Ellicottville Town Supervisor John Burrell Busted.

town-supervisior-burrell-busted-ellicottvilleHere is an individual by the name of John Burrell who is the Town Supervisor of Ellicottville New York putting your children’s lives at stake.  He believes he is above the law and can break it anytime he pleases, just like the Cattaraugus County DA Lori Rieman and her sidekick William Preston Marshall who caused the 4 million dollar lawsuit against the county that we the taxpayers are flipping the bill for. The arrogance of some public officials.

This is what happens in Cattaraugus County when you have an out of control District Attorney who cares more about making money, covering up the crimes of other Cattaraugus County Employees and engaging in personal vendetta’s then going after real criminals. Need proof?

About a year ago (2014ish) you had a federal drug bust of a meth lab right in front of the Little Valley Town Court building, then the old Cattaraugus Cutlery Building burnt down in mid summer 2015, which appeared to be caused another meth lab. THIS WAS DIRECTLY BEHIND THE COUNTY COURT HOUSE & JAIL. Then you have the one in the Gazebo at the end of 3rd street, right out in the open, than there was another meth lab busted in late September of 2015. This was all in about a two to three block radius of the county center/court/jail,etc….. Then you have the Police Chief of Portville, New York, getting busted for selling prescription drugs… and a young business owner who OD on heroin in early October 2015. Lets not forget DA’s who make up laws that don’t exist because they are worried about getting sued for their criminal activity, and they have no problem destroying a small family business that has operated for over 20+ years with a perfect record and again the DA claimed in this matter they have the right to do what they did over another law that does not exist.

Now you have a Town Supervisor in Ellicottville, New York, passing stopped school buses with their flashers on with children all over the place.  Did anyone hear about this? Here is a perfect example of a power-tripped individual who believes he is above the law. It shows what happens when an individual has held a public office for a little too long starts to think they are above the law, just like Lori Rieman and her crew of criminals, such as William Preston Marshall, AKA Baby Face Finster. They all claim you have to follow the law but they don’t.

Seems John BS Burrell drove his taxpayer provided vehicle around two legally stopped school buses that had their stop flashers operating (you know, if you did this yourself you would be sitting in jail right now). In New York State, Police Cars responding to an emergency can’t even go around a stopped school bus with it flashers on. School buses with their flashers on TRUMP all. He has been suspended from being allowed to drive such government vehicles.

In New York it is illegal and very dangerous. You can be fined up to $250 to $400 fine, 5 points on your license, and/or possibly 30 days in jail…

That’s if you don’t hit and kill and/or injure a child, which thank god it did not occur, and…

Will Burrell do jail time, or will Rieman just cover it up? Based on past experience their will be a cover up, like nothing ever happened. Burrell will become Riemans bitch and will always be there to call in a favor…

Anybody But Burrell in 2015

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