FOIL Request Served on Olean Police Department on Ensell ‘Incident’

Numerous witnesses are coming forth on what occurred on Monday, November 14th, 2016, on, or about 9:34 AM, concerning Cattaraugus County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth N Ensell, who lives in Ellicottville New York, a multi-generational member of the powers that want to be county racketeering and organized crime gang, who ran into a civilian who was crossing the south bound Union Street lane in a clearly marked crosswalk which was covered up by the Olean Police Department…

FOIL Request on Ensell Hit and Cover-Up

FOIL Request on Ensell Hit and Cover-Up

A motor vehicle in the North bound Union Street lane had stopped and allowed the victim of Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Ensell hit and cover-up to walk safely across the street in the legally marked crosswalk WITHOUT any warning signals (which activation is NOT REQUIRED by law) when Ensell ran into her while she was walking in the crosswalk area of the south bound lane of Union Street. According to Jamie Ervay, an Employee at the Olean Times Herald the ‘OTH’ copies verbatim the police reports from the Olean Police Department. The request included;

  1. All records/reports/items/statements, etc… and anything related thereto of the incident that occurred on said date that involved Elizabeth Ensell ‘allegedly’ striking the pedestrian.
  2. All records/reports/items/statements/charges, etc… and anything related thereto that involved the charges the pedestrian was charged with, if charge(s) were filed.
  3. A copy of the law(s), or the law(s) cited that the pedestrian was charged with, if charge(s) were filed.
  4. If anything is denied in this request, in part or in whole, a copy of the law that such refusal is allowable.
  5. The City of Olean lists a reason to deny a FOIL request as being “Part of Investigatory Files” If alleging a denial is allowed under this circumstance provide a copy of the law allowing such. The police report copied verbatim states the Elizabeth Ensell was not charged, so there is no ‘investigation’ nor criminal action in progress.

Public Officers Law § 66-a mandates that;

“all reports and records of any accident, kept or maintained by the state police or by the police department or force of any county, city [Olean], town, village or other district of the state, shall be open to the inspection of any person having an interest therein, or of such person’s attorney or agent, even though the state or a municipal corporation or other subdivision thereof may have been involved in the accident;” 

Will the powers that want to be attempt to deny copies, or alter the narrative to fit their version of Ensell’s criminal conduct just like they do at the county? While the request has been served we will continue the gather eye witness reports on what actually occurred.


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