Corrupt ADA Discovered in Chautauqua County New York

Western New York is full of corruption.  Chautauqua County New York is not immune from it. You have one of the most politically embedded individuals in western New York, the Sheriff, who’s last name is Gerace who has been the sheriff since 1995. The county building is also named Gerace. He was the criminal in charge of the Chautauqua County Jail when a political prisoner was tortured there years ago.  This story will detail how the corrupt RICO elements of the local Chautauqua County government area, and how they take over every aspect of every government branch in order to enrich themselves off the backs of us New York State Citizens. You will also discover how the Chautauqua County Jail is considered the Guantanamo Bay –  Abu Ghraib of North America….

Chautauqua-New-York-County-Jail-Guantanamo-Bay-Abu-Ghraib-of-North-America-usaChautauqua County, just like Cattaraugus County is one of the most corrupt counties in Western New York. It is also in the top ten of the poorest counties in New York.

Just how bad is Chautauqua County?

We will expose a corrupt Assistant District Attorney named Gregory David Drab who committed prosecutorial misconduct and a ‘judge’ who would not let a  courageous attorney subpoena the corrupt Sheriff and District Attorney to testify in a case involving an animal rescue. The animal in question was a horse that was dying from lack of nutrition. it was being starved to death.

Its the good-old-boys network protecting each other. Another one of the most scandalous issue that occurred with this case is the fact that the criminally minded ADA Drab is running for the very judges seat in Sheridan New York town court the case now being heard. Yes that’s right, if you can’t get a 100% conviction rate of totally innocent people, take over the judge’s seat to ensure you do!

This is a prime example of how the Racketeering and Organized Corruption Ring embeds itself into every aspect of local government in order to rob the people of their sustenance. Good people of Sheridan, New York, please don’t elect this criminal Gregory David Drab as your next judge, he is a tyrant and has no problem lying and committing prosecutorial misconduct. he is a perfect example of why the United States has only 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds prisoner population.  

First we will give a short history lesson of the criminal corrupt nature of the Chautauqua County. It involves a hard working, loving and caring Mennonite family; the Lapps.  The Lapp family incident of the 1990’s brings to light the long term deeply embedded corruption issue in the county. There was even a book written about it.

This incident, along with another recent court case that occurred in Sheridan, New York, proves that the corruption runs deep and is long lasting across a couple of decades. It is a Racketeering and Organized Corruption Ring that only pales in comparison to it’s next store neighbor Cattaraugus County.

The Lapp incident was over family members rescuing a child from the state child protection services. Once you investigate these types of government ‘services’ you will discover just how corrupt and evil they truly are.  A courageous congresswoman has even testified about it,  and there is a lot more where that came from. This incident as detailed in the book is a true story of America’s closed-door family court system gone wrong, and the authors’ eight months in jail for disobeying corrupt court orders. In 1993, 15-year-old Billy Stefan was in state custody, isolated from his family, drugged, and beaten. His father helped him escape from the boy’s home–his place of torment–and the authors, Barbara Lyn Lapp and Rachel Lapp, offered him refuge in their home. As authorities searched for the missing boy, the Lapp sisters helped him with secret media interviews that spilled across the nation on his terrifying accounts of abuse at the hands of America’s child protective system. Barbara Lyn Lapp is the author of the book.  Here is a good rundown of their story. They have since fled the country which many smart Americans are now doing.

This happened right here in Western New York Folk’s It’s time we clean up this local government corruption using the power of the New York State Grand Jury System.

On September 30th, 2015 Matthew Albert, a courageous attorney from Buffalo argued for close to two hours for his client who was being prosecuted on the bogus charge of trespassing in violation of PL § 140.05.

Strike 1 Against the Corrupt System

The alleged ‘trespassing’ was an animal recuse attempt by a member of the Chautauqua Humane Society for a horse that was starving and not being taken care of. The falsely accused individuals contacted law enforcement numerous times to take action on it, however they did nothing. Section 371 of the Agricultural and Markets Laws states Police MUST enforce animal welfare laws.

The individuals, because law enforcement did nothing went onto the property to care for the horse. They were then kidnapped by the torturer Gerace’s goons and cited for trespassing. What was interesting though is they wanted to leave however the ‘witness’ who called the goons blocked them from leaving. In other words they were held against their will by a person who not even the landowner. That’s kidnapping, see how it works in Western New York. Try to be a good Samaritan and you are kidnapped and charged with trespass.

During the opening statements and conversations it was very clear the the victims of the torturer Gerace wanted to leave but they were not allowed. A review of the violation the victims were bogusly charges with is in order;  Trespass – PL § 140.05;

PL § 140.05: In order to prove that an individual is guilty of the violation of Trespass in New York, it must be proven that the person:

1) knowingly enters or remains unlawfully in or upon premises.

As you can see this is one of those charges that uses the art of words to dilute its meaning. This is standard practice by a completely corrupt government structure in order to rob citizens of their rights. In this instance it centers around the word “or”. See in law if the word or is not preceded by a comma, it means “and”;

PL § 140.05: In order to prove that an individual is guilty of the violation of Trespass in New York, it must be proven that the person:

1) knowingly enters and remains unlawfully in or upon premises.

PEOPLE v. CASE 42 N.Y.2d 98 (1977) clearly establishes this fact;

A person is guilty of obstructing governmental administration, under section 195.05 of the Penal Law “when he intentionally obstructs, impairs or perverts the administration of law or other governmental function or prevents or attempts to prevent a public servant from performing an official function, by means of intimidation, physical force or interference, or by means of any independently unlawful act”. (Emphasis added.) A fair reading of this section can yield but one conclusion. The operative obstruction may be accomplished “by means of intimidation, physical force or interference, or by means of any independently unlawful act.” If it be “interference”, then it must be physical interference, as “physical” modifies “interference” in the statute. The word “interference” is not cast in isolation, it is part of the phrase “physical force or interference”, a phrase separated from the rest of the sentence by comma punctuation. The disjunctive “or” in said phrase joins “force” and “interference” and is distinct from the “or” following the word “interference”, which latter disjunctive is placed before the last in the series of the obstructive means. It simply makes no sense to read “interference” in solitary, apart from its modifier “physical”, for by so doing the reader must of necessity disregard the punctuated structure of the statute.

So the victims wanted to leave however they were held against their will by a nosy neighbor.

This is the art of words at play here that is utilized by corrupt governments to entrap individuals in their scheme to steal your money. With this specific law, you are required to provide the individual accused the opportunity to be noticed and then respond, its called due process and one of the most important of constitutional rights that corrupt Assistant District Attorney’s ‘overlook’ in order to make them look like they are “tough on crime”, for election purposes, when they are in fact just creating a RICO money generating process for themselves and the criminal organization they work for.

Strike 2 Against the Corrupt System

Attorney Albert then commenced and filed FOIL (freedom of information) applications upon the torturer Gerace to review the abuse cases/statistics. Guess what he discovered? There were no animal abuse cases in Chautauqua in over 8 years! As a matter of fact, it appeared as if the torturer’s goons were actually going out of their way to shoot pets for no reason at all.

Attorney Albert then decided that the public had to know about it, so he started to exercise his 1st amendment rights to let the public know and what do you think the torturer Joe Gerace did?

Why the torturer Gerace filed a grievance against Attorney Albert for speaking the truth….

Yes, that’s right, it is illegal to tell the truth and exercise your constitutional rights in Western New York, and if you are an honest Attorney the Attorney Grievance Committee of the 4th District, which is by extension part of the “good-old-boys’ RICO network will threaten you with taking your law license if you dare stand up for the truth. 

The Attorney Grievance Committee is a criminal RICO organization that protects and covers up the corrupt system. That is all it is for.  Here is a perfect example. Gregory Hueter is the criminal in control of the Attorney Grievance Committee of the 4th department and is completely worthless, again read this article that will make it clear to any reasonable person Hueter is a career criminal who protects a RICO syndicate. This is one of the reasons New York State is considered the #1 most corrupt state in the US;


Strike 3 Against the Corrupt System

Attorney Albert wanted to subpoena the torturer Gerace as well as “DA” Foley to the stand, to question them on the lack of prosecution and policies of animal abuse cases, as well as his direct involvement in the matter before the “court”. This was necessary for the defense, you know a constitutionally protected right. Remember the torturer Gerace is a career political incumbent who has held that position for 20 years. It’s time for this criminal to go. PERIOD.

Of course the good-old-boy RICO protection racket kicked into high gear when Attorney Albert went for the Subpoena’s. The criminally minded ADA Greg Drab opposed the Subpoena’s and of course the judge who Drab is running for his seat agreed with Drab and would not allow them. See how the good-old-boy RICO protection racket works? The criminal Drab even went so far as to claim that Attorney Albert was acting in bad faith for asking for them. See what a jerk this guy is? He wants to be your judge folks. Better wake up. If he is elected he will do exactly what he is told to do by the corrupt ruling elite in Chautauqua County. He is nothing but  a criminal lackey.

 Strike 4 Against the Corrupt System

So the judge denies the defense request for the subpoenas over the protests of Attorney Albert. The criminal drab calls the prosecution’s first witness first. She is the next store neighbor, the one who called the alleged incident in. She gets on the stand and starts to testify. She states that she called 911 two times…. oh no, but the criminally minded Gregory David Drab never turned over the 911 audios to the defense….

This was an attempt to  hide evidence from the defense in the trespassing case by failing and/or refusing to hand over to the defense 911 recordings that could have impeached the ADA/prosecutions witness. This is in direct violation of Rosario evidence mandates. These are the RICO acts criminally minded ADA’s commit and most attorney’s of the ‘good-old-boys-RICO -club’ would play along with. But not Attorney Albert, He takes his oath to the Constitution seriously and vigorously defends his clients.

Here Drab either provides the defense with a tactic admission that they destroyed the evidence which is a violation of federal and state law and punishable with up to twenty years in prison, or he is just to stupid to realize that everyone and their brother knows and understands that all 911 calls are reordered and they are available.  So what does the law have to say about that?

Now Attorney Albert demanded a copy of the audio before he could cross examine the criminal Drab’s witness so he could impeach her and have her testimony thrown out.  Of course the criminal Gregory David Drab opposed it, however Attorney Albert stood his ground and demanded that he have a copy of the audio tapes, all the while the criminal Gregory David Drab was claiming it was not required and/or it did not exist again providing tactic admissions that it may have been destroyed and/or was purposely hidden from the defense.

Logic dictates that if it not handed over then there must be something on it that would prove the defense with impeachable material that would get the witness throw off the stand and her testimony thrown out and possible charges of perjury leveled against the witness. I mean, if there was nothing on it, why was it not provided to the defense then?

So because the criminally minded ADA Drab failed and/or refused to produce the evidence the judge was leaning in favor of Attorney Albert’s motion to drop the charges or strike the witnesses testimony from the matter.  The criminal Drab panic, he asked for a short adjournment which was granted. Once granted he ran into a side room and most likely called his ‘boss’ about what to do next. He comes back out and both parties agree to adjournment so the criminal Drab can attempt to produce the audios.

So what does the law say about evidence gathered by the state?

  • People v. Karns, 130 Misc 2d 247 [1985]; see also CPL 240.20 [1] [d], [g] and [h]). It is well- settled that, “where the People are in possession of discoverable material, they are duty bound to preserve such evidence and, in the event such evidence is lost or destroyed, sanctions will be imposed” (People v. Torres, 190 AD2d 52, 54 [3 Dept 1993], citing People v. Kelly, 62 NY2d 516 [1984]; see People v. Okehoffurum, 201 AD2d 508, 509 [2 Dept 1994]).
  • “[t]he People have a duty to prevent the destruction of evidence until all appeals have been exhausted” (People v Watkins, 189 AD2d 623, 624 [1st Dept 1993];
  • As the Court of Appeals has noted, “[a] necessary corollary of the duty to disclose is the obligation to preserve evidence until a request for disclosure is made [as] [a]ny other rule would facilitate evasion of the disclosure requirements” (People v. Kelly, supra at 520, citing United States v. Bryant, 439 F.2d 642 [DC Cir.1971], revd on other grounds, 488 U.S. 51 [1988]). Therefore, “where discoverable evidence gathered by the prosecution or its agent is lost, the People have a heavy burden of establishing that diligent, good-faith efforts were made to prevent the loss” (People v. Kelly, supra at 520).”

Notice that if the criminal Drab fails and/or refuses to produce the audio’s, sanctions must be imposed, this would include dismissing the case and/or removing the witness and striking the witness testimony. It is not a matter of ‘discretion’ it is a mandate.

During this argument  Attorney Albert demanded that the case be tried before a jury which the judge refused to allow, so much for being fair and honest.

Stay tuned, more to come. It’s actually quite exciting to watch a good attorney do his job and bitch slap the real criminals around.

 The Torturer Joseph Gerace

jeo-geraceAbout 15 years ago, the pro-se, who is exposing vasts amounts of corruption in Cattaraugus County, New York, had already dealt with the corruption in Chautauqua County. Back in the 1990’s if you even mentioned the word constitution in court in Western New York, you were thrown in jail and/or a mental institution. In the case of the pro-se he was dealt both, and it was under the supervision of  “Sheriff” Joseph Gerace where the pro-se was physically and mentally tortured at Guantanamo Bay Chautauqua. 

frankensteinIt first started when the Pro-Se was kidnapped and sent to Jones Hill, the local Cuckoo’s Nest in Jamestown New York at the time. It happened when he started to demand his constitutional rights. There he was placed under the control of Doctor Frank Stein (that’s is what he called himself), another sadistic criminal. However the staff understood what was going on and all of them the Pro-Se talked too agreed he should not have been there for simply exercising his rights. However Doctor Frankenstein had other plans. The Pro-Se held his ground and Doctor Frankenstein gave up, so they had to place the Pro-Se under more intense physical and mental torturer…

The Pro-Se was then taken Abu Ghraib Chautauqua County Jail numerous times and placed under both mental and physical torture. While Gerace oversaw the jail it was one particularly sadistic individual who really enjoyed torturing the Pro-Se. His last name was York, and yes folks, he was a Sergeant, i.e. Sergeant York. As a side note the Pro-Se is now up against a corrupt judge who’s last name is Moriarty, AKA Professor Moriarty, of Sherlock Homes fame…. You can’t make this stuff up….

This sadistic SOB York would get his bitches in the jail to accuse, in front of all the other prisoners, the Pro-Se of things he did not do. Like abusing children. This was the worst one. The sadistic SOB’s wanted the prisoners to turn on the Pro-Se. When this sadistic SOB York and his cohorts attempted this, the Pro-Se yelled out and demand they bring the evidence of it in and show all the prisoners. They didn’t, because their was none. Up to this point some of the prisoner/victims were in doubt of the pro-se’s beatings-chautauqua-jailclaims that he was a political prisoner, but after this event all the prisoners started to help the pro-se because they realized he was telling the truth.  He was treated with more respect and care by the prisoners then he was by the guards. When the sadistic SOB’s realized that they could not break the Pro-Se with their lies, the physical torture began…

The worst was the incident where the Pro-Se was taken from his cell and moved to a small room. There were 4 to 5 guards in the room and one chair. The Pro-Se was forced to sit in the chair. Once in the chair a guard approached him and stated that they need to ‘test’ the Pro Se. The guard produced a hypodermic syringe filled with some type of brownish liquid.  Mind you, there was no medical staff in the room at all. The pro-se demanded to know what was in the hypodermic syringe and he was met with silence. (he did not give them permission to inject him with it anyways).

chautauqua-jail-dragged-to-cellThe Pro-Se demanded that he be allowed to go back to his cell. No one answered him. He remained seated for a couple of minutes. He slowly got up. That was the last time he remembered being in the room. He did remember waking for a moment while he was being dragged back to his cell and when he awoke a day later he was very sore and his kidneys were giving him much pain.

chautauqua-jail-dragged-to-cell-blood-trailThat is your Sherriff Joseph Gerace folks, criminal and torturer extraordinaire. He is no better then the Nazi’s of Germany or the criminals of Stalinist Russia and he should be tried for crimes against humanity. Why do you think he has ruled basically unopposed for over 20 years? No one dares run against him. He is the most satanic as they come.