Federal Judge Rules New York Town Named Liberty Violated Man’s 1st Amendment Rights When They Kidnapped Him

Just like in Cattaraugus County New York, a man who had a run in with the corrupt local authorities of “Liberty” (and we use that term loosely) New York was kidnapped and held against his will for exercising his 1st Amendment rights.  There has been a group of individuals protesting the criminal conduct of District Lori Rieman and the rest of her criminal cabal out in front of the Cattaraugus County building located at 301 Court Street, Little Valley, New York for a couple of weeks now. When they first started protesting the were threatened by law enforcement…  liberty-new-yorkThe “officer” claimed that the group was ‘harassing’ county employees, you will discover that this is a favorite tacit used in order to terrorize the victims of Lori Rieman and William Preston Marshall. Marshall actually got his wife Bridget Ann Muccue Marshall to threaten a retired state employee who was demanding that Rieman do her job.  But that is the subject of another article. When one of the protesters schooled the ‘officer’ on the 1st amendment the ‘officer’ claimed that they had received a complaint from employees who worked for the county family advocate service. The protester then informed the ‘officer’ that no one identified themselves as county employees while they were walking to the building and that the employees had the means, motive and opportunity to file a claim (false claim that is) in an attempt to violate the protesters 1st amendment rights.

When the county employees returned to their car another protester (the one who is suing the county for 4 million), who was not at the location of the other protesters when the county employees walked by originally, immediately recognized one of the ‘family advocate’ employees as the ones who help kidnapped his children that lead to the lawsuit!  These employees made false claims to the ‘officer’ about being ‘harassed’, that is a crime. Do you think that local law enforcement will do anything about it?

This site is not about bashing the county and its employees in general. There are a lot of good employees that work for the county and local governments. It is about exposing the criminal elements (A RICO case can easily be found in the criminal element) that exist within it and have them removed from their positions of alleged power to to reduce and/or eliminate the liability that we as taxpayers face because of their criminal conduct. The saddest part of this whole issue is we have discovered that a large percentage of the victims of the criminal element are, or were actual government employees themselves.

Back to the Liberty New York story;

In 2012 Barboza was pulled over for speeding in the Town of Liberty, located in Sullivan County in upstate New York. He pleaded guilty by mail, and when he paid his fine expressed his frustration by scratching out “Liberty” and replacing it with “Tyranny”. His payment was rejected, and he was instead ordered to travel the two hours from his home to make a court appearance. At that court hearing, two police officers acting on the orders of an assistant district attorney arrested Barboza, i.e. kidnapped, for allegedly violating the state’s former “aggravated harassment” statute. He was fingerprinted, handcuffed to a bench, and then driven to a different court in a separate town, where he was arraigned without a lawyer. He was then taken to the county jail in another town where he had to pay $200 in bail and was only released hours later.

In 2013, a judge dismissed the charges against Barboza, stating that “[n]o citation is necessary for this Court to determine that the language under the circumstances here, offensive as it is, is protected.”

The NYCLU and attorney Stephen Bergstein of Bergstein & Ullrich, LLP, lead counsel on the case, contended that the prosecutor and the police officers – sworn to uphold and enforce the law – had violated Barboza’s First Amendment rights and also contended that the Village of Liberty was liable for failing to train law enforcement to respect the First Amendment. In Thursday’s ruling in the Southern District of New York, the judge agreed that the assistant district attorney was liable for violating Barboza’s clearly established rights and also ruled that the village had to stand trial on the claim it had failed to properly train its officers.

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This is the same stuff almost all New York state agencies will pull. They will claim that you are harassing them when you ask them to do their jobs. What a joke…

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