Is there Cronyism in the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office….

cronyismLooks like an oligarchy in the Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s office. We were browsing the Internet we discovered a extremely disturbing website on a murder that took place here in Cattaraugus County. The sister of the victim had tried to get some justice for her brother, but….


“When I saw her in May 2010, however, D.A. Rieman had invited retired N.Y.S.P. Senior Investigator John Ensell, who was the immediate superior of the investigator in Mark’s case and now works part-time as an investigator in the District Attorney’s office.  At this meeting, D.A. Rieman conveyed a very different attitude about the case and reversed her previously expressed intentions, with no warning and no explanation.  She now backed up virtually everything Mr. Ensell said justifying the original investigation.  I cannot discuss here all the questions I posed at that time, many of which referred to very sensitive issues.  This post, however, raises one specific point that came up at that meeting.  I later e-mailed some follow-up questions to D.A. Rieman, who replied that they were being referred to Mr. Ensell, with whom I subsequently had an exchange related to the issue at hand.”

The original ADA in the matter was one Elizabeth Ensell, any relation there?

This one will take some investigation…