

The image you see to your left is a screen capture of the ‘official’ Olean Police Department postings on the arrests  that appears to have disappeared from the page.

The usual process is the “DA’s” office looks at the charges and history of a defendant and comes up with a plea bargain. 99.6% of all New Yorkers plead out. When you plead out you are not allowed to appeal (except in cases of subject matter jurisdiction). There were four defendants in this criminal matter; (1) Catherine Ensell; (2) Defendant 2; (3) Defendant 3 and (4) Defendant 4.

Ensell’s crimes go back to 2009 which includes multiple violent felonies. Defendant 2* also had a criminal record (if accurate) that included a non-violent felony and a violation of probation. The other two defendants appeared to have no criminal record.


Favoritism/Nepotism examples of the influence the Ensell’s have for a family member. Click to Enlarge

Ensell was allowed to plead out to criminal possession of a controlled substance in the 7th degree with 3 years to probation and a $250 fine, a misdemeanor.

Defendant 2 was allowed to plead out to criminal possession of a controlled substance in the 3rd degree with only probation, a felony.

Defendant 3 was allowed to plead out to criminal possession of a controlled substances in the 5th degree, a felony, with 5 years of probation and a $375 fine with right to appeal

Defendant 4 was allowed to plead out to a criminal possession of a controlled substance in the 5th degree, a felony, upon successful completion of drug court charge will be reduced to criminal possession of a controlled substance in the 7th degree.

So the individual with the worst criminal history is allowed to plead out to the best reduced charge. I bet the other defendants are happy with that. They all get felonies and Ensell walks away with a misdemeanor.


Elizabeth Ensell in her younger years

Her sister, Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth is of the same nature. She constantly commits fraud upon the court which includes lying. She makes up laws out of thin air and constantly violates the due process rights of citizens appearing in court and if you call her out on it she, along with ADA William Preston Marshall will have you unlawfully thrown into a mental hospital for standing up for your rights.


One thing you discover when you become a victim of the criminals is they will try every evil trick in book to ruin your live and discredit you. One of demented strategies is to use CPL 730 motions against you to make it appear that you are crazy. This is a standard policy and practice in New York.  Bill Bastuk, another victim of a corrupt District Attorney in New York State lost over $160,000.00, he and his wife’s life savings over bogus charges. He is one gentle soul, a very nice charming man who did not deserve what they did to him. They did the same thing to him. He has founded the it could happen to you foundation ( and is spearheading a bill in the legislator to create a committee specifically for District Attorney and Assistant District Attorney misconduct. The bill is gathering wide support. It is Senate Bill  2412A and Assembly Bill  A05285.

Once you have a CPL 730 you are required to undergo psychiatric examination. The first question they always ask you is, “is there history of any mental illness in your family?”  Which as you can plainly see Elizabeth and Catherine fit the boll to a tee. This family connection to mental illness was also brought out in the 2018 Florida school shooting in which it was discovered that the brother of the shooter Nicholas Cruz was institutionalized.  In this county they protect the real mental nutcases like the Ensell daughters and accuse people bringing their mental and criminal nature of these things to the attention of the public of it.

On Monday, November 14th, 2016, on, or about 9:34 AM, Cattaraugus County Assistant District Elizabeth N Ensell, ran into a civilian who was crossing the south bound Union Street lane in Olean New York in a clearly marked crosswalk. The pedestrian was crossing from the opposite side of the street which gave her a clear view of her latest victim. The pedestrian was sent to the hospital. This is a clear crime which anybody else would have been charged with. However the Olean Police Department did not charge Elizabeth with any crime and instead blamed the victim.  Read the full story here.


Retired State “Police” “Investigator” John Ensell

Ensell, as the time line at the top of this article reveals he also worked as a ‘investigator’ for the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office, the same place his daughter works now (as of 4/19/17. John has also been under the microscope by the Sister of a man who appears to have been murdered in Salamanca/Killbuck area. Don’t expect any justice or real investigation from him. His ‘investigations’ (and we use the term loosely) have been very questionable to say the least. The Sister, Barbara Pavlock, is a professional author English literature professor, award winner in her profession, and has written a number of journal articles and two significant books on literature. To review the problems she has been having getting to the bottom of her brother’s murder click here for part one, click here for part two, click here for part three, click here for part four, click here for part five, click here for part six, click here for part eight, click here for part nine, click here for part ten, click here for part eleven, click here for part twelve.

This is how the local criminal powers that what-to-be cover up the criminal conduct and/or alleviate it for family members and friends…. These things have figured out how to take control of all branches of our government through nepotism by hiring their family members and/or friends in different positions to cover up their misconduct and outright violent crimes in order to protect their jobs, pensions and other family members on the backs of We the People, where all powers of government are inherent from…


On Feb. 6, 1978 at a ski resort in Allegheny, NY, two ski slope groomers working in the evening were gunned down inside the Ski Wing lodge in what police believe was a burglary gone sour. The two apparently surprised burglars who were chipping away at a safe set in concrete in the floor of a closet in the managers office. 30 year old Stephen Bender and 29-year-old Michael Forness were the victims.

Ensell involved in the Ski-wing murder 'investigation'

Ensell involved in the Ski-wing murder ‘investigation’

Ensell was also the ‘investigator’ in the Ski Wing ‘Hollow’ murders, which have never been solved. While the case has turned to cold in the dustbins of time, it has not been forgotten by many concern Cattaraugus County Citizens have become emotionally attached to the subject and from time to time you can see the interests in solving the murders crest above the waves of corruption in this county to demand justice of the lives of the two lost souls, their family members, friends and We the People in general who allowed this government to form for the sole purpose of keeping us safe from events like that which occurred.  One of the writers of articles on this website had family members who worked there who could have easily become victims of this horrific unsolved crime if not for the fact they were not there when it happened.

ski-wing-murdersOn Feb. 6, 1978, two nighttime ski slope groomers were gunned down inside the Ski Wing lodge in what police believe was a burglary gone sour. The two apparently surprised burglars who were chipping away at a safe set in concrete in the floor of a closet in the managers office.



Mr. 'cold-case' Ensell

‘Cold-Case’ Ensell

John Ensell, parent of Elizabeth and Catherine still appears to be part of the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Unit and is currently ‘working’ on three cold case homicides and is seeking any and all information on these cases to help bring them to a successful conclusion.

There are many other ‘cold cases’ the the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s department does not seem to care about, here maybe a few of them;

John Ensell… cold case ‘investigator….. OK, we get it…


The articles on this website have caused so much concern with the corrupt elements of county and local government agencies in late February 2016 they attempted to silence a local rights activist forever and when that failed District Attorney Lori Rieman, Personal Secretary to Cattaraugus County Court Judge Mary Reynolds and Court Clerk Secretary Jillian Koch, in mid June of 2016, submitted complaints to this websites hosting service claiming that it was disclosing personal information on them to shut it down. This website has never disclosed personal information on any of them and we invite you to search it yourself to prove it does not do so. It is important to note that the hosting service, which was US based at the time, required that each individual who complained provide them a copy of their drivers license (we have a recording of it) in order for them to take action. They then temporally shut down the website forcing us to move it off shore to Iceland, the home of Wikileaks… marking a truly sad event in American and New York State Constitutional Rights when a website has to move out of the United States to an offshore location to exercise its 1st Amendment rights.


*It must be noted that we do not have access to Defendant 2’s rap sheets and can only work off of the crimes that were committed in this county based on prior records.


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